Ray-Ban Smart Glasses Overheating – 3 Things to Do Now


My Ray-Ban smart glasses are overheating – UGH! Let’s hope this isn’t going to be an issue with the new Ray-Ban Stories that I have grown to love over the last week of using!

Here is what happened, and what I had to do to fix the Ray-Ban smart glasses overheating issue.

HELP! Error with the Ray-Ban Smart Glasses Overheating

Last week, I wrote a Ray-Ban Stories review talking about everything you want to know about these new smart frames from Facebook and Ray-Ban. This new collab is the start of what Facebook hopes to be the first step into wearable technology and augmented reality.

For the last week, I have randomly captured life with photos and videos from a unique perspective. These smart frames allow you to take photos and videos either hands-free or with a touch of a button on the right arm of the frame.

are your ray ban stories overheating
Ray Ban Smart Frames Overheating Heres what to do

Untl this weekend. My sister-in-law and sister were in a group chat where we were trying to get the scoop on a potential new boyfriend with a family member. Gotta love family gossip. I thought I would go to the ultimate family gossip source and record it with the Ray-Ban Stories.

Well, it worked until it didn’t. I had removed the frames from the Ray-Ban charger, put them on – ran upstairs and started recording. After the smart frames recorded 3 30-second videos, and took a photo – they made a weird noise and got a notification on my phone.

Then It Overheats Again!

Fast forward, I get the smart frames to function again. The next day, I am wearing the Wayfarers outside, and decide to take some photos. I take 3 photos and again – I get the overheat message!

photos taken with ray ban stories

Take it, it makes more sense since we are in Texas and even though it’s September we have hot weather. But honestly had not been outside that long!

Same situation as the last overheating incident, the frames cool after 15 minutes or so.

UPDATE – 9/21/21

I received a prompt email response from Ray-Ban’s customer support:

Hi molly,

Thank you for reaching out to Ray-Ban.com!

You may wish to wait for your glasses to cool before charging them. If you’re recording videos and then placing the glasses in the charger, there’s a good chance the battery in use the whole time in the glasses haven’t had a chance to cool down.

If your issue persists, please do not hesitate to contact our customer care line so that we can help you troubleshoot the issues. The customer care phone number is 866-472-9226.

Remember that you have 45 days to return the product if you need to and we’re more than willing to assist with returns and exchanges.

Again, thank you for contacting Ray-Ban.com! Have a wonderful day!

Glasses Need to Cool

Yes, the Ray-Ban smart glasses need to cool. This is the warning / error message I received in the Facebook View app when the Ray-Ban Stories are too hot.

Something to know – when your glasses need to cool, you will not be able to use the smart frames to take photos or video. You also will not be able to import photos until the Ray-Ban smart glasses overheating stops to a cool temperature.

3 Things to Do If Your Ray-Ban Stories Need to Cool

Here are 3 things to do if your Ray-Ban Stories need to cool down.

ray ban smart frames overheating facebook view app warning
<em>What to do when your Ray Ban smart frames over heat<em>

#1 Contact Ray-Ban Customer Support

Yes, contact Ray-Ban customer support. Even if you find a simple magical fix – Ray-Ban and Facebook need to know that this is an issue. After having the Ray-Ban Stories for a week, I didn’t anticipate already having to contact support.

The more people who have this issue and report it, the quicker a fix will be created.

#2 Turn Off Your Ray-Ban Stories

Turn off your Ray-Ban Stories but sliding the power button on the left arm of your smart frame to the off position. After 15 minutes, I was able to continue using the frames to take photos and videos.

#3 Check Your Facebook View App

There are a few things to check on your Facebook View app:

  • Make sure that your Facebook View app is updated to the latest version. This is your connection between your smartphone and your smart frames. Should there be an update to your Ray-Ban smart glasses – the frames will be updated thru the FB View app.
  • Ensure that push notifications are on. In the Facebook View app, go to setting. To get to settings – click on your face in the upper right hand side of the app. Next, click on SYSTEM ALERTS – then Push Notifications.

Are Ray-Ban Stories Worth It?

So yes, this is annoying. After a week of having the $299 smart frames, I am having issues – but the question is are Ray-Ban Stories worth it? This is a question that the answer will vary but for me, I am not giving up on this new technology just yet.

Something to remember, this IS NEW TECHNOLOGY and glitches, bugs and issues will occur. The REAL question is: How good is Ray-Ban customer service? If Facebook and Ray-Ban come up with a solution or provide support that fix the issue – then this – while annoying, is just that.

After I emailed into Ray-Ban customer service, I did get an automated reply with an incident number. I encourage you, if you have an issue – do contact support.

Ray-Ban Customer Service

To email Ray-Ban customer service about the Ray-Ban Smart Glasses overheating issue, visit this page.

Half way down the page, you can fill out a form to email Ray-Ban customer support about your Ray-Ban Stories.

ray ban stories customer service
<em>Ray Ban Stories customer service<em>

If you are a phone person and would rather call Ray-Ban customer service then email, here is their support phone number and hours:


Monday to Friday 8:30AM-5:30PM-EST
Saturday to Sunday 9:00AM-5:30PM-EST

I hope this answers about what to do if your Ray-Ban Smart Glasses overheating. This is such a cool technology, and has been fun to take random photos without having to pull out my phone. Bonus, I really love the Black RayBan Wayfarer sunglasses so the technology is just a bonus.

As this develops, I’ll make sure to post what I hear from Ray-Ban in regards to a solution as well as anything else I learn about the overheating issue.

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