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50+ Fun Science Projects for Kids & Toddlers

Let’s get scientific, learn and play with these 50+ science projects for kids.

Looking for some fun things to do with your toddlers and kids? Why not break up the boring with some SCIENCE projects for kids!

Science Projects for Kids

Our 4 kids are (thankfully) still at ages where we can get them to do things together. My husband loves to break out the science when they start complaining and need something to keep their minds occupied.

science projects for kids 2021
science projects for kids

From learning about electricity, to watching a chemical reaction — your kids will love to get their hands dirty with Science. Don’t tell them this, but they may actually learn something… shhh…..

Science Projects for Kids

We have a massive list of 50+ Science Projects for Kids that we've rounded up. Do you have a science project we didn't list? Leave a comment and we will add it to the list!

More Kids Science Projects to Try

The science fun doesn’t end there! Here are over 40 more fun kids science projects to try!

  1. Roll a Can with Static Electricity
  2. Learn About Water Pressure
  3. Bend Water with Static Electricity
  4. Ice Cube MagicSeed Germination
  5. Egg Drop Experiment
  6. Steel Wool & Vinegar
  7. Make an Easy Lava Lamp
  8. Make a Snowflake
  9. Electric Cornstarch
  10. Homemade Kaleidoscope
  11. Watch Yeast in Action
  12. Science on the Playground
  13. Fruit Power Battery
  14. Make Rain Drops
  15. Chicken Sounds From a Cup
  16. The Exploding Lunch Bag
  17. Make A Cartesian Diver 
  18. Taste Without Smell
  19. Floating Letters
  20. Egg Bubbles
  21. Flower Change Colors
  22. Quick Sand
  23. Milk and Color
  24. Science Rainbow Jar
  25. Grow Gross
  26. Fun with Ice
  27. DIY Chia Pet
  28. Science in the Kitchen
  29. Exploring Surface Tension
  30. Celery Experiment
  31. Lava Erupting Egg Experiment
  32. Make a Rainbow
  33. Green Slime
  34. Blow Up Balloons with Pop Rocks
  35. Rainbow Eruptions
  36. Air Pressure Can Crusher
  37. Make Invisible Ink
  38. Fantastic Foamy Fountain
  39. Lung Volume
  40. Water Power Demonstration
  41. Make Convection Currents
  42. Grow beans on cotton balls
  43. Dancing Raisins 
  44. Test Your Sense of Smell

Check out more things to do with kids!

What Are Your Kids Favorite Science Projects?

Let us know in the comments! If you have a link to a science project for kids, add it in the comments! 

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If your kid love science projects, make sure to check out these science kits for kids

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