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25 Awesome Gift Ideas for Coworkers

Gift ideas for coworkers, because lets face it – they have to put up with you and deserve something awesome and fun.

Between coworker birthday, work anniversaries, the holidays (hello white elephant gifts) – we are here to help you find the best coworker gift ideas. Find your work bestie, office bff, work wife – the perfect gift.

Best Gift Ideas for Coworkers

We have rounded up the best gift ideas for coworkers. So get ready to start shopping for a fun coworker gift that they will love you even more for! From office desk toys to memorable shirts and office supplies, these are the best gift ideas for coworkers.

great coworker gifts
Gift ideas for coworkers

Best Co-Worker Gifts

Today we are focusing on gift ideas for co-workers and white elephant gifts, but these are gifts that can be given year round for various occasions.

Practical and Funny Gifts for Coworkers

Whatever the reason, we have rounded up our favorite gift ideas for coworkers. While these are mostly funny gift ideas but we've thrown several practical ideas in here as well. If you are on the hunt for unique gifts for employees, our ideas will have you covered. 

Funny Shirts for Coworkers

Not only will you be giving your coworker a gift to wear, but something that you will be able to laugh at every time they wear it! 

Office and Desk Toys 

Bring some fun to your office and your co-worker's desk with these funny gift ideas for co-workers.

Best Coworker Elephant Gifts

We couldn't let this list of best gifts for coworkers not include elephant gifts! If you do a holiday office party and are looking for great elephant gifts, here are some ideas! 

Christmas Gift Coworker Understanding and Gifting Etiquette

I’m going to put this out there because in an office environment with co-workers, it can be weird. It’s good to have an understanding of how Christmas gift coworker relations is going to happen. Some people by all of their coworkers gifts, others don’t buy anyone but the boss a gift. 

Find out what your coworkers plan on doing and come to an agreement ahead of time. This will help you not feel left out or like WHOOPS and running to get last minute gifts at Walgreens. (I’ve been there.)

Best Free Gift Idea for Co-Workers

We do have a free gift you can give your co-workers. Forward one of work memes to your team for a good LOL! Okay, so maybe a free graphic won’t cut it for the gift, instead try one of these fun ideas for the people you work with.

Co-worker celebrating an anniversary at work? Don’t miss our work anniversary memes.

Happy gifting!

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