5 Best Learn to Read Apps for Toddlers

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Get a head-start on reading with these learn to read apps for toddlers.

The need to read is now taught in pre-school. Gone are the days where in kindergarten the teacher teaches reading. Now, with wide-spread preschool curriculum teaching Language Arts, reading is something that starts early.

Apps to Teach Reading to Toddlers

Seeing this is our third child to put thru Kindergarten, I didn’t think much about Izaiah entering school other than sadness because ANOTHER baby is off to school. Well parents, it appears Kindergarten is serious business when it comes to learning now.

learn to read apps
learn to read apps

It’s been 5 years since our last was here, and it feels like  a big shift from play to education has taken place since then.  I’m not totally opposed to this – I just feel like we were unprepared.

Helping Toddlers Read

With all of the excitement Izaiah is feeling for the new year, there is frustration in the learning department. We have already been given our second set of weekly readers to help him on this path. Every kid is different, our first kid was reading before she turned 4.

best apps to teach reading
teach reading apps

Our second caught on quickly, but he was in Kindergarten and I swear it wasn’t until later in the year.  So I don’t feel bad Izaiah not reading going into Kindergarten, but we do have some work to do.

Helpful Reading Apps for Toddlers

We’ve found a handful of great apps that have really helped acclimate Izaiah with his letters and beginning to read. While we do flash cards and early reader books, this kid is like most kids and if you give him a tablet he will be sucked into it until you take it away.

We’ve turned this bad into good and equipped the iPad with apps that will help teach.

5 Apps to Help Teach Reading

If you are in the same boat as we are with an early reader, here are a few iPad apps that have helped us.

Sight Words Learning Game and Flash Cards

The first Learn to Read app that we suggest for toddlers is the Sight Words Learning Game and Flash Cards. This is a free toddler reading iPad app with additional in-app purchases. The game stores “players” so if you have more than one child, this is a great feature.  

learn to read sight words app
learn to read sight words app

From word machine, where a word is read and your kids choose the word to memory games and flash cards – this app is well built and engaging for kids in the early reader stage. You can unlock additional levels for Kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, nouns and all words for an additional fee.

The Sight Words app is available for both Apple iPad and iPhone.

ABC Mouse

Next on our list of best learn to read apps is ABC Mouse. We are subscribers of ABC Mouse and long time fans. Our younger kids are mostly on the iPad (if your toddler sits on the computer, check out our best toddler websites list).

abc mouse app

If you are looking for an engaging program for kids and don’t mind paying a few bucks a month, definitely check out ABC Mouse (and the ABC Mouse app.)

*Make sure to read our ABC Mouse Review

Download ABC Mouse App

First Words Sampler

First Words Sampler app is great for introducing letter concept. It’s a simple game that will have your child rearranging letters to make words.

first words app

The letters show so it’s really a match game, but helps your child learn by introducing each letter when the child touches the letter or makes a word. Bonus, the app is free!

Download First Words Sampler App

Read Me Stories

Read Me Stories app give your child the option of having a book read to them, or they can read the book themselves. The stories are simple in nature.

read me stories app

If choosing the “read to” option the words to what is read is highlighted which is great for showing the child which word is which. This is great for the early reader.

Download Read Me Stories App

Phonics and Letter Sounds School

Last on our list of best learn to read apps is the Phonics and Letter Sounds School app. This reading app was created from the same people who did the Sight Words Learning Game and Flash Cards.

phonics app

It’s very well put together with multiple activities for kids to enjoy. There are several in-app purchase points, but several options that are free as well.

Download Phonics and Letter Sound School App

What has been working to help your child read? Leave a comment, I would love to know! We hope these apps help you as you help your child learn to read.

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Do you have a reading app suggestion for us to add to our best learn to read apps? Leave it in the comments!

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