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It’s a Fingerling Unicorn!! Meet Gigi the Baby Farting Unicorn Animated Toy That Your Kids Will LOVE

Our friends at WowWee just sent over the new Gigi Fingerling Unicorn! We have had a crazy response to our post introducing the Fingerlings monkey and now we are excited to now share with your this new Unicorn Fingerling. 

Fingerling Unicorn Gigi

We did a Fingerling unboxing over on YouTube, so make sure to check that video out below. But in case you are more of a reader, let’s talk Fingerlings, baby Unicorns, and this craze. 

Unicorn Fingerlings Review

When WowWee first introduced us to Fingerlings and mentioned that this would be a hot Christmas toy, I wasn’t sure what to think. After watching my kids react to the Monkey fingerling, I totally got it. Us parents can tend to forget, it’s not about our reaction to a toy – the kids are the ones that make hot Christmas toys. 

Meet the Baby Unicorn

Baby Unicorn Gigi is the newest addition to the Fingerling collection. She is cute, has a multi-colored tail and mane and a yellow unicorn horn. She has eyelashes and animated eye. 

Fingerling Animated Toy

Gigi is the same size as the Monkey Fingerling. She does sport a horseshoe tattoo on her rear. 

How to Play with the Unicorn Fingerling

Of course, Gigi the baby Unicorn can sit on your finger, but she can do a few other things as well. Here is how you play with the Unicorn Fingerling. 

Gigi Unicorn Fingerlings Animated Toy

You can blow air kisses to your unicorn. 
Your unicorn will kiss you back.

Clap one or twice 
Watch it unicorn around. 

Tap your unicorn’s head
For fun reactions!

Hang your unicorn upside down
Explore your unicorn’s silly side!

Pet your unicorn’s head
You unicorn will show you love!

Press and hold both sensors below Gigi’s head for 2 seconds
For a silly surprise!

Cradle your unicorn
For sleepy reactions!

She also randomly sings. I can’t figure out if this is a timed mechanism or what but have heard Gigi belt out a few random LA LA LAs. Gigi also falls asleep if you leave her hanging too long.

And it farts

Animated Farting Unicorn Toy

That’s right, if you hold the sensors on the unicorns ears for 2 seconds, the unicorn farts. 

What Are Fingerlings

First, let’s talk about what Fingerlings are .Fingerlings are little-animated toys. The tagline is friendship at your fingertips. These toys can cling to your finger, hence the name – fingerlings. 

These animated toys first launched late Summer and were an immediate hit. I see posts all the time in Facebook groups announcing when they are available at various stores. Looking where to buy a Fingerling? I would first check Amazon

unicorn fingerling| It's a Fingerling Unicorn!! Meet Gigi the Baby Farting Unicorn Animated Toy That Your Kids Will LOVE

Fingerling Review Video

So in conclusion, our overall Fingerling review – If the kids love it, why not. This is an innocent toy and guys, it’s not a screen! Our kids are in front of screens all day, so it’s nice to see kids playing with toys that aren’t totally technology related (though, don’t get me wrong! We love our tech!) Another bonus, is that the Fingerlings are inexpensive. They retail for $14.99. 

More Fingerlings!

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