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first day of school sign pdf printable

Free First Day of School Sign 2024: Free Printable for Pre-k Thru College!

Free Printable first day of school sign for daycare, preschool, kindergarten through 12th grade, college and more! Download and print first day of school sign.
best baby smiling quotes

20 Heartwarming Baby Smiling Quotes to Brighten Your Day

Looking for a little pick-me-up? These 20 heartwarming baby smiling quotes are sure to brighten your day and bring a smile to your face. From the pure innocence of a baby's smile to its contagious joy, these quotes capture the magic of childhood and the beauty of a baby's smile. Perfect for parents, caregivers, and anyone who loves babies, these quotes will remind you of the simple pleasures of life and the endless potential of a child's smile.
metal gear quotes

25 Iconic Metal Gear Quotes: Words of Wisdom from the Legendary Game Series

Check out 25 of the most iconic Metal Gear quotes from beloved characters like Solid Snake, Big Boss, and Revolver Ocelot. These memorable lines explore themes of human existence, the pursuit of truth, and the nature of combat. Whether you are a fan of the series or just looking for some thought-provoking quotes, this blog post has something for you.
austin city limits music festival 2022 entrance

Austin City Limits Festival Guide – 10 Helpful Tips

Austin City Limits 2024 Festival Guide - Everything you want to know, packing lists, parking and helpful tips for attending the Zilker Park, ATX ACL fest!
relatable memes relatable quotes

50+ Funny but Relatable Memes and Quotes That Hit Hard

Funny relatable memes and relatable quotes that will make you laugh but hit way too close to home! Share these funny quote images that you can relate to.
stimulus check memes $1400

18 Funny Stimulus Check Memes About That Free Money

Funny Stimulus Check Memes - Those $1400 checks are bringing more than relief. They are bringing stress relief and lots of LOLs. Share these 1400 stimulus memes
dr seuss quotes for kids from his childrens book collection

Best 25 Dr Seuss Quotes for Kids

Enjoy these Dr Seuss quotes for kids - wonderfulwords filled with inspiration and wisdom. These quotes can help your child to be more creative, to embrace their uniqueness, and to believe in themselves.
bernie sanders memes funny

Best Bernie Sanders Memes – Yes, Including the Mittens

Bernie Sanders memes are a viral hit! For those who feel the Bern and are tired of the one percent, enjoy these memes about Bernie Sanders.
funny parler memes

20 Funny Parler Memes About The Good Bad and Ugly

Funny Parler memes because what the world needs now is humor, love and friendly fun. We talked about what the Parler app and social network ... Read more
alternatives to toilet paper

10 Toilet Paper Alternatives – When You Run Out of TP

Toilet Paper Alternatives - when you are out of toilet paper, or when the great TP shortage of 2020 Coronavirus happens, here are alternatives for toilet paper.
valentines day photo card template free candy

Create a Fun Photo Valentines Day Card DIY

This photo Valentines Day card, started with our first 2 years. I actually first published this post in 2012! Each year, I try to make ... Read more
best fake nails

Don’t Fear Fake Nails! DIY Manicure for $4 and 10 Minutes

These fake nails are NOT your mama's Lee Press-ons. We are sharing how to put on nails, take them off & more. Get a DIY manicure for $4 in under 10 minutes!
new york city travel blog teenagers

Traveling to NYC with Teenagers – Travel Blog New York City

In this addition of my Digital Mom travel blog, I’m talking about traveling to New York City with teenagers, a surprise birthday trip and what ... Read more
how to clean laminate floors

How to Clean Laminate Floors in 3 Easy Steps

Learn how to clean laminate floors the best way and how to make our homemade laminate floor cleaner. No more streaks or sticky residue with this solution!

The Ex-Catholic – Reflecting on Life After Catholicism

Hi, I’m an ex-Catholic who is blogging thru Lent. Lent, a process that I started as a Catholic many years ago and have continued as ... Read more
enneagram memes funny

Best Enneagram Memes for Personality Types 1 – 9

Enneagram memes and images for us obsessed with types, wings and triads. We have all 9 types covered, learn and laugh as we dive into memes about enneagram types.
enneagram test

Enneagram Test – Discover Your Dynamic 1-9 Personality Type

Enneagram test, types and what this whole thing means. Let's dive into the Enneagram personality types and learn all there is to know about types 1-9.
people to pray for

