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Don’t Fear Fake Nails! DIY Manicure for $4 and 10 Minutes

If the idea of DIY fake nails makes you cringe, I’m here to hopefully change your mind!

I am sharing how to put on fake nails for a DIY manicure for $4 and done in under $10. NO finger nail painting required.

I Hate Nail Salon Manicures

I don’t have time to sit in a chair at the nail salon! Here is the deal. I LOVE having my nails done but I refuse to pay $15, plus tip for a simple manicure that I typically screw up before I leave the nail salon.

While I do love my pedicures because I can sit, relax and drown the world out with my Airpods and iPhone – I can’t do that when getting my nails done.

no more nail salons

When I do get my nails done at the salon, I usually get NextGen nails. They last 2 weeks but take at least an hour to do. They also cost $40 and if I stop getting them, my nails are RUINED.

I stopped getting tips – and let’s face it, I am a mom who is constantly doing something so I am HARD on my nails. Good news, I have found a solution! Let me introduce you to this life changing nail situation.

Best DIY Manicure

You guys, I now do my nails pretty regularly. I can’t paint my fingernails for the life of me. It looks as if a child has done it anytime I attempt it. So good news, this DIY french manicure requires ZERO finger painting!

Cheap Fake Nails (That Look Awesome!)

And did I mention this DIY mani will only cost you around $4. I’m spilling the beans on how to do you nails at home. Do a DIY french manicure at home in under 10 minutes.

cheap fake nails

This isn’t a sponsored post. I have been using these DIY drugstore nails for almost 2 years now. As I went to do my DIY mani this past week, I thought – WHY haven’t I shared this life hack. It seriously is a game changer.

no more nail salon

While you can buy these nails at any drugstore, Walmart or Target – I prefer to buy on Amazon since they typically have the best price when you buy more than one set!

New Fake Nails

First, before you freak out about putting fake nails on. Ladies, these fake press on nails are not your mom’s Lee Press-On nails. What is on the market now are high quality, low price nails that are super easy to put on, save you time and more importantly – they look awesome!

not lee press on nails new fake nails meme

These new fake nails come in a variety of nail shapes, colors and lengths. If you need to match your outfit, no problem. If you want a timeless clean look, such as a french manicure – done! My favorite DIY french manicure fake nail set are the Kiss real short Nude French Nails (available on Amazon.)

Each fake nail set comes with a different amount of nails. The set I purchased came with 28 fake nails which is enough for 2 manicures!

How Long Do They Last?

Did I mention that these new fake nails also LAST? I typically wear a set for a minimum of a week, but typically the fake nail manicure lasts 2 weeks. I occasionally will need to use more nail glue or nail sticker to re-adhere but its no big deal.

Kiss Nails and Impress Nails

There are 2 main brands in the DIY fake nail game – Kiss Nails and Impress Nails. I have used both brands and switch back and forth all depending on what I want in color and style.

best fake nails

Glue On Nails or Press-On Nails

Something to consider is do you want glue on nails or press-on nails?

Glue On Nails

Kiss Nails offer glue on nails, as well as fake nails that include both nail glue and nail stickers. This allows you to glue on nail or press-on nails.

When I first started using these, my first thought was why would I want to use nail glue when I could just use stickers? Now, if I am not in a hurry – I will use the nail glue and glue on my nails as I feel like they last longer. Also, I adjust quicker to wearing the fake nails (they don’t feel like fake nails for long!)

nails meme
painting nails meme

Press On Nails

Impress Nails are different in that they are the targeting themselves as the new press-on nails. No nail glue required, though I do feel that using either Kiss or Impress nails come off a lot sooner when using the press on nail option.

Instant Manicure

That said if you are needing an instant manicure, use press on! Impress Nails markets their product as ready-to-wear and that is the truth!

