How to Clean Laminate Floors in 3 Easy Steps

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Today we are showing you how to clean laminate floors. You bought laminate floors, they looked beautiful – and then they got DIRTY.

Let’s talk about how to clean your floors without residue! Maybe it was the cry for help about how my house is a wreck or sympathy for the fact God gave me 2 toddler boys… whatever the reason I am super thankful for laminate floors.

The Best Way to Clean Laminate Floors

They are more durable than wood flooring in my opinion, and once you learn to clean them – they are a God-send. OH, and a quarter of the price but with the same look as hardwood flooring.

How to Clean Laminate Flooring
how to clean laminate floors without leaving a film

Folks, let’s be honest here. This mom was not equipped with the gift of being able to clean and organized. I have 4 kids, 3 of which are boys – and well… yeah, our house is rarely clean.

I know that this chapter in my life – it is to be okay that toys are all over the floor and that I find mystery substances in random places every day. All I ask for people is SANITARY. Also, floors without footprints would be fabulous.

how to clean laminate floors
best tips for cleaning laminate floors

If you are like me – you just want somewhat clean laminate floors without prints – this post is for you. Keep reading!

We moved into this house a little over a year ago. It is slowly becoming home. While I really do love the house, the neighborhood, location, etc…. the top reason I wanted the house, is now one of the things I hate about the house.

We have about 75% hard floors. There is a mixture of slate and laminate throughout the house, upstairs and down. It sounded like an absolute dream, right? It’s been a NIGHTMARE.

How To Clean Laminate Floor Without Leaving a Film

I have tried cleaning laminate floors with vinegar, Bruce flooring spray, Murphy’s Oil, Spray and Mop, I could go on. My head hurts thinking about all of the chemicals I’ve tried to keep this laminate floor clean without streaks.

laminate floors cleaning streak free
how to clean laminate floors without streaks or leaving a film

The laminate always looks blotchy, no matter what I used to clean it. I just want clean laminate floors without streaks, how hard can this be?

Fast forward, I found a solution for no streaks on my laminate! Here is what I have found is the best way to clean laminate floors.

DIY Laminate Floor Cleaner

Here’s what I now use to clean laminate floors. This is my DIY laminate floor cleaner solution. I have played around with the amount of each ingredient and here is what I use as a laminate floor cleaner.

diy laminate floor cleaner
diy laminate floor cleaner

More Than Dawn Dish Soap on Laminate Flooring

Listen, I will sing the praises of Blue Dawn Dish Soap ALL DAY but this is a little bit more complex than just using Dawn dish soap on laminate flooring. The homemade floor cleaner ingredients are super simple, you may even have them around the house. This combo is awesome for cleaning laminate floors.

how to clean laminate flooring
Magical Laminate Flooring Cleaning Solution – including dawn dish soap on laminate flooring and more

Remember, this is what worked for me. Anything that you use in this post – try at your own risk, but this is what solution worked for me – and I hope it works for you, too.

Now, on to making the homemade laminate floor cleaner, here is what you will need.

First, fill the squirt bottle with the blue dawn soap, alcohol, vinegar as measured above.

Next, fill the remainder of the bottle with warm water.

Last, Shake, squirt our homemade laminate floor cleaner on your floors and mop. There is your DIY laminate floor cleaner!

Best Laminate Floop Mop

Here is the laminate floor mop that I use. It’s works amazing, leaving your floor clean and without streaks. I’ve had readers ask about my mop.

laminate floor mop
laminate floor mop

Funny, never thought someone would want to know about what type of mop I used – but here I am sharing the best mop for mopping laminate floors – at least in my opinion.

Microfiber Spin Mop

One of my favorite new finds is the Microfiber spin mop (available on Amazon) This allows me to easily clean the floors without using a squirt bottle.

microfiber spin mop
microfiber spin mop for laminate flooring

The telescopic handle allows me to reach farther with just a twist. With the flexible mop head, you can easily get in to corners that are often difficult to get to with traditional mops!

With the “spin” function, you are limited the amount of excess you are using which is a bonus when cleaning laminate floors.

How to Clean Microfiber Mop Heads

Now that we know which laminate floor mop to use, let’s talk about how to clean it! Speaking of – I’ve heard from some readers wanting to know how to clean microfiber mop covers.

To clean the microfiber mop cover, I’ve found hand washing with vinegar and dish soap to be best and then throwing in the dryer.

Microfiber Mop for cleaning laminate flooring
laminate floor mop available on amazon

Or, I will wash alone in the washer if the mope is extra dirty – but typically don’t mix it with other laundry. Sounds like a pain, it’s not too bad.

I personally have found that the traditional detergents seem to leave crud in the microfiber mop when cleaning. And remember, we are trying to eliminate streaks on laminate flooring, not make more! Detergent is just a good excuse for streaks.

Buffing Laminate Flooring with a Towel

I have heard some people swear by buffing with a towel after as well. If you have that much time – have at it! This mom can barely get dinner on the table.

Again, this is the formula that I use. I know some people don’t like using alcohol but I think the minimal amount in this mixture works well.

buff laminate floors with old towels
cleaning laminate floors with towels

All of that kid goo, you know the mysterious stuff you have no idea what it is, but either one of the tweens or toddlers or dog left it there, yep it this stuff leaves my floor the cleanest without the film I’ve seen other solutions leave.

Different Laminate Types

This is our third house with laminate. Remember, each laminate is different. Our last house had glossy laminate, this house has dull, matte laminate. We are about to put in hand-scraped laminate. You need to find the best way to clean your flooring and each type requires a different method.

I hope this helps you have clean laminate floors without much fuss, nor sticky or filmy floors!

