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Best Enneagram Memes for Personality Types 1 – 9

Whether you are type 1 or a type 9 (or in between) these Enneagram memes and images are highly relatable for all types.

So the Enneagram is about how YOU see the world. This personality test is a favorite of mine and many. Enjoy these enneagram memes where we laugh at how we see the world.

best enneagram memes

Enneagram Memes to Explain Personality Types

I love finding out what Enneagram types people say they are. Since technically you are suppose to choose your type – but isn’t it fun trying to guess what other people say they are? 

when you have to take a test to figure out who you are

Anyways, those of us that are obsessed – these funny Enneagram memes are for you.

this is my personality type meme

These funny Enneagram Memes are hilarious and perfect for those friends who are tired of you talking about types, wings, and what have you. 

enneagram meme funny

What’s an Enneagram? Oh, let me tell you about it. 

kristen wiig asking whats the enneagram?

Enneagram 1 for the Perfectionist

Alright perfectionists – here are Enneagram 1 memes.

enneagram 1 memes
enneagram 1 memes

Next, lets look at self care tips for the type one.

enneagram type 1 meme
Enneagram type 1 meme source: @enneagramandcoffee

The Perfectionist – type 1 memes about self care tips. Read more about being an Enneagram Type 1.

When you are trying so hard to not judge but you KNOW that someone is a certain Enneagram type. This Enneagram meme nails it.

judgement enneagram meme
enneagram 1 image

Enneagram 2 for the Helper

Known as The Helper, Enneagram 2 memes to laugh and help you better understand your type.

enneagram 2 memes
enneagram 2 memes

This word map shows what to know about the type 2 enneagram personality type.

Enneagram 2 meme  you are lovable, compassionate, friendly and peoplare drawn to you. 
 enneagram type 2 meme

Enneagram 2 meme – you are lovable, compassionate, friendly and peoplare drawn to you.

enneagram type 2 helper
Type 2 Enneagram memes source: @enneagramandcoffee

Self care tips for Enneagram 2 friends. 

enneagram 2
enneagram 2 quote

This Enneagram 2 meme from @mirabellecreations is the perfect description of a type 2.

type 2 enneagram

More info about The Helper (from @brushandbarley)

the helper

The Type 2, helper is…

how an enneagram two sees the world
enneagram 2 meme

How the Enneagram Type 2 sees the world.

Enneagram 3 for the Achiever Performer

Alright Achievers, we are talking Enneagram 3 memes.

enneagram 3 success meme
enneagram 3 success meme

What characterizes a Enneagram type 3? Check out these characteristics.

enneagram 3 meme
Enneagram 3 meme

Self care tips for Enneagram type 3, Performers. 

enneagram type 3 meme
enneagram 3 image source: @enneagramandcoffee

Enneagram 4 for the Romantic or Individualist

Romantics, here are Enneagram Type 4 memes.

enneagram 4 memes
enneagram 4 memes

First a doodle with all of your personality type attributes. 

the individualist an enneagram 4 meme describing this personality type
enneagram 4 meme

From the EnneaApp – this is a great description of Type 4 Enneagram friends. 

enneagram type 4 meme
enneagram 4 image

Enneagram 5 for the Investigator

Curious to what type 5 Enneagram types are about? Of course you are if you are an investigator. 

enneagram 5 memes
enneagram 5 memes

Explore more with these Enneagram 5 memes.

ennegram 5
enneagram 5 image from @justmyenneatype

You like to keep the peace, quiet, a great listening eat and more. 

enneagram type 5
enneagram 5 meme

Do you like to solve problems? Are you a good listener? Curious? Maybe you are an enneagram type 5!

enneagram 5

Enneagram 6 for the Loyalist

Trouble shooter, skeptical, committed and totally loyal. Are those applicable to you? If so – Enneagram type 6 memes.

enneagram 6 memes
enneagram 6 memes

Here are the Enneagram 6 memes that speak most to your personality type.

Best friend, running on stress, trouble shooter – any enneagram 6 types out there?

enneagram 6

You are a loyalist, type 6!

enneagram type 6 meme

No, we aren’t enemies! Stop fretting type 6s!

enneagram type 6 meme
Enneagram 6 Meme

Enneagram 7 for the Enthusiast

I am you! That’s right, I am totally a type 7 Enneagram, but relate a lot to these introvert memes.

enneagram 7 memes
enneagram 7 memes

If you too are an Enthusiast, these Enneagram 7 memes are for you. 

