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5 Helpful Outdoor TV Ideas for Patios and Gazebos

Thinking about purchasing an outdoor TV? Let’s talk about outdoor TVs, enclosures, antennas, mounts and more.

When we moved into our 1980’s fabulous country home a few years ago. One of our favorite features of the house that we know we would utilize year round was the patio. We live in Texas, so yes it’s hot but it does allow us to be outdoors year round. One of the things I knew we “needed” was an outdoor TV.

outdoor tvs

Outdoor TV Ideas and Things to Know

Fast forward, here we are several years in with a great pool gazebo and covered patio with an outdoor TV.

Here are the things that we’ve learned when finding outside TVs, mounting, tips and accessories that have made the patio experience of watching television outdoors more enjoyable.

Mount an Outdoor TV in the Patio

We still have a ways to go – but I’ve set up my introvert space – complete with my outdoor TV. The television completes the space. If you are on the fence about installing a TV outside, hopefully this post will help. Keep reading, we are sharing our favorite gazebo tv mounts if you are needing some suggestions for finding the best mount.

Read Before You Buy an Outside TV

Here are a few tips that I learned and for you to think about before installing your outdoor TV.

patio tvs mounts ideas  5 things to know before you buy an outdoor tv
patio tvs mounts ideas

From what tv to buy to outdoor tv reception, to how outdoor tv stands and mounts – let’s look at all the different aspects of having a television outside.

#1 Buying a TV for Outside

First, let’s buy a TV. When I started this make my gazebo my introvert space project, I just googled  “outdoor television” – and woah. I was in sticker shock by how much outdoor televisions cost.

A 32-inch outdoor television from Amazon (which is the cheapest I could find) can run you about $1400.

Outdoor Weatherproof TV – Yes or No

Surely, an outdoor tv waterproof would not set me back over a grand. Or would it? I called my brother. He was a fabulous outdoor kitchen and patio area with a television. “Don’t waste your money, just buy a normal TV,  just find an outdoor TV enclosure or a case.” His patio television was 3 years old and hadn’t had an issue. SOLD. I was saving my money because mama needs to buy patio furniture as well.

So for me and my budget: the outdoor waterproof TV – was a no. So on to finding a normal indoor TV that would work.

Using an Indoor TV Outside

After much research, I’ve decided to stick to a standard LED television. From all that I am hearing – the standard televisions, if set up correctly, will work fine for many years outside. Nowadays, you can find a 32-inch television for around $250.

I scored a 32-inch smart LG TV for under $200 during a Memorial Day sale. While I’d love a larger tv outside, that patio is long more so than narrow and this was the best size for the area. Keep reading, as I’ll talk about why you will want to purchase a smart TV for best reception.

And if you are still contemplating on if you should spend the money on the more expensive television, here is my rationale:

Let’s say that your standard TV only lasts you a year outdoors. From what I am reading, most people are getting a good 3-4 years of use with a regular TV outside. But even if you replaced a tv every year, it would still be significantly cheaper than purchasing an outdoor tv.

#2 Getting TV Reception Outside

So once you have your tv for the patio, you now need to think about how you are actually going to watch television. That getting tv reception outside might sound tricky, but it’s actually quite simple and cost effective.

First, I should say that we got rid of cable. This has saved us several hundreds of dollars a year AND all of our streaming television subscriptions work on my outdoor TV! 

Outdoor TVs Amazon Finds

smart TV will have apps built-in that will let you stream your favorite streaming networks, such as Netflix, Hulu or Amazon.

amazon outdoor tvs

Here is the smart TV I use as my outdoor TV.

It’s made by LG, you can use your smartphone as a remote (which is awesome so you aren’t losing your TV remote control outside!) Plus, it’s affordable!

Here are a few other great but cheap outdoor tvs Amazon finds:

best outdoor tvs on amazon
best outdoor tvs amazon

42 Inch Westinghouse ROKU TV – First on our list when looking for a cheap outdoor tv is to consider the features. The Westinghouse 42 ROKU TV offers the features and a great price. Happy to say that this as an outdoor TV Amazon find that would work great.

cheap outdoor tv amazon westinghouse
cheap outdoor tv amazon westinghouse

Not only is this currently under $200, it’s a good size and includes ROKU! Make sure to find a good outdoor TV mount that you like to pair it with.

