Ultimate Guide for Your Office BFF – Gifts for Coworkers

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With the holidays here, maybe you are looking for gift ideas for your coworkers? I know when office party season came around, and right before going on Christmas break – I was always on the hunt for a great gifts for my office BFFs. If that is your problem – yo, let us solve it! 

Co-worker Gifts

Maybe your coworker is leaving the company and you need a parting gift. Maybe it’s a coworker birthday gift you are in search for, or maybe with the holidays you want a little something something for your office bestie.

With Christmas around the corner, today we are focusing on Christmas gift ideas for co-workers and elephant gifts, but these are gifts that can be given year round for various occasions.

great coworker gifts


Practical and Funny Gifts for Coworkers

Whatever the reason, we have rounded up our favorite gift ideas for coworkers. While these are mostly funny gift ideas but we’ve thrown several practical ideas in here as well. If you are on the hunt for unique gifts for employees, our ideas will have you covered. 

Funny Shirts for Coworkers

Not only will you be giving your coworker a gift to wear, but something that you will be able to laugh at every time they wear it! 

Best Coworker Ever Shirt

The best coworker ever shirt comes in various colors, sizes and fits. At right around $20, this is a practical and funny present that your office bestie will love. 

best coworker ever


Co-Worker of the Year Shirt

Give your office bestie or cubicle mate an award with this co-worker of the year shirt. 

coworker gift - coworker of the year shirt

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What Would You Do Without Me Shirt

For that special office relationship that is built around sarcasm, this what would you without me shirt is the perfect coworker gift!



Shut Up Button

For the coworker who likes to talk a lot or maybe you like to talk a lot. Regardless, gift this to your office mate and stop water cooler chat with this shut up button. It says 12 sayings, including the infamous SHUT UP. 

shut up button

For the Bored Worker

This is such a great coffee mug that is an awesome conversation piece. It’s a LEGO mug! Perfect gift for the bored worker. 

lego coffee mug - coworker gifts


Perfect Toy for Conference Calls

For the person who has to sit thru long conference calls, give them a toy! This desktop basketball set includes a basketball goal and basketball. Talk about a great desk toy!


For the Coworker with the Messy Desk

If you have a coworker who cannot keep their desk clean, how about a desktop vacuum. Nope, not kidding – this hilarious desk toy is not only for playing with – it actually works and has attachments! This is the perfect gift for anyone with a messy desk. 


Best Coworker Elephant Gifts

We couldn’t let this list of best gifts for coworkers not include elephant gifts! If you do a holiday office party and are looking for great elephant gifts, here are some ideas! 

Spam – Yes, Literal Spam

First, we have a classic. SPAM. Before SPAM was junk mail, there was the SPAM mystery meat that smells funky and makes me gag thinking about what it may taste like. Give the gift of spam and let everyone enjoy a good LOL. 


Red Stapler

The iconic red stapler was made famous by the movie Office Space. This Red Stapler meme featuring Milton gets me everytime.

Red Stapler Meme Milton Office Space


If you know of an employee who is treated like Milton – this makes the perfect coworker gift idea! 


World’s Okayest Employee Coffee Mug

There will be a fight during the game for this elephant gift! The World’s Okayest Employee coffee mug says it all. 


Christmas Gift Coworker Understanding and Gifting Etiquette

I’m going to put this out there because in an office environment with co-workers, it can be weird. It’s good to have an understanding of how Christmas gift coworker relations is going to happen. Some people by all of their coworkers gifts, others don’t buy anyone but the boss a gift. 

Find out what your coworkers plan on doing and come to an agreement ahead of time. This will help you not feel left out or like WHOOPS and running to get last minute gifts at Walgreens. (I’ve been there.) 

Happy gifting!


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