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First Day with the Apple Watch

So a few weeks ago, I was up late. When the clock struck 2 am, I bought an Apple Watch. Well actually it wa more like 2:15am but none the less, I got one. It was an impulse buy. Yes, I love me some Apple and with all the hype this year around wearable technology at CES 2015, I thought what the hell – why not?

For the last year I’ve been wearing around my Garmin Vivofit. While I wish I could say, LOOK AT HEALTHY ME because of this fitness device – I can’t. BUT, what I can say it has made me aware of the fact that I don’t move enough. Let’s hope that this Apple Watch, since it’s replacing the Vivofit – helps me keep me focused on my health.

On Thursday I received my shipment email. Then all day yesterday was stalk the door bell day because I knew I would have to sign for the package.

apple watch delivery ups

Finally, at 6:50 pm – the doorbell rang. It was the UPS man with my early Mother’s Day present that my husband didn’t know about – my Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Unboxing

I had my daughter video the Apple Watch unboxing.


This is the quality filming you get when you have your 12-year-old video something. She didn’t point the camera at herself once! 

I bought the cheapest Apple Watch available – the sport version. It came in a long white box with the charger and cord. I was able to immediately turn on . I did run into a hiccup as my iPhone 6 wasn’t updated to the latest iOS version. As soon as I upgraded, I found the Apple Watch app on my phone – paired the iPhone 6 with the Apple Watch and then started customizations.

apple watch review

There were a few things I had to learn to do on the watch. Navigating the watch takes some getting use to, but like most things Apple – once you get it – it just makes sense. You push harder on the screen for various menus, as well as turning the dial and pressing the button the side.

Apple Watch Bands

Apple Watch Milanese Loop

I have to be honest, I felt like an IDIOT after I realized my error when I ordered my watch. See, it was REALLY late and the way Apple had it’s menu setup – I didn’t scroll to see the other colors. I ended up purchasing the Sports with a blue band. After seeing it, I really like it BUT I do plan on upgrading the Apple Watch band to the Milanese loop.

Apple Watch Reviewed

So far, so good. I am looking forward to reporting back on how i like the Apple Watch with a few weeks wear!