Day 1 with the New Apple Watch


What do I think of the Apple Watch? Here’s my impression after the first day of wearing and using the latest wearable smart device from Apple.

So a few weeks ago, I was up late. When the clock struck 2 am, I bought an Apple Watch. Well actually it was more like 2:15am but none the less, I got one. It was an impulse buy. Yes, I love me some Apple and with all the hype this year around wearable technology at CES 2015, I thought what the hell – why not?

For the last year I’ve been wearing around my Garmin Vivofit. While I wish I could say, LOOK AT HEALTHY ME because of this fitness device – I can’t. BUT, what I can say it has made me aware of the fact that I don’t move enough.

Let’s hope that this Apple Watch, since it’s replacing the Vivofit – helps me keep me focused on my health.

On Thursday I received my shipment email. Then all day yesterday was stalk the door bell day because I knew I would have to sign for the package.

apple watch delivery ups

Finally, at 6:50 pm – the doorbell rang. It was the UPS man with my early Mother’s Day present that my husband didn’t know about – my Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Unboxing

I had my daughter video the Apple Watch unboxing.

This is the quality filming you get when you have your 12-year-old video something. She didn’t point the camera at herself once! 

I bought the cheapest Apple Watch available – the sport version. It came in a long white box with the charger and cord. I was able to immediately turn on .

first generation apple watch review and first impressions

I did run into a hiccup as my iPhone 6 wasn’t updated to the latest iOS version. As soon as I upgraded, I found the Apple Watch app on my phone – paired the iPhone 6 with the Apple Watch and then started customizations.

There were a few things I had to learn to do on the watch. Navigating the watch takes some getting use to, but like most things Apple – once you get it – it just makes sense. You push harder on the screen for various menus, as well as turning the dial and pressing the button the side.

Apple Watch Bands

I have to be honest, I felt like an IDIOT after I realized my error when I ordered my watch. It was REALLY late and the way Apple had it’s menu setup – I didn’t scroll to see the other colors.

The band I ended up purchasing was Apple Watch Sports blue band. After seeing it in person, I really like it BUT I do plan on upgrading the Apple Watch band to the Milanese loop.

milanese loop apple watch band first generation

So far, so good. I am looking forward to reporting back on how i like the Apple Watch with a few weeks wear!

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