LOGITECH Circle Review – The Tech Device All Parents Need

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Here is the deal. Our older kids are now at the age where they can stay home alone. This is a scary thing for parents. The little baby you gave birth to all of a sudden doesn’t need you to be with them at all times. I can’t even with the emotions with this. 

Kids Home Alone

On one hand, this is the greatest thing that has happened to us as a parent. Suddenly, my husband and I are married again – going on date nights and hanging with friends. On the other hand, OUR KIDS ARE HOME ALONE. 

The kids are all like:

Kids Home Alone

Us parents are like:

home alone kids parents

LOGI Circle Review

A recent tech device from our friends at Logitech has made the whole kids staying home alone situation a lot more settling. Logitech sent us a LOGI Circle WIFI security camera for us to review. This is actually the tech device ALL parents need. 

While we have multiple outside cameras, a door bell camera and security system – we didn’t have cameras inside the house and now I wish we had gotten them sooner.  

Logitech is also giving a LOGI Circle to a Digital Mom Blog reader, keep reading!

LOGI Circle Review
I can keep a close eye AND ear on everything happening in the living room with the LOGI Circle.

This camera offers an easy setup, awesome picture and get this – a speaker and mic. That’s right, I can talk to my kids thru the app. I can hear exactly what is going on. This is parenting GOLD, especially with kids home alone. 

Tech Device All Parents Need

The LOGI Circle is the tech device all parents need. Whether you have a newborn, toddler, child or teen – here is how you can use this device:

Use as a Baby Monitor: If you have a baby, this makes the perfect baby monitor. You can access the device from where ever. You can get watch the baby in day or night since this has night vision. You can talk to your baby and hear your baby thru the speaker. You can save video, snap photos – super simple all from the app!

Use as a Playroom Monitor: Know what the playroom looks like at all times. I am so guilty of this. I avoid the playroom like the plague UNTIL we have family or friends coming over – and then CHAOS. Hear a fight upstairs? Use the Circle to see what’s going on and scream into your phone rather than straining your vocal cords by yelling and stomping up the stairs.

Use as a Kids Home Alone Monitor: Last week we were at a Christmas party at our friends’ house around 2 miles away. We typically don’t leave all 4 kids home alone, but our daughter is now to the maturity level to watch our littles. We were able to enjoy a nice night out, checking in often to make sure that the house was still standing by looking in and talking to them via the app. 

Use as a Teen Monitor: We aren’t at this stage yet (thank you, JESUS.) But I know the days are approaching where our teen is coming in, hopefully at curfew. With the camera, there’s definitive proof of time of returning home. I would see this coming in handy to settle arguments in regards to many teen related situations that I won’t go into detail here on. *smile*

Did I mention how easy this camera is to setup? Seriously – here is how to set it up. 

How to Setup the LOGI Circle

It took a total of 5 minutes to unbox, download the app and stream. It seriously is 3 steps.


Turn Circle on and connect to power


Download the iOS app or the Android app and tap setup


Now you’re ready to enjoy Circle!

Boom. Boom. Boom. 

logitech circle security camera
Super simple setup. Just 3 steps to install!

While the camera is small and the setup is simple, this system offers you security, high definition video day and night and more. Here is what you need to know about the LOGI Circle.

LOGI Circle Features

logi circle camera

Security Camera

You can watch over your home from anywhere with Circle’s innovative security features. The camera features unlimited 1080p HD video with night vision, smart motion filtering and smart alerts. You get 24 hours of secure AES 256 Bit dual layer encrypted cloud storage for free, and access to premium subscriptions to provide you with secure storage options and advanced alerts based on motion zones and person detection with Circle Safe

Photos and Videos on Demand

With the LOGI Circle app, you can scroll thru video, download and take snapshots of a video frame. Another bonus, you can create a time lapse – called a Daybrief of your day with a click of a button! Make sure you watch our video review to see a fun time lapse of our Christmas day shenanigans. 

High Definition – Day or Night

LOGI Circle lets you see and capture HD video, anytime, from as many devices as you want. Each camera features a 135-degree wide-angle glass lens, unlimited streaming 1080p HD video, night vision, and delivers home surveillance you can trust. You will be able to see and record footage at night up to 15 feet in low and zero light conditions. This makes this camera PERFECT for a nursery – out with the old baby monitor, in with the LOGI Circle!

Mount on a Wall or Set on a Shelf

Set this security camera up where you want to. Circle’s pivoting base and detachable magnetic plate allows it to stand on a table/shelf, mount to a wall, and stick to metal. We keep our’s on a shelf, but when we expand on Logitech camera system, we will be adding to the wall upstairs.

Portable and Rechargable

Take Circle off the charging ring (for up to 12 hours), move anywhere there’s wifi and never miss a moment. This is another great reason this makes an awesome baby monitor!

Speaker and Mic

Not only can you hear what is going on thru the app – you can also talk thru the camera with the built-in speaker and mic. This has come in handy countless times with the kids. And yet ANOTHER reason I wish I had this when I had a baby.

Smart Alerts with Circle Alerts

Circle alerts you of important activities at home, like someone opening a door or breaking in, and uses smart filtering to reduce the amount of false alerts you receive. These smart alerts are smart – they let you know if a person is detected in the footage. You can also customize to receive alerts for specific areas of your home when setting up more than one camera. 

Secure Your Memories with Circle Safe

Circle Safe is a subscription plan that gives Circle users access to additional storage and so much more. Your LOGI Circle comes with 24-hours for free AES 256 bit dual layer encryption storage, stored in your secure personal cloud. Subscriptions are affordable, read more about the Circle Safe Subscriptions.

