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Aura Digital Photo Frame: Best Beautiful Smart Digital Frame

Just released, the Aura digital photo frame. It’s beautiful, features an amazing picture quality and is the perfect fancy gift for the tech lover in your life. This is the BEST digital photo frame we have ever used – we love it – read why you will too. 

Last week, I received a gigantic box. Inside was a beautiful box that packaged the brand new Aura digital photo frame. I’ve had many digital photo frames in my day. As a mom tech blogger, I am often sent products for review, including digital photo frames. The Aura frame is definitely in a class of its own.

best digital photo frame aura

From the elegant packaging to the gorgeous design, the Aura frame reeks with elegance. Fancy is the best word to describe it. The digital frame that I received is a rose gold and ivory. It comes with a stand, as well as a wall mount. You can use the digital frame in either portrait or landscape mode.

Aura Digital Photo Frame Packaging

How the Aura Digital Photo Frame Works

Aura Digital Photo Frame

The Aura works thru the free Aura app. No loading photos onto an SD card, this frame connects to your wifi and the app to deliver photos that YOU want to view.

I loaded my app up with dozens of photo favorites from the last year. The Aura sits on my desk and each time I glance, a new photo favorite appear.

The Aura is way more than just a digital frame connected to an app. I can have others connect to my frame via the app as well and submit photos. My husband can send me silly pictures, or family.

Another cool feature, I can set up the app to automatically push photos to the frame – so I have to go thru and regularly push pics. It will automatically do this if I select it to. Aura will avoid photos that are low contrast, blurry, duplicate, low resolution, or contain nudity. Only displaying your best photos.

aura app to manage digital photo frame

The Aura frame is 9.7 inches and designed from the ground up to be super simple to use. It has no button and is controlled 100% through the free app. It does not require constant management – which I LOVE. I have enough to think about!

Viewing Photos on the Digital Frame

As mentioned, Aura has zero buttons. So how does one view photos? By hand gestures – of course. No seriously – I change photos by waving my hand in front of the frame. The photos then change. It’s super magical, though I wish the frame came with a wand for some whimsy.

WIFI Digital Photo Frame

As mentioned, I’ve had many digital photo frame. I’ve never seen photo quality so sharp and crisp as the pictures on Aura. The frame’s display stays the perfect brightness, no matter the time of day and my photos look just as great on my phones as they do on the frame display.

aura frame digital photo frame showing photos that can be shared

And don’t worry about turning the Aura off, it goes to sleep when you turn off the lights or leave the room.

Aura Digital Photo Frame is the Best

Overall, I love the Aura digital frame. It’s beautiful. I love seeing photos surprise me on the frame. The device is very well made, it is stylish and hello rose gold, my favorite!

Since receiving our Aura, the price (my only original complaint) has dropped significantly. You can now get the Aura frame fro half of the original price.

This would be a great gift idea for a grandparent, maybe everyone in the family goes in all together on the purchase to make this a more affordable option. If you are looking for the BEST digital picture frame (in our opinion!) – check out the Aura Digital Photo Frame. 

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