101 People to Pray for Even If You Don’t Like Them

Lent Day 3 – We are talking prayer y’all. One of the practices this Lent I’m trying to put in place, in addition to this ... Read more
what to give up for lent 2022

80 Brilliant Ideas on What to Give Up for Lent

Let's look at 80 ways to honor the Lenten season with ideas on what to give up for Lent and what to do for Lent. Talking practical tips and Lent rules.
best camera straps

7 Fabulous Custom Camera Straps that Make a Fashion Statement

The best custom camera straps to personalize your dslr camera. Give your camera some personality with one of these adorable camera straps!
decatur texas

Daytrip to Decatur TX from Dallas TX

Daytrip to Decatur, TX with us. Let's look at fun things to do, where to go and what you need to know about this small North Texas town.
things to do in austin with kids

30 Fun Family Things to Do in Austin, TX to Make Memories

30 Fun family things to do in Austin, TX. This Texas vacation destination is more than a party town. Learn what to do with kids while in ATX.
coworker gift ideas

25 Awesome Gift Ideas for Coworkers

Looking for gift ideas for coworkers? Check out our huge list of funny and unique gift ideas for your office besties. Also, ideas for elephant gifts!
home office desks

Best Desks for the Home Office – Great Looking & Affordable Options!

Home office desks - we are sharing our fave desks for home office use. Find a stylish and affordable desk that completes your home office decor.
halloween pun costume shirts

7 Clever Ideas for Halloween Using Costume Shirts

Looking for clever ideas for Halloween using costume shirts? We’ve got them!  Costume Shirts – Best Thing Ever So costume shirts are pretty much the ... Read more
photo wall collage ideas

50 Amazing Photo Wall Ideas and Gallery Picture Wall Inspo

Nothing says home and love like a photo wall. From gallery wall collage inspirations to photo wall ideas, enjoy these picture wall collage tips and home inspo!
best dallas staycation hotel hilton anatole

Hilton Anatole and Jade Waters – The Ultimate Dallas Staycation

Looking for a Dallas staycation? Read our review of the Hilton Anatole and their pool complex, Jade Waters. If you are looking for a fun family hotel in Dallas, the Anatole is your answer. With resort amenities and family environment, this resort is amazing.

10 Productivity Tips to Help Launch a Successful New Year!

Disclosure: Post sponsored by Mirum but all opinions are my own. Productivity at work is one of my strengths. I enjoy finding ways to get things ... Read more
ugly christmas sweaters funny 2022

Best Ugly Christmas Sweaters for the Ultimate Christmas Party Attire

We are sharing the best Funny Ugly Christmas Sweaters for 2024. From tacky to hilarious and inappropriate - we've rounded up the best ugly Christmas sweaters.
favorite things november

Favorite Things – 7 Things That I Am Loving

Here are 7 of my favorite things that I am absolutely loving right now. From my favorite WINE to family card game to tech device, check out my loves here.

The Farting Unicorn Fingerling

Our friends at WowWee just sent over the new Gigi Fingerling Unicorn! We have had a crazy response to our post introducing the Fingerlings monkey and now ... Read more

10 Must-Have Learn How to Type Apps for Beginners

Unlock the secrets of speedy typing with our curated selection of learn how to type apps. Enjoy fun exercises and games while improving your keyboard skills.

Looking for a Family Friendly Resort in Dallas? Check Out the Hilton Anatole

This past weekend, we enjoy the Hilton Anatole Dallas for the ultimate family staycation. We are a family of 6. Yes, I’m a mom to ... Read more
bake eggs hard boiled

How to Bake Eggs for Easter Egg Dyeing – #1 Easy Tip!

Boiling eggs is a thing of the past. Let's learn how to bake eggs for Easter egg dyeing. This simple method lets you make hard boiled eggs in the oven.
free minecraft birthday invites

Free Minecraft Birthday Invitations Ready in 5 Minutes

Free Minecraft birthday invitations - both printable and formatted for evite. Download our Minecraft invitations and evite graphics for easy party planning.
Jade Waters Hilton Water Park Review

5 Awesome Things about the Jade Waters Resort Pool at the Anatole

We headed to Dallas, TX Hilton Anatole to review the Jade Waters Resort Pool. Here is everything you need to know about swimming at the Dallas Anatole pool.
celebrating christmas

Christmas Family Fun in Dallas: Dallas Arboretum

Looking for some Christmas family fun in Dallas? Check out the Dallas Arboretum! Gardens in the winter? At Christmas, the Dallas Arboretum pulls out all the ... Read more
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