Learn more about the LOGI Circle Camera at logitech.com.

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80 thoughts on “LOGITECH Circle Review – The Tech Device All Parents Need”

  1. I would love to be able to check in on my kiddos for the time that they are home alone before I arrive home from work. It would also be great to use as a security camera when we leave for the weekend!

  2. My grand-daughter, Jordan, (14) primarily lives with her dad. He works at least 90-hrs a week. I would use the LOGI Circle WIFI security camera to keep Jordie safe.

  3. Being a single, working momma, I am always worried about security in my home. This would be amazing to have so that I can feel safe coming home knowing that no one is inside that shouldn’t be. We are always hearing about daytime break-ins in our neighborhood, some mommas have even walked in on a break-in I don’t want that to happen to me or my child.

  4. i would use this as additional security in my home with two small boys i cant always have eyes in the back of ny head so this would be awesome to be able to keep an eye on both at one time

  5. This thing amazes me. I had no idea everything it could do. This would be a life savor for me! It’s basically extra security for peace of mind and security. How did I not know about this!?

  6. I would use it as a baby monitor for my now 3 and a half month old son and also as a nanny cam for date nights. This is so cool!

  7. this is so handy, I have a 12 year old that is starting to spend some time home alone, this would be a huge help and peace of mind

  8. I would so love to see what my dogs do in the house when I’m not here….too old for the kids, but have always wanted one of these so I feel better when I leave my girls.

  9. I would use this camera to make sure our house is safe when we’re on vacation…and to make sure my dog sitter is as good as we think!

  10. I would use this for my up and coming new baby grand daughter when she comes to stay with me when I baby sit her. Great review! Thank you!

  11. I would put it in the back window so I could find out who is helping themself to thing in our backyard. I know who it is but have no proof.

  12. I have had my eye on this device for a while now and would love to use. Thank you for the clear review, it makes me want one all the more!

  13. This would be wonderful to have to keep an eye on our dogs while we’re away. Or, while me and my husband are at work to keep an eye on my children to make sure everything is safe and okay!

  14. Great way to keep an eye on the brats and pets! Love the idea that I can yell atem and scare the crap out of them when they are screwing up.

  15. I would be able to keep a eye on my Mom and Dad who are in their late 80s in case they would fall or something and if it works as described might just buy 3 more 1 for the basement .Bedroom hallway and front & back doors

  16. I would use this camera to keep an eye on my dogs while we are out of the house. It would be good to keep an eye on the kids when they are at our house as well, but they spend most of their time up in their rooms. Lol.

  17. I would totally use this to spy on my dog while I’m not home! I’ve always wanted to know what he did while I was gone. Probably sleep a ton since he’s old, but still curious! haha

  18. As someone who recently experienced a home invasion, this is something that would have been very helpful. Trying to catalog what was taken, who did it and where they were in the house all safely stored in a personal cloud it would have been a tremendous help. It would be wonderful to have peace of mind when I am out of the house and yet could still see that everything was still alright.
    Will this camera still operate if your phones are smashed?

  19. Omg! This is not only perfect for us because our oldest is almost to the stay at home by yourself age but it’s perfect for when we have to leave the house to visit family. Also my husband is in the military and I know he’d feel so much better if he could keep an eye on things while he’s away on trainings or school.

  20. Would Really Love to win this,…I have had numerous items disappear from my Home…and I would realy like to see if they are walking off and with whom…Thank You for the chance…:)

  21. I would use this camera to keep an eye on my family, home and my dog when I’m away! I reaneed a great camera fro my own security!

  22. i would use it to watch my house while i’m away.We been having some people going thru people stuff in their yards including mine.

  23. This would work out great for me and my son.
    My hours changed at work so he has to walk home and be alone for about 30 min. It would bring piece of mind to be able to check the camera in the house before he even gets home to make sure no one else is there.

  24. I would use this as extra security in my home. It’s a really neat gadget! Thanks for the chance to win! Good luck to everyone ??????????

  25. This would be so convenient to have with my 2 little children and 12 year old. Would be able to keep an eye on things better.

    • I would have to keep this to put in my house for my 200 lbs English mastiff, Duke. He has a bad hip & I would like to keep an eye on him when I’m not home.

  26. I have a two year old, I would definitely use this when ever I have someone watch her at my house or if I am on vacation to watch our house.

  27. i would use it to watch my oldest dog who has cancer, is almost blind, deaf and has dementia. it would let me watch her without being at the house all of the time.

  28. I would use this LOGI Circle to watch my Goffin Cockatoo to see what he is doing when I am not around him! I would also use it to keep an eye on my little ones when I am not in the same room with them.

  29. My house was broken into a few years ago when we were away for the weekend so having a Logi circle would be great for security!

  30. I would use the LOGI Circle camera as a baby monitor. I love that this camera is battery powered and can be placed virtually anywhere.

  31. Well as our children are grown up I would probably give it to our granddaughter for her to use to watch our great grand daughter.

  32. I would use this in my house so we don’t have the same thing happen again like that They did last Friday when my sister and her boyfriend stole a little safe we had with money in it

  33. i absolutely love this!! What an amazing and innovative product!! I need one! I would use it as a baby monitor for now and then it would grow with my little one! As he gets older, the use will change! It’s awesome!! Thanks so much!!

  34. My older kids are also at the age to be able to stay at home and babysit out younger kids. This would definitely give me some peace of mind on nights my husband and I want to go out for a little while. Even though I know my kids are pretty responsible, I want to be able to physically see them, and talk to them when I check in. This is just an awesome product, and I can’t wait to get one!

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