40 Inch Vizio Smart TV – Next on our list of outdoor TVs Amazon finds we have a 40 inch Vizio smart TV. This is not only Alexa, Airplay and Chromecast compatible, it also is a great price!

vizio cheap outdoor tv amazon
vizio cheap outdoor tv amazon

The Vizio makes a great but cheap outdoor television that comes with a reputable name. Vizio is well known in the smart tv market and has a loyal brand following.

Amazon Fire TV Stick

Even if you don’t buy a smart TV, as long as you have an HDMI port, you can use the Amazon Fire Stick. This will essentially make your not smart TV, smart. If you are looking for a more affordable TV reception option for streaming services – go with the stick. Read our article about how we cut the cord with cable tv.

Amazon Fire Stick and Alexa Remote affordable option for streaming services on outdoor tvs
Amazon Fire TV Stick

While the LG TV I have is a smart TV featuring most of the streaming services that I watch – I do have an Amazon Fire Stick because the user interface is awesome. Plus, I have access to Directv Now – which we use for live TV. Football season is here, and many of our games will be watched out on the patio.

See Amazon Outdoor TVs

Digital Antenna for Outdoor Television

If you are wanting to watch network television, and don’t subscribe to a live TV steaming service like Direct TV Now –  you will need to buy an outdoor TV digital antenna. This is the antenna we purchase. With an antenna, you can receive free digital broadcast High Definition TV signals.

tv digital antenna for amplifying live channels
outdoor tv antenna

These are cheap and believe me when your sports team (see Dallas Cowboy memes!) is in the playoffs and you want to watch the game – you will thank me for telling you to purchase an antenna. This digital antenna has a reach of 25 miles.  If you live outside of a major city, keep reading!

#3 Weatherproof Your Television with Outdoor TV Covers

Remember what my brother said about buying a tv? While he didn’t recommend the expensive all-weather television – he did say to buy an outdoor tv cover! You can weatherproof your television by purchasing a cover without having to buy a pricey waterproof tv.

outdoor tv cover
outdoor tv cover

These out tv coveres are not outrageous, but something you definitely want to invest in to protect your television from unwanted weather! Purchase an all-weather cover for your television. This will set you back around $40 but protect your television from unwanted moisture.

#4 Outdoor TV Mounts

Now that we have a TV, know how we are getting TV reception and an outdoor TV cover, let’s look at outdoor TV mounts. Good news, TV mounts have dropped dramatically in price.

More good news, a typical wall television mount will work as your outdoor TV mount.

Gazebo TV Mounts

If you are looking for a gazebo tv mount that lets you see the outdoor tv from multiple angles – check out this option.

gazebo tv mount
gazebo tv mounts

A swing tv mount will allow you to see the tv from whichever angle of the gazebo or patio that you are in. This is a great option and works wonderful as gazebo tv mount! (And thanks to Amazon, you can score an TV mount for under $30!) 

Hang TV From Ceiling TV Mount

If your patio, gazebo or outdoor space has an awkward angle or no wall, consider hanging the outdoor tv from the ceiling.

outdoor gazebo tv mount ceiling
ceiling tv mount ceiling

A ceiling TV mount is a great option that allows your TV to hang from the ceiling allowing you to not need a wall to mount your outdoor patio television.

Installing a Patio TV

Looking to install a TV outside? Learn about professional tv mount installation, save your time and have your television mounted by a professional.

#5 Outdoor TV Carts

Don’t have a place to hang a television outdoors? Or maybe you are just not wanting a bare TV hanging on your patio. No worries – we have you covered.

When doing my research – trying to find the best option for a patio TV – one option that I thought was smart was to just purchase a standard television, but rather than mount it, get an outdoor tv cart! While these are specifically made for outdoors, they will work.

outdoor tv cart featuring led flat screen tv
outdoor tv cart

Pricing on outdoor TV carts have dropped since we first posted this in 2016. You can now find a great outdoor tv cart for under $100.

The thought of these outdoor TV carts made me instantly flashback to my elementary school days when they would roll the tv cart into the room and all the kids would get giddy because – TV.

Final Thoughts on a Patio TVs

If I were you, just buy the standard TV, a good swing tv mount, an antenna or Fire TV  and an all-weather cover for your television. This will get you reception, a good viewing angle and help the longevity of your television in outdoor climates.

Happy Summer nights in the hammock, Netflixing for hours and hours under the stars, while sipping on wine and shooing off mosquitos (unless you have one of these!)


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