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5 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the Technology Love Mom

Mother’s day gift ideas for the tech mom – aka a hint to my husband on what he should buy his wife.  She did birth 4 of his children and has gotten them to school on time EVERY SINGLE DAY this week.

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Alright people. This post is for the husbands, daughters, daughter-in-laws, son-in-laws, kids – whoever needs to buy a Mother’s Day gift and has a mom that loves technology. That’s right, this list of Mother’s day gift ideas is geared towards those mom who walk on the geek side and love them some tech.

Let’s get to it.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the Tech Mom 

Mother's Day Gift Ideas for the Tech Mom

P.S. in case you didn’t know and you saw this post title and realized OH CRAP Mother’s day is happening soon. WHAT DAY IS MOTHER’S DAY – It’s Sunday, May 12th. You still have time to order and have something delivered. Just make sure you buy your gift soon 🙂

NixPlay Digital Frame 

Check out our NixPlay Review – we just reviewed the NixPlay Seed digital photo frame. Talk about a GREAT Mother’s Day gift idea! digital photo frame review

Why mom will love this: This makes an AWESOME Mother’s Day gift because it’s the gift that keeps on giving. You can send photos thru the NixPlay app straight to this frame. No stick or memory card needed!  It also connects to numerous social platforms. How cool! You can view your Instagram feed on a photo frame!

Instant Pot

instant pot duo plus  which instant pot is best?

I’ve raved numerous times about how much I LOVE MY INSTANT POT. I can tell you this, if the mom in your life likes to cook and she does not have an Instant Pot – BUY HER AN INSTANT POT.

I actually bought myself an Instant Pot last Mother’s Day and regularly use BOTH! Make sure to check out our fabulous Instant Pot Recipes!

Buy Now

Amazon Echo

Technology and Murder  Amazon Echo Murder CaseEither the Amazon Echo or the Amazon Echo Dot will do. Both are great devices. The biggest difference is sound. If you are buying a Echo for a large room – such as a kitchen or living room – I’d suggest the full size Amazon Echo. If it is for the bedroom – the Echo Dot works great.

Buy Now

Pixel Oven Mitts

Looking for a gift for a geek who likes to cook? What about a Minecraft addict who you would love to see cook dinner?  Check out these Pixel Oven Mitts!

pixel over mits geek cook gift

  • This oven mitt set is a MUST HAVE for the gamer, computer geek, or to add retro flair to your OWN kitchen!
  • Premium Quality pot holder or oven mitt that will insulate from a hot pot, made from cotton with polyester filling
  • Retro Pointer Finger Cursor Pixel Oven Mitts Works as an oven mitt and a hot pot holder for a hot pot right off the stove!
  • Great for grilling, tailgating, at a party, or in your own kitchen
  • Each Stove or Oven Mitt measures 11″ long by 8″ wide

Portable Charger / Power Brick

I cannot tell you how many times my power bricks (yes, BRICKS – I have multiple because I CANNOT live without them) have saved my arse. I once missed a flight from Vegas, had to take 2 flights to get home overnight. I had been awake for over 36 hours, traveling by myself – had NO idea where I was and was sleep deprived. My portable charger saved my sanity. If you love your mom, make sure she has one. And THIS – how CUTE IS THIS!?!

USB Record Player

Did you know vinyls are making a comeback? NO SERIOUSLY! I listened to this show on NPR, and it was all about vinyls being all the rage!

USB Record Player

This isn’t just ANY turntable. This record player is a USB record player.

Does mom have a collection of albums that she just won’t get rid of? Now she doesn’t have to – OR even better – with this USB record player, she can RECORD her records. The built-in USB port allows her to record what’s playing and save it as an MP3 to the connected USB drive. THEN, maybe she can get rid of all of those boxes of records! (maybe.)

And it’s baby blue. Adorbs.

Hint to my husband – then we can get rid of ALL OF THOSE RECORDS IN STORAGE. 

There you have it! Mother’s Day gift ideas for the tech mom.

What are you buying your mom for Mother’s day?

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