Laminate Floor Cleaning Products

This post was started when I was struggling to find a solution to my laminate smudges. I wrote this as a recommendation on how I cleaned the floors with my homemade laminate floor cleaner.

laminate floor cleaning tools

Since posting this, this blog post has gone viral! We’ve received hundreds of comments and emails in regards to how our readers clean their laminate floors without streaks!

These were all such great recommendations, I thought these would be helpful to share as well! Here are some recommendations from our readers:

Shark Steam Pocket Mop

We really love the Shark Steam Pocket Mop – especially for cleaning tile floors. I know this post is about cleaning laminate, but most of us have tile too!

shark steam mop clean laminate floors
laminate floor mop The Shark Steam Mop

Again, steaming your laminate floors is at your own risk. Some people say that this causes your floors to buckle. We did not experience this in our space, but just want to make sure you proceed with caution and care.

Steam Cleaning Laminates

Steam cleaning laminate floors is a hit or miss – some readers SWEAR by it, other readers SWEAR that it ruins laminate flooring and the varnish.

We have tried steam cleaning our laminates and have had success. We’ve used the above laminate floor cleaning solution – but we do make sure that we leave NO excessive wetness. That said – I don’t have time to steam every time and only do this when I am in deep clean mode (once a year, if my family is lucky!)

Bona Laminate Floor Cleaner

Bona laminate floor clean is a popular and affordable over the counter recommendation.

bona laminate floor cleaner
bona laminate floor cleaner

We have readers that swear by this. Bona designed this product specifically for laminate.


fuzzy socks for cleaning floors
using socks to clean laminate floor without streaks

Have mismatched socks? A reader recommends using mismatched socks to clean your laminates. Just squirt and walk.

Norwex Mop

The Norwex Mops are pricey – but I have heard nothing but rave reviews. Use with water and clothes detergent.

  • 100% Microfiber with a 2 Year Warranty
  • Blue Wet Mop Cleans Thoroughly with Water Only
  • Removes 99.9% of Dirt and Germs
  • Articulated Mop Handle is Easy on the Back
  • Telescopic Handle Reaches 6 Foot Long

Swiffer for Laminate Floors

We do like the Swiffer for laminate floors. It works great for those in between cleanings.

Buy on Amazon

Avon Bubble Bath

Are you wondering WHY there is Avon Bubble Delight listed here under Laminate Floor Cleaning Products? It’s because a reader SWEARS by it! I can just imagine someone needing something to clean laminate floors – but has no cleaning solution.

avon bubble delight purple bath soap used for cleaning floors
Avon Bubble Bath available on Amazon

In a last minute attempt, she pulls out the Avon bubble delight and to her amazement her floors are beautiful. At least, this is how the story goes in my head.

This from a reader: On both my ceramic tile flooring and laminate flooring. One cap full in a bucket of hot water applied with a microfiber mop head. Unlike other products, over time it doesn’t leave residue and shines beautifully.

My favorite is Lavender. The house smells terrific on cleaning day. “Floors shine like new money”, and is cost-effective. It also shines tubs and shower stalls!.

Here are some more questions that we’ve had from Digital Mom readers. Take it these are our opinions and tips – and our advice is just that, advice!

Laminate Floor Cleaners

What Laminate Floor Cleaners are Best?

I am going to sound like a record player, but we have tried it all! The above laminate floor cleaner works best for us and our flooring.

how to clean laminate floors
how to clean laminate floors

Pine Sol on Laminate Floors

Can I use Pine Sol on pergo floors?

We don’t recommend it. Try our natural laminate cleaner above.

Can I use Pine Sol on laminate floors?

Again, we don’t recommend using Pine Sol on laminate floors. Try our natural laminate cleaner above. While Pine Sol has its purpose for cleaning, there are better cleaning solutions for laminate flooring.

Murphy’s Oil on Laminate

Can I use Murphy’s oil soap on laminate floors?

We have but it didn’t produce good results for us. I like my laminates streak free. I found the above solution to be the best for keeping our laminate floor clean.

Quick Shine

I think Quick Shine ruined my floor! Could this happen?

I can’t answer as to if Quick Shine ruined your floor but it may be leaving a film on your laminate flooring. If you think that Quick Shine ruined your floor, definitely reach out to their customer service department and see what is the best way to fix your flooring situation.

We also saw some saying “Mop and Glo ruined my floors” – again same advice. If you think Mop and Glo ruined your flooring, reach out to the customer service department at Mop and Glo for answers.

Dish Soap

Dish Soap

Can I use dish soap on my laminates?

Yes, but we recommend checking the natural laminate cleaner above. Also note that dish soap should be used in minimal amounts. Contact the manufacture of your laminate floor. Our favorite dish soap is Dawn to mop floors. The blue Dawn soap – but again check to see what is best for your specific flooring!

Damp Cloth

Can I use a damp cloth on my laminates?

Yes, but don’t leave any moisture. Try buffing with a microfiber cloth.

Removing Nail Polish from Laminate Flooring

I spilled nail polish on my vinyl laminate flooring, I don’t want it to stain pink! HELP!

You can try using nail polish remover, but I would personally just dab a little on a Q-tip to make sure your laminate doesn’t freak out when you attempt to remove stains.

Please remember suggestions for cleaning your laminate floors without streaks are just that, suggestions! Do check to see what is best for your flooring with the manufacturer of your floors.

Updated on 9/15/17 with the latest on cleaning laminate flooring. Just want to keep this up-to-date as I find better ways to clean. Remember, these are just suggestions on what has worked best for me. Check out more of our posts from Geekery.

Updated on 6/12/19 to include new Microfiber Spin Mop find and how to clean laminate floor video.

Here are my thoughts on keeping a clean house with kids.

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