Photo Shoot With My Kids – Lessons Learned.

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I Shoot PeopleGet this darling charm necklace (I MUST GET ONE OF THESE!) over at The Rusted Chain

I Shoot People.

While I ain’t no Annie Leibovitz, I love photography.  I’m an old school Photoshopper, so as soon as I got my hands on a digital camera – it was an instant LOVE CONNECTION!

A photo to me captures so much if done right. I am still trying to learn that done right thing, but if you can get a photo to tell a story – that’s MONEY.

If I could tell the story in words, I wouldn’t need to lug around a camera.  ~Lewis Hine

One of the things I’ve learned in my little hobby adventure of photography is that taking photos of YOUR KIDS is SO much harder than taking photos of other kids.  At least for me.

With other people’s kids I run around with them, let mishappens HAPPEN and capture them all while being a child with them.

With my kids…. I am a compulsive freak. Don’t do that, do this, tilt your head, don’t look at me, make him laugh, la la la and more LA!

How MckMama does it, I’ll never know!

Today’s Photo Outing

batman underoos

few weeks ago, we scored some Groupons to the Gap.  We spent 2 of them on Saturday finding fun outfits for the kids, knowing today I wanted to take some photos.

Today happens. My 5 year old insists on wearing ONLY HIS batman Underoos all day. And when I ask him to put him new clothes on… he puts on his new shoes… with only his Underoos.  I know, what a photo op – but I was in CRAZY MUST GET PICTURES DONE mindset.

While waiting for the meltdown of the 5 year old subside, the 7 year old girl falls flat asleep on the couch.  While the baby, who hasn’t been fussy since he was 10 weeks old is screaming.

STILL DETERMINED, we head out.  Knowing where I wanted to go was off the table and knowing the attitudes of the kiddos – we stuck with our neighbor biking trail.

Lessons Learned.


bribe the kids with candy

3 kids is more difficult to get then 2 kids.

1 kid will always ham it up.

Ham it up

Meltdowns happen.

Baby Melt Down


Careful with the BABY

and then 1 shot. That is ALMOST perfect, but after today – it’s GOLDEN.

The Kids

All 3 kids, almost looking at the camera, not melting down…. I’ll love this photo forever.

What Are Your Tips For Taking Photos of Your Own Kids?

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