How To Replace Your iPhone Battery For Cheap


My iPhone battery is dying. I have an iPhone 6 – yes, I know – but I typically get a new iPhone every other generation so will be upgrading to the iPhone 7 in September. Anyways, I can’t wait until I get my new iPhone and my warranty has long expired – so what’s a girl to do?

FRET NOT. We have had both of our kids’ iPhones battery die in the last year. We typically buy them refurbished iPhones from Gazelle – their warranty was pass due as well. But this little tip saved us from buying new phones or running and paying $79 at the Apple store.

DIY Replace Your iPhone Battery

I noticed that my battery isn’t holding a charge NEAR as long as it once did. Sure, battery quality goes down – but when I am having to recharge every 2 hours – and yes, I have checked my apps, bluetooth yadda yadda – it’s definitely something up with my battery.

diy iphone battery replacement
diy iphone battery replacement

It costs $19.99 and worth every penny. That’s right, you can get a BRAND NEW iPhone battery for around $20 from Amazon.

I know what you are thinking, BUT how in the hell am I suppose to install the new iPhone battery?? No worries. This is the iPhone Battery Kit that I purchase ($19.99!) – it comes with everything you need, including tools to replace your phone battery:

About the iPhone Battery Replacement Kit:

iPhone 6 battery replacement kit comes with everything you need to restore your iPhone 6 back to its original capabilities.

The iPhone battery replacement is with all GSM & CDMA iPhone 6 phones. A1549 & A1586, Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and factory unlocked alike.

The Daeta replacement battery kit includes a tool set with the needed Pentalobe star screwdriver, a Philips #000 screwdriver, a SIM card ejector tool, microfiber cloth, two plastic prytools, and the needed adhesive strips.

90 Day Warranty

The battery replacement kit includes a 90 Day, worry free, money back guarantee!

Replacement Batteries for iPhones

Here is a list of iPhone replacement batteries for whichever version phone that you have:

Tips for Replacing Your iPhone Battery

Here are a few tips to remember when replacing your battery.

WATCH this video. It’s helpful – you may need to watch it once and then watch, pause and do whatever you need to, to your phone.

Removing iPhone Screen to Replace Battery

When getting the screen off – put a strip of clear packing tape across the entire length of the phone. This will enable you to get the suction cup over the home button and gives more leverage towards the end of the screen.

replace iphone battery for cheap
replace iphone battery for cheap

There is a small slot behind on the lower corners on the glass. While applying pressure pulling up on the glass with the suction cup, have your “guitar pick” ready, it will fit perfectly in this slot and this will be the first part of edge that clears the body of the phone that you can get a tool into to lift up.

Have something soft, maybe a pillow to lean the glass on so that is  go past 90° of the body.

The original iPhone battery can be hard to get out. Be patient, it will come out – it’s glued down. Try not to put any pressure on any of the other inside parts besides the battery and housing.

Apple’s iPhone Battery Warranty

In case you are wondering if you are covered by Apple for your battery – here is the Apple phone battery warranty. This is standard, not if you have Apple Care.

Your battery is designed to retain up to 80% of its original capacity at 500 complete charge cycles. The one-year warranty includes service coverage for a defective battery. If it is out of warranty, Apple offers a battery service for $79, plus $6.95 shipping, subject to local tax.

Have you DIY’d an iPhone Battery Replacement?

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