Who are you? Does this describe you? Maybe you are an Enneagram 7

enneagram 7
enneagram 7 image

Self care tips fro Enneagram Type 7.

enneagram type 7 meme
enneagram 7 meme

source: @enneagramandcoffee

Enneagram 8 for the Challenger

Listen up, Challengers. I am a type 7w8 so totally get you.

enneagram 8 memes
enneagram 8 memes

Here are Enneagram 8 memes to help you learn more about your personality type. 

enneagram type 8

Type Eight Self Care Tips – enneagram 8 – take care of yourself!

enneagram type 8 meme
enneagram 8 meme

source: @enneagramandcoffee

Enneagram 9 for the Peacemaker

I have a son and a husband who are both Enneagram type 9s.

enneagram 9 memes
enneagram 9 memes

These Enneagram 9 memes will totally hit you if you are a 9 or know one. 

enneagram type 9 memes
Enneagram 9 Memes for the Peacemaker

Self care tips for Enneagram Type 9.

enneagram type 9 meme selfcare
enneagram 9 meme

source: @enneagramandcoffee

enneagram 9
enneagram 9 image

Peacemakers, here is an accurate description of Type 9s. 

We love you type 9, no really – we do. 

type 9 enneagram be like when life knocks me down instead of getting right back up i usually stay there and take a nap

It’s okay, Enneagram type 9 – you did something today and you are done. We get it.

enneagram memes type 9

More Memes About the Enneagram

We aren’t stopping there, here are more memes about Enneagrams for those of you obsessed with your personality test results!

Cast of Friends Enneagram Types Meme

What Enneagram type is Rachel, Chandler, Phoebe, Joey and Ross? Let’s look and see!

Friends Enneagram Types  enneagram meme friends
enneagram friends meme
  • Joey – Enneagram Type 7
  • Phoebe – Enneagram Type 9
  • Ross – Enneagram Type 5
  • Chandler – Enneagram Type 6
  • Rachel – Enneagram Type 3
  • Monica – Enneagram Type 1

The Office Enneagram Types

Find out the Enneagram types of the Office. What type is Michael Scott, Dwight, Jim, Pam – let’s find out in this funny Enneagram meme.

funny enneagram memes  the office
enneagram office meme

Fan of The Office? Don’t miss our post on the best of The Office Quotes.

Christian Enneagram

Yes, some Christians have issues with the Enneagram – even though it is said the Enneagram has Christian roots.

astrology christian enneagram meme
christian enneagram meme

This funny Christian Enneagram meme made me laugh. For all of us christians who don’t do astrology, you know people are always judging!

Faces of Enneagram

This collection of faces describing each Enneagram type nails it!

faces of enneagram meme
funny enneagram meme

There is always the comparison of Myers Briggs test vs Enneagram Test.

Myers Briggs Test vs Enneagram

The old personality test, Myers Briggs test has been around for years. As of recent more and more employers, counselors and even churches are embracing the Enneagram test.

enneagram vs myers brigg test meme

The Enneagram is how YOU see the world. Meyers-Briggs is how THE WORLD sees you. That is the difference between the 2 personality tests.

the enneagram is how you see the world meyers brigg is how the world see you

Fascinating Enneagram Images About Types

These Enneagram images will help you better understand the types, how to interact with them and how they interact in certain situations. 

enneagram type dos and dont enneagram meme

Meeting Enneagram Types

Here is what the various Enneagram types are like in a meeting. 

enneagram types in a meeting
enneagram meme

Enneagram Types at a Dinner Party

This image cracked me up. Think about your last dinner party – did your friends live up to their “types”? 

enneagram types dinner party meme

Enneagram of Adolescence

While Enneagram is meant for adults, have you typed your kids? Come on, you obsessed know you have!

Enneagram of Adolescence meme

These Enneagram memes provide helpful information about each type. 

Enneagram Love Matches

Glad to know that my husband is a good love match for me! 

love matches enneagram
(image from Enneagram Type)

Book Recommendations for Your Enneagram Type

Looking for a good book based on your type? Check out these suggestions. 

book recommendations for enneagram types
(image from Enneagram Type)

Christmas Enneagram Types

Great suggestions about Enneagrams at Christmas.

enneagram christmas

Enneagram Super Powers

What are your super powers? Check your type and find out!

enneagram super powers
(image from @enneagramandcoffee)

Productivity Tips for Enneagram Types

Here is how to get things done and be productive per type:

enneagram productivity tip

(image from @enneagramandcoffee)

Things to Never

Never: criticize a 1, take a 2 for granted, ignore a 3, tell a 4 what to do, underestimate a 5, lie to a 6, try to control a 8, betray an 8’s trust or talk over a 9. 

enneagram image

Mending Things

Looking to mend a relationship? If you know their type, this Mending Things image shows you how to best relate in a mending situation. 

how to mend things with an enneagram meme

Whatever Type You Are

This is a good reminder, whatever type you are and whatever makes you weird is probably your greatest asset – so EMBRACE IT!

whatever makes you weird is probably your greatest asset  enneagram quote

I plan on adding more Enneagram memes per type – so check back! These will get you LOLing for now.

Feel free to share these memes and Enneagram images. We just ask you link back to us here at – or tag us on social @digitalmomblog.

More Enneagram Resources

Learn more about your type and others with our resources, including these hilarious Enneagram memes and images.

kristen wiig asking whats the enneagram?

The best place to start on your journey is learning about the Enneagram test. There are a total of 9 Enneagram types, click below to learn more about each personality type.

Enneagram memes are part of the Digital Mom Blog series of Funny Memes

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