Upgrade to a Fancy Toilet for the Best Bathroom Experience Ever


Let’s talk fancy toilet seats. Yes, friends – we are going there. Actually – we went there back in 2012 and several of you have bought yourself a fancy toilet seat because of this very post.

Seeing that 8 years have passed and with the 2020 toilet paper shortage – these fancy toilets are now a not so uncommon thing! Let’s look at your options for getting fancy in the bathroom with fancy toilet seats!

fancy toilet seats

So you tech savvy gadget loving moms and dads – are you ready to see the fanciest toilet seat EVER? The true gadget lover will most definitely be sporting one of these in their bathrooms…..

The Most Fancy Toilet Seats

Good news! When we originally wrote about fancy toilet seats – the price point was around a thousand dollars. YES, $1000 – and YES, some of you bought it!

Now you can get a nice toilet seat that will wash all of your front parts and back parts, while heating your butt – easily for under $500! Some are even cheaper.

Best Husband Gift

Not to sound too cliche but let me just say. If you have a husband, chances are he spends quite a bit of time in the bathroom on the toilet. What he is actually doing on the toilet is a whole other thing but regardless.

This is the best husband gift. Upgrade his and YOUR bathroom time. And chances are this would be an unexpected gift!

Fancy Japanese Toilet

Funny, I have a friend who lived in Japan and there, a fancy Japanese toilet – is pretty much the norm. Hence why maybe the reason the number 1 modern toilet brand comes from Japan!

Toto Toilets

The number 1 brand for fancy toilets and fancy toilet seats is Toto Toilets. The premiere line of luxury toilets.

Here is my recommendation for middle of the road fanciness for upgrading your bathroom toilet. Don’t miss our other options below for more affordable options.

Best Bidets and Fancy Toilet Seats

This is the Toto W2044#01 C200. Complicated name for sure. Toto, here is a marketing tip – name these something that people can easily find and connect to (takes marketing hat off, puts back on tech blogger hat.)

Here is why you will love this fancy Japanese toilet seat from Toto.

Luxury Toilets That Clean Your Private Parts

Private parts – you guys, I don’t want to put specifics because then all the weirdos will come here, but you know what i mean – right? Here is how the Toto Japanese toilet seat cleans your front and back regions while you sit on the toilet. These luxury toilets clean all of your nooks and crannys.

Clean your private parts bidet toto toilet seat squirt water luxury toiet
  • A misting of the toilet bowl is performed before each use helping prevent waste from adhering to your toilet
  • The PREMIST function reduces cleaning frequency and creates a more hygienic environment

Warm Air Dryer

Now that you are clean down south, fear not! The fancy Japanese toilet seat will now dry you.

  • Enjoy the ease and comfort of drying with the temperature-adjustable warm-air dryer.
  • Reduces the need for toilet paper and creates a more hands-free experience

Heated Seat

Yes, let’s heat that butt. Talk about a warm welcoming experience – on the toilet. Awkward? Only in America, not Japan!

  • Adjustable temperature settings allow users to create and maintain the perfect level of warmth

Air Deodorizer

YES! The fancy toilet seat from Toto also deodorizes the air.

  • The automatic air deodorizer neutralizes bathroom odors by using powerful filters
  • Effectively cleans the air around the toilet to create a more pleasant experience

Low Cost Fancy Toilet Seats

Okay, so maybe you want the fancy but not the cost. I totally get it. You can still upgrade your bathroom experience with these low cost fancy toilet seat options.

affordable toilet seats

Affordable Fancy Toilet Seats

Let's look at some affordable fancy toilet seats and bidets. These simple toilet upgrades also upgrade your toilet bathroom experience. Be cleaned with warm water rather than toilet paper. Some of these low cost options also offer seat warmers and many of the other features that the Toto seat mentioned above does - but at a lower price point!

On another toilet note – check out the most amazing toilet seats for parents!

Happy Toileting?

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