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FAVE: USB Charger Power Strip

Today’s Friday Fave is this USB charger power strip. Yes, I know – it doesn’t sound all that exciting but let me explain.

Too Many Devices to Charge

I have a problem, okay I have many – but one of my problems is that I like to make sure all my electronics are constantly charged and I like to use them in bed. So what does that mean? It means my nightstand often has 2 laptops, an Apple Watch, an iPhone and a tablet charging.

usb power outlet

My husband has his Samsung Galaxy charging – oh and 2 Fitbits that need charging once a week. Total third world problem here, but our old country house is sparse when it comes to electric outlets and well, we have a lot of devices to charge.

USB Charger Power Strip

I searched for and found the perfect solution. The ORICO Family Size Power Strip Surge Protector solved my issue. It’s the exact USB charger power strip that I was hoping for. It comes with 4 electric outlets, 5 USB ports and a 5-foot cord. WINNING!  

I was able to tuck this behind my bed so now all of my devices can happily charge while I sleep (if I remember to plug them in, doh.) I’ve had this device for 3 months now and it’s been one of my favorite purchase. I just love all of the USB ports, it really has simplified and helped me organize the long cords going to various plugs.

ORICO Family Size Power Strip

ORICO high-end designed surge protector has enough power outlets to handle all your devices at once. It features 4 outlets and 5 ports USB super chargers that let you plug in and charge all your essential devices wherever you are.

What is more, fireproof material ensures long durability and safety while using.


Efficient Design with Neatly Arranged Sockets and Built-in Power Cord

  • Its clean and efficient design means that it is good looking, its high-end outlook marches perfect with your nice home and office use.
  • Its neatly arranged sockets cause less clutter, save space efficiently.
  • Its built-in 5 Ft. power cord allows connection to a distant wall outlet.


4 AC Outlets and 5 USB Super Charging Ports for Worry-Free Use

  • 4 protected AC outlets supply complete protection with a total power output of 1250W
  • 1700 joule energy rating provides standard protection for your electronic devices.
  • 5 USB Super Charging Ports can easily charge your USB devices with a max power output of 40W. Its integrated intelligence charging technology enables the charger to deliver the fastest possible charge speed up to 2.4 amps per port – yay!

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