Technology for Kids, Family and Parents

In 2009, I started Digital Mom Blog to talk about Technology for Kids and Family. This geek mom wanted to have an outlet to share all things technology and web. A decade later, this parenting tech blog has seen it all. It’s amazing to think how much of an influence technology now has over our kids, our parenting style and our family life.

Technology Evolves

When Digital Mom Blog started (nearly a decade ago!) – WIFI in cars were not a thing. Bluetooth was just gaining popularity and social networks were in their infancy. We have had the privilege of learning about and reviewing an array of technology products over the years. The fun part is seeing how everything evolves. 

Refrigerator with a Screen

In 2009, I had no idea that we would have a refrigerator that has a screen! Yes, our kitchen fridge no longer features magnets with paper calendars. Instead, we have a digital display – keeping up with the kids and family schedules with Google calendar sync’d. 

Home Security Cameras

Nor did I ever think that our house would be secured by home security cameras that we control with our phones! This is a technology for kids that I am so glad wasn’t around when I was a kid. While I am all for kids being kids, it definitely is harder for them to get in trouble. 

Hot Tech Topics for Parents

When I started this as a mom technology blog, we had 2 kids that were 4-years-old and 6-years-old. We now have 4 kids, ages 8-years-old thru 16-years-old. Over the years, we have covered several hot tech topics for parents, but these are our most popular:

Screen Time

App Reviews

Internet Safety

Gadgets & Reviews

Kids and Family Tech

Here are our latest tech posts about technology for kids, family and parenting. 

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