7 Clever Ideas for Halloween Using Costume Shirts

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Looking for clever ideas for Halloween using costume shirts? We’ve got them! 

Costume Shirts – Best Thing Ever

So costume shirts are pretty much the best thing ever. Why? They are loss fuss, GREAT for kids, you can wear them all year long (even if they look weird, that makes them even better, right?) and they are comfortable.

7 pun costume shirt ideas
costume shirt ideas

Comfortable Costumes

You guys, 15+ years of Halloween costumes for kids – 4 different kids, I can tell you one thing. COMFORTABLE COSTUMES will make the entire Halloween trick or treat experience so much easier.

So definitely consider a costume shirt and finding ways to make it cute. Believe me, you will thank me later. As cute as that t-rex costume is, your kid won’t last 30 minutes in it. 

Halloween Costume Shirt Ideas

We’ve rounded up clever Halloween costume shirt ideas. These are costume ideas that require minimal effort, are cheap and did I mention clever? Let’s get to it, Halloween will be here soon enough!

Bonus – all of these costume shirts and Halloween costume accessories are available on Amazon. 

Ceiling Fan Costume

ceiling fan costume shirt ideas

Be a CEILING FAN for Halloween! Get it? How this for a pun costume? You are a FAN of the CEILING! 

Copy Cat Costume Idea

halloween copy cat costume shirt

Be a Copy Cat for Halloween. Be a Copy Cat for Halloween – see what I did there? This easy Halloween costume shirt idea involves just a few items – making it quick and easy. Oh, and this is a totally comfortable costume! WIN! 

Deviled Egg Costume



deviled egg costume shirt

Pun and fun with this Deviled Egg costume. This DIY outfit is super simple and so punny! Great KETO costume idea and so much better than being meat! 

Gift From God Costume

gift from god costume shirt





Are you a Gift From God? These hilarious costume shirts are perfect not just for Halloween, but any day. Use this as a couple costume idea – Gift From God to Women and a Gift From God to Men, sounds like a costume party win to me!

Green With Envy Costume


green with envy costume shirt

Green with Envy costume shirt is so simple and silly that its perfect. This simple and easy costume, is another pun that’s lots of fun. 

Salt and Pepper Couple Costume

salt pepper couple costume idea

Here’s another couple costume idea featuring just a shirt. Be Salt and Pepper! Are you a bit salty? You get the S, a little spicy – you can be P for pepper. 


Best IT Shirt- 404 Error

error 404 it costume shirt

ERROR 404 COSTUME NOT FOUND – this is the best IT shirt or really anyone having to deal with the web. We all know the dreaded 404 ERROR, might as well apply that to your Halloween costume. 

Perfect Costume for Office Attire

Another great thing about these costume shirts, these are perfect for wearing on Halloween to the office! Nothing TOO elaborate, but hilarious – sounds like a halloween win to me!

What is your favorite pun Halloween costume?