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Alienware Alpha R2 Unboxing

We are reviewing the Dell Alienware Alpha R2 – let’s get gaming, y’all.

Our friends at Alienware sent over the brand new Alienware Alpha R2 and Dell 27 inch monitor over for us to review. No one is more excited than my 11-year-old Elijah (well, my husband was pretty stoked, but he knew this machine would be used by the kid.)  

As the kid knows, if you are going to play on it – you better help me review it – so that is what he did. Check out our unboxing video below. 

Alienware Alpha R2
Dell Alienware Alpha R2 review

Elijah has been playing on the Alpha R2 for the last week, he even set it up by himself. We are counting down the days until we go back to school, until then – all day and all night, well anytime that we let him – this machine is running Minecraft, Roblox or he is using to build something Scratch.

The New Dell Alienware Alpha R2

Here is what you need to know in regards to details about the Alpha R2.

Mini Gaming PC

The Alienware alpha size is a mini gaming PC. It is small and compact which is absolutely awesome because it is made to easily hook up to a PC monitor or a television. We use the Alienware Alpha case often as anytime we go ANYWHERE the kid wants his gaming PC to go with him.

A little sneak peak about the Alpha 2 and Alienware Vindicator Carrying Case:

  • Intel Core i7 6700T
  • NV GeForce GTX 960 GPU
  • 8 GB DDR4 Memory
  • 256 GB SSD
  • AW Keyboard and Mouse
  • MSFT Win 10
  • Weighs just 4.4 lbs
  • About the size of a Nintendo Wii!
  • Learn more about the Alpha

The Alpha R2 runs WIndows 10 operating system.

Unboxing the Alpha R2

Watch the unboxing of the Alienware Alpha R2.

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Alienware Alpha Case

This carry case is specially designed for all-around protection of the Alienware Alpha R2. It has safety-cell™ technology for all-around protection which means my son can pack up the Alpha R2 in this case and take it over to his cousin’s house. Portable gameplay, an 11-year-old’s dream.

Alienware Vindicator Alpha Carrying Case
Alien Alphaware Case

The case is zippered and has a fleece-lined accessories compartment with adjustable padded dividers to organize your game controllers, power supply, and additional gear. The total crush-proof protection which with kids, is a must.

Learn more about this carrying case.

Update about the Alienware Alpha

Here we are fast forward 5 years and I’d like to say we are still running the Alienware Alpha r2. Ironically, while the then 11 year old was using it to game – our third child is now 11 years old and the Alpha r2 is what he is using to game on.

Alienware provided products for this unboxing and review, but opinions and commentary are 100% my own.

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