I have used the sticker nails and put a complete set on in under 5 minutes on the way to an event in the car! Yes, you can do your nails now in the car! I can’t tell you how many times we have been running to an event or party when I have had my husband run me by the store to pick up nails on the way.

The particular Kiss Nails set that i purchased is the nude french manicure are for glue-on. I appreciate a natural nail color. I prefer short nails, so the manicure set that I purchased is labeled real short. When purchasing, certain sets are glue-on only, other Kiss nail sets offer you either a glue on nail or sticker to adhere the fake nails to your finger nails.

Last Minute Nails

This past spring, my daughter informed us on a Wednesday that she needed a prom dress as she was doing dinner and prom related activities that weekend.

Yes, we had just 3 days to find a dress.Also, she had a color guard / winter guard competition and was unable to get a manicure before Prom due to timing. NO nail color is allowed during winter guard season!

Needless to say, no worries – last minute nails were complete with Kiss Nails. We found a great set of black nails that were the shape and length that she liked. The nails complimented her prom dress perfectly.

How to Put on Fake Nails

I am going to do a how to put on fake nails tutorial for you.

First things, first – make sure you have clean hands and no polish on your nails. Using the included cuticle stick, push back cuticles. This isn’t required but personally think this helps give your DIY manicure a professional look.

best diy manicure fake nails

Next, you can file your nails if they are all weird but again this isn’t a requirement. Your nails will be covered completely by the Kiss fake nails. Save the nail file, though!

You will want to find the nails that fit each finger first. So size your Kiss nails to your personal nails, and then lay out the 10 in order so that you can easily install (or put on, but I like install better.)

After you have laid the nails out, either place the sticker or glue on your nails. I put the nail on and hold it for a hot second. Hot second = 3 seconds.

Repeat the process with all nails. If your nails come with an extra piece attached to the nail tip – just simply break that off. Use the nail file if there is any excess.

In less than 10 minutes, and for under $4 – you will have an awesome DIY manicure!

Fake Nails for Toes

Yes, you can buy fake nails for toes. DIY pedicure, anyone? Yeah – I am personally not a fan. I did buy a set of fake nails for toes to try out and it was not comfortable. That whole closed toe shoe things with the fake nails on my toes made my toes feel weird.

fake toe nails

If you are needing an instant pedicure, go for it! Fake nails for toes are super cheap – just like the fake nails for fingernails. Just personally, they aren’t for me. I enjoy my pedicures, getting a foot rub, leg massage and toe nail trim at the nail salon. That I will pay for!

Though, I do have to say I have heard rave reviews of these fake toe nails and their longevity!

How to Take Fake Nails Off

Taking off the fake nails is super easy. Typically, when you know – you know in regards to when to remove fake nails. If you are wanting to do a nail change or just want the nails off – typically you can just peel the fake nails off.

Another way to take fake nails off is by soaking your nails quickly in hot salt water, or in nail polish remove. This typically will help the fake nail glue remove easily from the nail and your natural fingernail.

Tips for Using Fake Nails

I have learned quite a few things doing these self manicures. Here are a few tips for using Kiss Nails:

  • If the Kiss Nails aren’t an exact fit for your own nails, you can easily file with the nail filer included in the kit.
  • Put all extra nails and glue / stickers into a snack bag and put in your purse or car. In case of a nail break, you will be able to make an easy nail repair!
  • Watch out with the nail glue. I wouldn’t be surprised if the nail glue was actually super glue. Use small amounts and make sure to put the cap back on.

Best Fake Nails for Fingers and Toes

Ready to take the dive and jump on the fake nail trend, we are here to help. Cheap manicure in just a few minutes, with nails that look amazing? SOLD!

You will see the nail sets are sold typically with over 20 nails. I typically get 2 manicures out of 1 set of nails! That's right, so if a set costs $8, it is only $4 for a manicure.

If you like stiletto nails or matte nails - good news, you can buy those as well! While most are fake acrylic nails, you can also buy fake gel nails!

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