The Fanciest Toilet Ever

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So you tech savvy gadget loving moms and dads – are you ready to see the fanciest toilet seat EVER? The true gadget lover (with a load of cash) will most definitely be sporting one of these in their bathrooms…..

The Most Fancy Toilet Seat Ever

The most fancy toilet seat is from Toto and is The Washlet S400. This fancy toilet seat is like no other. What makes a toilet seat so special?

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    Auto Flush Activated by Sensors or the Simple Touch of a Button
  • Automatic Open / Close Lid Activated by Sensors, or the Simple Touch of a Button on the Remote Control
  • Gentle Aerated Warm Water
  • Front and Rear Washing
  • Massage Feature
  • Warm Air Drying with Variable Three-Temperature Setting
  • Automatic Air Purifier
  • Heated Seat with Temperature Control
  • Convenient Wireless Remote Control with Large LCD Panel
  • Docking Station for Easy Cleaning & Installation
  • Cleaner, Sleeker Look
  • Reinforced Base Plate for Enhanced Durability

The toilet FLUSHER is on the wall people (oh and it can auto flush too). You stand in front of this toilet and the seat raises. This toilet massages (uh.), contains an air purifier, heated seats sheesh. It apparently cleans you so well you don’t have to use toilet paper (uhm, ick – no to the thank you).

Fancy toilet – right? Fancy toilet comes with a fancy price. The Toto Washlet S400 will set you back $1310 on Amazon. But just think how much money you will be saving in toilet paper! 

I have to confess, I have used one of these in a nail salon in Arkansas (I know, right – of all places!) You still should use toilet paper people. My sister-in-law can tell you all about this toilet seat, she used it a few times during the course of our hour pedicure. *muah*

So you are interested but don’t have the money to buy, or would rather build a school in Africa than spending this kind of dough but you still want to give your butt the once in a lifetime pleasure of experiencing the TOTO? You are in luck! Toto lists the following places that you can try their toilets out! I personally find this hilarious and now want to send my kids into try. Here are the restaurants listed on Toto’s website that you can try out a Washlet:

New York City, NY         Los Angeles, CA
Dallas, TX                      
Sushi of GariYABU RestaurantTEI-AN
GariGyu-KakuTei Tei Robata Bar
Sushi of Gari 46YABU Restaurant (west)
SakaguraTORIHEIHonolulu, HI
Aburiya KinosukeSushi Ken
Cha-anSan Diego, CAYohei Sushi
Robata YaOTON
Curry YaOKAN
Greenwich Grill
Sushi AzabuAtlanta, GA
Ninja New York
TriBeCafeCircle Sushi
Yakiniku TakashiSushi House Hayakawa

If you go, please take a photo and post it on the Digital Mom Blog Facebook wall – but please do not be ON the actual toilet when you take a photo – or at least not undressed.

Moms – would this be entertaining for the kids or would it just end up being a big wet watery disaster?

On another toilet note – check out the most amazing toilet seats for parents!

Happy Toileting?

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