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Should Kids Asked to Bring iPads for School?

ipads to school

Kids asked to bring iPads for school – is this a good thing or a bad thing? At the end of the last school year, we were presented with an email asking what our thoughts are on kids being allowed to brings iPads to school. I should say, it was any tablet type device as the school district (public school district) is looking to extend learning to portable technologies for 3rd grade and up.

I am all about kids and all about technology and using technology for education. My kids have an iPad that is there to use, but the thought of them bringing it to school daily – let’s just say I have a few concerns.

Can’t Afford an iPad

What about the kids who don’t have an iPad, Kindle Fire, Microsoft Surface or Galaxy Tab? So this learning is only available for the parents who have means to provide their children with such devices?  Privileged learning in the public school system, is the last thing we need!

iPad Lost or Stolen

Another concern is my kids losing the device – or it being stolen. These devices aren’t cheap and as much as I love my kids, we go thru at least 3 lunch boxes a year! Sure, there is the FInd My iPad app – that doesn’t work when the battery is dead. The thought of several iPads in the lost and found in school just makes me sick to my stomach, too excessive for my bones!

Condition of the iPad

We have an Otterbox on our iPad. While sure this protects it, if you don’t have a kid friendly iPad case – good luck keeping it in good condition, especially when transporting from school and back!

iPads for School

As technology advances and becomes more affordable, hopefully we can get these devices paid by the school district and available to all kids in the classroom. Sure, in an ideal world I am sure it would be great for everyone to have an iPad, but not everyone has the means.

Presently our school offers an iPad for each classroom, as well as an iPod touch that the kids can rotate to. I can totally see iPads being used as text books, but let’s make it fair for all.

Back when I was in school (oh Lord, no I didn’t have to walk 3 miles in the snow) – we compared Trapper Keepers. Now our kids are comparing tablets. geez.

tablets in classroom

As I re-read this for proofing (which I am sure there are still goofs), I can’t help but think how spoiled we are. What should be considered fair is everyone having an opportunity to have an education. *sigh* #FirstWorldProblems

What Are Your Thoughts on Kids Bringing iPads to School?