Science Podcasts for Kids

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I get emails all day everyday – to be honest, mostly from companies wanting me to promote (for free) things like toothpaste, baby food, toddler snacks, or things of the like. But among the email weeds, sometimes we find great emails from readers and companies that are actually worth while. This email in particular was on the subject of Science Podcasts for Kids.

So here’s the deal. I listen to podcasts regularly. I’m either listening to a podcast or NPR on my work commute – as I actually have ME time and no screaming kids. And most of the subjects of the podcasts I listen to would bore the kids (but not enough to put them to sleep – NOW that would be the ultimate podcast.) Something I have NEVER thought of looking for is finding podcasts FOR kids.



Total smartness and that email I mentioned, it was about *drum roll, please* SCIENCE PODCASTS FOR KIDS! Love it. A gal named Lindsay sent me the email and the natural snooper than I am – Lindsay hosts a science podcast for kids called Tumble Podcast. I listened to a few episodes and total fun in a science way and best of all? It’s  geared for kids. Kids, podcasts, science -> WIN and WIN.

Science Podcasts for Kids

Science Podcasts for Kids

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So next road trip, when you are painstakingly tired of Top 40 because though it’s 40 songs – doesn’t it feel like they play the SAME 5 OVER AND OVER.  Instead of the radio – find a kid-friendly podcast and get a break from Taylor Swift (but love you Swifty!)

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Science Podcasts for Kids