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In today’s fast-paced world, technology is not just a luxury; it’s a necessity that intertwines with every aspect of our lives, especially for families striving to balance the demands of modern living.

Our Technology Blog is dedicated to uncovering the latest tech trends and innovations that cater specifically to moms and families. From smart home devices that streamline household tasks to educational apps that support children’s learning, screen time and more – we explore a wide range of technology solutions designed to simplify life and amplify joy.

Join Digital Mom Blog as we delve into the world of family-friendly technology, offering insights and recommendations that keep you ahead of the curve in this digital age.

jakes neverland pirate school review

App Review – Jake’s Neverland Pirate School Disney Junior App

Dive into the adventurous world of Jake’s Neverland Pirate School app, where young learners embark on a journey filled with treasure hunts, problem-solving, and the ... Read more
app reviews

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Road Rally App Review

Mickey Mouse Club House Road Rally App Review If you have a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse fan, have I got an app for YOU (or your ... Read more

Phone Booths Converted to Free WIFI Hot Spots in NYC

Planning on visiting NYC anytime soon? While buying a cup of coffee or taking a taxi may cost you an arm and a leg, good ... Read more

How an Apple iMac is Made

Apple iMac is Born Have you Ever Wondered how an Apple iMac is made? Well this illustration should give you a good idea…. ha, if ... Read more
nintendo coffee table

3 Must See Nintendo Controller Coffee Tables

How hard core of a gamer are you? So hard core you'd buy a Nintendo controller coffee table - that works! You heard me, check this table out

Star Wars Yoga

Shape up this summer with Star Wars Yoga.  It’s the ultimate geeky workout! In order to successfully see results from the following geekercise, you must ... Read more

Microsoft Surface Tablet Launches to Rival Apple iPad

Hey Moms, meet Microsoft Surface. This is Microsoft’s tablet that hopes to soon replace your beloved iPad. So, it just seems like yesterday that Apple ... Read more
ancient technologies

5 Now Ancient Technologies From the 90 That You Use To Know

We're sharing now ancient technologies from the 90s that use to be part of our everyday lives but now are extinct.
find my iphone app

Never Lose Your iPhone Again – Find My iPhone App

Is Find My iPhone installed on your phone?Read this and find out why this app and Apple features is a must-have! If you own an ... Read more
best youtube marriage proposal video

The BEST Marriage Proposal Ever (placed on YouTube)

I just witnessed the best marriage proposal EVER. It’s always a sweet thing when a marriage proposal happens . Okay, I confess – marriage proposals ... Read more
digital kids

The Secret To Knowing What Your Kids Do Online

Find out the secret of knowing what your kids are texting and doing online. Learn how to watch out for the safety of your kids virtually.

10 Fun USB Flash Drives – These Make Geeky Cool

Fun USB Flash Drives? Yes, Please. Who says geeky can’t be fun and cute? These fun USB flash drives will disapprove any nerdy conception you ... Read more

Finding Royalty Free Music for YouTube Videos

Since purchasing my iMac, I have become infatuated with making home videos of the kids with iMovie. Yes, I have become that mom. Finding Music ... Read more
draw something app review

Draw Something App

If you love Pictionary, check out our Draw Something review and learn why you will love this new gaming app!
ar flash cards app review

AR Flash Cards – Augmented Reality App

Looking for a fun interactive app for toddlers and preschoolers? Check out AR Flashcards! Through the use of augmented reality (AR) and flashcards – this ... Read more
clean sticky keyboard

How to Clean a Sticky Keyboard in 3 Easy Steps

Discover the Ultimate Guide on How to Clean a Sticky Keyboard Effectively! Say goodbye to frustrating typing experiences caused by sticky keys. Our step-by-step tutorial will show you the easiest and most efficient methods to restore your keyboard to its pristine condition. Learn the secrets to removing sticky residue, spills, and dirt to enhance your typing comfort and prolong your keyboard's lifespan. Say hello to a clean, hygienic, and smoothly functioning keyboard with our expert tips on keyboard cleaning. Don't let sticky keys slow you down – start cleaning today!
kids iphone

How to Waterproof Your iPhone or Mobile Device

This post was originally written in February of 2012, which pre-dates waterproof iPhones. While now we just expect our iPhones and smart phones to be ... Read more
kids iphone

How to Lock Your iPhone Screen From Turning Sideways

Who else is SUPER annoyed when you go to do something on your phone and it shifts to landscape mode every time you move? Stop ... Read more

Gwen Stafani Taught Me To Spell Bananas

Random, but just curious – did Gwen Stefani teach you to spell bananas? (for some reason I always use to spell it bannanas) AND am ... Read more

101 Things Pinterest Makes Me

Pinterest made me do it. I don’t know about you, but this silly social networking site called Pinterest has changed my life. Seriously. I cook ... Read more
tablet for kids

iPad vs Fire Tablet Which Should You Buy for a Child?

Are you looking to buy your child a tablet? Or are you considering buying yourself a tablet and letting your kids use it? Each year ... Read more
Find out what you would look like bald with the bald booth app

Bald Booth iPhone App

Make yourself bald with the Bald Booth app! We are reviewing a funny app that allow you to upload or take a photo of yourself ... Read more
qr codes explained

QR Codes Explained

Digital Mom explains the low down on what QR codes are and the uses - plus who is using them.
app reviews

Postal Pix App – Order Prints of Your iPhone Photos!

Postal Pix app allows you to order mobile prints - including square instagram photos via this free iPhone app!

Free Online File Converter

Ever needed to change file formats but didn't have the right software? Check out this free online file converter for audio, image, ebook, video, hash and more!

Apple Lion OS X and Multiple Paypal Charges

Finally I had a few minutes to night to start downloading Apple’s latest OS X Lion. I started the download, and went on my merry ... Read more

6 Reasons Apple’s iPad is Great for Kids

The Apple iPad is revolutionary. We are sharing our top 6 reasons the iPad is great for Kids. Find why the Apple tablet is great for kids (and adults, too!)
kids safety cyber threats

10 Helpful Cyber Threats Tips to Keep Kids Safe Online

With your kids out of school and spending more time on the computer - keep them safe with these 10 Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe From the Risk of Cyberthreats. Tips provided from Verizon.
internet safety month

Setting Technology Boundaries with Kids

Setting boundaries with your kids with the internet, computer and technology in general.
xbox 360 kinect review

Motion Magic: Our Honest Xbox 360 Kinect Review

Curious about the Xbox 360 Kinect? Join us as we explore the excitement and innovation behind this groundbreaking gaming technology.
instagram app

Instagram iPhone App – The Visual Twitter

I was demanded to download the Instagram iPhone app today.My friend Laura came skipping by my office today and informed me: YOU MUST JOIN INSTAGRAM – ... Read more
flipboard app review

Flipboard App Review

Discover the ultimate news and content curation experience with Flipboard. Personalized newsfeeds, a vast array of sources, and easy sharing – all in one app. Download now and stay informed in style
internet boundaries

Internet Boundaries with Kids – 7 Helpful Things to Know

Setting boundaries with your kids and the internet is critical. While the web is full of wonderful, not all of it is kid friendly.