A Paper Tweet

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Paper Tweet – this is the most meta gift I have ever received.

A few months ago I turned 32. A co-worker of mine stopped by my office and asked if I had checked my physical inbox lately. Uhm, nope (confession, I forget that I have a mailbox at work).

I strolled to the mailroom and found the simplest birthday greeting that couldn’t of been more perfect. Except this birthday greeting was a tweet on paper.

Twitter + Paper = Paper Tweet = BRILLIANT! It’s a tweet, but put on paper. Customized to me. BRILLIANT.

The Perfect Gift for the Twitter Obsessed

Need a gift for a friend who is slightly Twitter obsessed? Look no further – these Paper Tweets come in Notepads.

Paper Tweet Notepads are available from Knock Knock. Ever wish you could tell someone how you feel, but the words don’t come? With Knock Knock’s portable, communicatory Nifty Notes, you can pass judgment, spit wit, and even apologize.

With hilarious and non-passive-aggressive interpretations of etiquette and conversation, our Nifty Notes will help you get your point across – one sheet at a time. Get on the social networking bandwagon with a cutting-edge note pad!

The wireless miracle of pen and paper will have you expressing your mundane, or even pressing, thoughts anytime, anywhere! Did you lose your cell, did your battery run out of juice?

Don’t worry, we have your social networking fall back.

You can find the Paper Tweet Notepads and start giving your own Paper Tweets at Amazon.com.

Thank you @HannaB! I keep this in my desk and smile at it each time I open my drawer.