Finding Dory App Review

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Just released, the Finding Dory app. I sat down with my 4-year-old, Zeke tonight and let him have my iPhone. “Choose an app and we will talk about it.” He spotted the Finding Dory – Just Keep Swimming app, and that was it. Zeke knew that DORY was the app he had to play, so that’s what we did – here is our review.

Finding Dory App Review

The Finding Dory app released on June 2, just in time for the Finding Dory movie (which releases on June 17, 2016 – this is a date you should know, especially if your kids are like mine – anxiously anticipating the movie opening!)  It’s a fun app that features Dory and her friends. Inspired, of course – by the upcoming Disney Pixar film, Dory and friends journey through levels to find her family.  Follow bubbles as you travel from the reef to shipwrecks and more.

Video Review

Here is my son, Zeke and I reviewing the Finding Dory app.

The goal is to earn three stars on every level. You choose funny items that customize your journey along the way, this prevents you from ever playing the same game twice.

There are 13 levels and over 5 worlds. In the Finding Dory game, you will meet Dory’s friends: Nemo, Marlin, Hank, Bailey, Destiny and more. You can experience an incredible stingray migration, race across Morro Bay to help Dory save the day, explore the Marine Life institute and more.

There are 11 levels available today – when the movie releases, the final 2 levels will be released.

Tips and Tricks

Keep Dory Swimming!

keep dory swimming

Tap and hold anywhere on the screen, and Dory will swim in that direction.In most levels, Dory must keep up with the scrolling screen. Keep Dory swimming so that she doesn’t fall off the edge of the screen, or else you’ll need to replay that section of the level

Get 3 Stars

3 stars finding dory app
Find special items and collect as many bubbles as you can to earn three stars in the level – totally awesome!

Sea Urchins and Other Hazards

finding dory sea urchins

Steer clear of sea urchins and other hazards that can hurt Dory. Touching these hazards will cause her to lose bubbles!

Turn off Sound Effects and Music via the Grown-Up Menu

Parents, you can turn off the sound effects and music. Maybe you have a sensory sensitive child (I do!) or maybe you just really don’t care to hear the bubbles or music (that’s me too, ha.) Disney has built in a feature that allows you to turn the app sound effects and music off. Here is how.

On the main screen, click on the grown-ups button in the upper right

finding dory app turn off sound

Next, read the numbers and type in the four digits.

grown up menu in finding dory app

You are now in the grown-ups menu! Uncheck whichever box, the music and/or sound effects that you no longer want on.

finding dory decide on music and sound effects

Easy peasy!

Download Finding Dory

Download the Finding Dory – Just Keep Swimming app on iOS, Android and Windows 8.1. The app is $3.99 to purchase.

Available for iPhone and iPad (iOS 9 + up)

iPhone 4S and later, iPod touch 4G and later, iPad 2 and later (including iPad mini)

Download for iOS

Available for Android (OS 4.2 + up)

Download for Android

Available for Windows 8.1 (PC/Tablet/Phone) Supported processors: x86, x64, ARM

Download for Windows


Finding dory app review

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  1. Thanks for this review! I was looking for something for my 2 yr old and she loves to pop bubbles! Without seeing it, it’s hard to know what the app is like. I think I will give it a try now.


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