App of the Week: Words On Tour App

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Words on Tour app is the latest word game from Zynga, the creators of Words with Friends. Watch out – this new word game app is as addicting as Words with Friends. Let’s look at why!

Words On Tour App

Words on Tour app is a series of word finding games that has you completing games in various countries. You will travel along a map of wondrous destinations, including Paris, Tokyo, Cairo and San Francisco, to unlock levels and new word challenges.

Word Puzzle App Features

  • Word Puzzles: Hundreds of puzzles that change and evolve as you progress, including:
    • Hidden Phrases: Find and make words on the gameboard to solve a phrase about the destination
    • Catch the Bus: Find and make words to clear obstacles and navigate a path to reach the bus
    • Collection: Find and make words to collect passport stamps and tiles
  • With Friends: Progress alongside friends, see where your friends are and what destinations they’ve unlocked. Help other players continue their journey by providing them lives to extend their gameplay.
  • Roadblocks and Hazards: Overcome real-world travel obstacles, such as bad weather and roadblocks, to solve puzzles and reach your destination.
  • Travel Trivia: Discover fun facts about the famous landmarks around the world.
  • Dynamic Levels: Hundreds of levels personalized for your skill level!

The Words on Tour app is FREE to download, but like most good game apps – there are plenty of in-app purchases to make sure to feed your addiction.

You Know You Have a Game Addiction When…

To me – you don’t OFFICIALLY have an app game addiction until you start paying for extra plays — or get REALLY desperate and connect your Facebook account to the app and tell your sister that you need lives.

(Know your boundaries people, don’t go on Facebook asking everyone for lives!!! Sister = yes. Friend from high school = NO.) I am about $40 in on this app. I know, I know – I must stop.

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