7 Fabulous Custom Camera Straps that Make a Fashion Statement

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Custom camera straps, REALLY?

Yes, those are the words that came out of my husband’s mouth when I showed him the darling leather camera strap that I wanted for my camera.

Okay, so some people don’t appreciate the cute things in life – but I DO and cute camera straps are definitely on that list.

Best Custom Camera Straps

Do adorable camera straps make you want to jump up and down?

custom camera straps
custom camera straps

If yes, or if you have been in the market for a new camera strap – good news – you have landed on the right post! I’ve rounded up my favorite custom camera straps. I hope these make you as excited as Phoebe! 

From leather camera straps to camera neck straps, here is a round up of the best custom camera straps to personalize your camera and give it some personality. 

Custom Camera Straps - Doll Up Your Camera These Adorable Straps

Your camera strap can make a statement with these adorable options.

Side note: If you are looking for the easiest strap to put on, the metal clips are easy BUT I have heard people mention that they can scratch up your camera. This isn’t something I’ve experienced, but thought I would share just in case that’s one of the straps you like.

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