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Photo Shoot With My Kids – Lessons Learned.

I Shoot People.While I ain’t no Annie Leibovitz, I love photography.  I’m an old school Photoshopper, so as soon as I got my hands on a Canon 70D digital camera – it was an instant LOVE CONNECTION!

A photo to me captures so much if done right. I am still trying to learn that done right thing, but if you can get a photo to tell a story – that’s MONEY.

If I could tell the story in words, I wouldn’t need to lug around a camera.  ~- Lewis Hine

The Kids

One of the things I’ve learned in my little hobby adventure of photography is that taking photos of YOUR KIDS is SO much harder than taking photos of other kids.  At least for me.

With other people’s kids I run around with them, let mishappens HAPPEN and capture them all while being a child with them.

With my kids…. I am a compulsive freak. Don’t do that, do this, tilt your head, don’t look at me, make him laugh, la la la and more LA!

Photoshoot with Kids

My 5 year old insists on wearing ONLY HIS batman Underoos all day. And when I ask him to put him new clothes on… he puts on his new shoes… with only his Underoos.  I know, what a photo op – but I was in CRAZY MUST GET PICTURES DONE mindset.

While waiting for the meltdown of the 5 year old subside, the 7 year old girl falls flat asleep on the couch.  While the baby, who hasn’t been fussy since he was 10 weeks old is screaming.

Lessons Learned

STILL DETERMINED, we head out. Did it. Lessons learned, but this mama made it happen.  

Tips for Getting Good Photos of Kids

Here are a few tips for taking photos of kids. Here are a few things that this mom learned getting pics of her kids.

Tips for Getting Good Photos of Kids

Bribery Works

Bring candy and bribe the kids. If money is what motivates your child, bring a few dollars. This mom is NOT above bribery.

More Kids More Problems

3 kids is more difficult to get then 2 kids. More kids will create more problems. Actually, I think parenting 3 kids is easier than 2 – but this is in general and not when trying to do a photoshoot with kids!

Embrace Candid Photos

1 kid will always ham it up. Let them. Embrace candid photos. Don’t worry about poses and everything being perfect.

Meltdowns Happen

Be prepared for meltdowns. Remember that thing about bribery and candy, those things can work. Not always but they can!

Well Rested Kids

While this maybe a well duh – when attempting to do a photoshoot with kids, make sure the kids are well rested. Don’t do photos around nap or bed time. Also helps if the kids are fed!

Baby Safety

CAREFUL WITH THE BABY PLEASE! Those words have been said way too many times this last go around with the kids photoshoot. Make sure that hte baby is safe. While candid is great, we want everyone to walk away with good photos and unhurt!

What Are Your Tips For Taking Photos of Your Own Kids?

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