50 Amazing Photo Wall Ideas and Gallery Picture Wall Inspo


Here is your photo wall ideas and photo collage inspirations!

If you are like me and love to tell a story with your home, photo wall galleries are a great way to do this. Let your house walls speak stories and memories.

Photo Gallery Wall Ideas and Inspirations

From simple, clean and minimalist looks to photo collage walls – we are sharing our favorite finds to help inspire your home aesthetic.

Photo Gallery Wall Ideas
Photo Gallery Wall Ideas

Here are gallery wall inspiration and ideas – most of these feature photography while others show an eclectic mix of words, art and miscellany.  

I’ve always loved the look of a photo wall galleries. Wall galleries featuring tons of hung photos in a home just shows such much love in my opinion. Sometimes it’s not just photos, I love when different elements are mixed in as well!

Gallery Wall Layout

The gallery wall layout depends on your space. Will you have furniture? How much wall room will you have? Will you use just photos in frames, art pieces, shelves, books? Let’s look at different gallery wall layout ideas and inspirations. 

photo wall idea with quotes
photo wall idea with quotes

I absolutely love the bold black word sign. The Be Brave pillow and gray throw tie the whole gallery wall look together. 

Mirror Collage Wall

Mirrors can give your gallery walls a pop. Let’s look at inspirations for using mirrors on walls. 

mirror collage wall
mirror collage wall

Do you have old mirrors in storage? Grab your old mirrors, shop thrift and estate sales or ask family for leftover mirrors and make a wall gallery of mirrors. If the mirror breaks, no worries just use the frame (if it’s cool looking – that is.) A mirror collage wall may just be what that empty wall needs!

Art Collage Wall

While some of these photo wall ideas contain pricey frames, expensive mirrors and high end art – don’t let that restrict your creativity!

art collage wall
art collage wall

I love this idea for an art collage wall using simple prints or art made by yourself or loved ones.

Hallway Photo Walls

Here are various hall photo walls. Use these hallways as inspiration for when you decorate your halls with photos. 

gallery wall photos black frames in hall way

The dark gray color makes these photos pop. The uniform gallery wall frames can be purchased in bulk for cheap on Amazon

antique picture frames for gallery wall

This use of antique photos and frames is just lovely. 

Hallway Photo Gallery

I love the way the photos fill this hall’s walls. 

Office Gallery Wall Ideas

Decorating an office walls and want to add a punch of personality with photos or art? Here are office gallery walls to inspire you. 

Office Gallery Wall Ideas
Office Gallery Wall Ideas

I love the use of black and white canvases as a feature wall in this study. 

Wall Picture Collage

Create daily inspiration in your office by making a inspiration board on your wall – an inspiration wall!

wall picture collage
wall picture collage

Overwhelming or inspirational? I love the clutter look, personally! This office wall is filled with inspirations and used as an inspiration board but on a wall. 

Kitchen Gallery Wall Ideas

Share photos of loved ones in your dining and kitchen area or create a collage wall featuring art. Here are kitchen gallery wall inspirations: 

kitchen gallery wall ideas
kitchen gallery wall ideas

I love the mix-match use of photo styles to create an intimate and personal look for this dining space. 

Square Photo Canvases

Using square frames, a kitchen wall can be transformed with photos. 

picture frame wall ideas
picture frame wall ideas

Using the a hodge-podge of black frames, photos are styled in various ways to create a visual interest for the dining room and kitchen wall. 

Dining Room Photo Gallery

Using simple shelves (available on Amazon) – place your collection of photo frames across your wall. I love the mixed photo frame look. This is a great idea as a space for all of those random photos from years past. 

Gallery Wall Staircase Ideas

Create a stairway gallery wall with photos of your loved ones. The staircase is often a focal point in your home, make it personal with pictures. Here are gallery wall staircase ideas for using photos and picture frames. 

Cluster Wall Gallery in Stairwell

The blue wall gives the photos a pop. 

Staircase Photo Gallery

While the look is more clutter – the simple white walls with black photo frames give this staircase gallery wall a pop. 

gallery wall staircase blue wall

Another use of blue on the stairway walls, but this home owner uses a simple white frame (available in bulk on Amazon) – with a white mat.

Bedroom Gallery Wall

Let’s head to the bedroom. Here are bedroom gallery wall inspirations. 

Amazing Blue Accent Wall Featuring Photo Frame

I loved the paint color on this bedroom wall so much, I painted our half bath this blue!

mix match photo gallery wall

Create a feature wall with your photos in your bedroom. 

Fun Photo Wall

Create a colorful bedroom with a wall collage of photos mixed with art. Don’t forget to use a bold paint color on the walls!

bedroom gallery wall idea

This simple use of photos of a short headboard with high placed long curtains makes the walls look taller. 

Photo Collage Ideas

These wall photo collage ideas bring me back to high school when we decorated the yearbook room walls with a photo collage of photos we had taken thru-out the year.

Photo Collage
Awesome photo wall covered with photographs

Polaroid Photo Wall Collage

I love the fun clutter that these wall collages offer, and most of all – I love that there is a story behind the decor.That is a TON of photos!

wall collage idea photos

This fun wall collage photo idea is using polaroid photos. While getting your hands on an old school polaroid might find itself challenging, there are new tech that will allow you to achieve the same aesthetic! Check out the Kodak Mini Shot 3 Retro for the same vibe. The Kodak Mini Shot prints 3×3 photos, perfect for capturing moments for your picture collage!

photo collage idea for wall
photo collage idea for wall

This photo collage would be fun in a teen’s bedroom. 

Photos over the Mantle

I love this use of a photo collage with various colors that really POP against a neutral backdrop.

Photo Wall Collage on Instagram Photos

Accent a wall with a photo collage. This would be fun to do with Instagram photos. This is another picture collage that you could use with the Kodak Mini Shot.

Instagram Picture Wall

This is another wall collage. Another option for a camera printer is the Instax camera by Fujifilm. This camera, like the Kodak Mini Shot prints the photo right after you shoot the picture (gen-x will remember the polaroid!)

great photo wall gallery wall idea

The awesome selection of photos make this collage wall wow. 

collage wall photos

Using a collage of vintage photos, this wall can tell you all kinds of stories. 

black and white photo gallery wall

Frame out a photo collage for a more finished look for your wall collage. 

diy photo wall

Another great example of using instant photos to create a diy photo wall. Remember that the photo collage wall is your art. You do it however you want! Let your wall tell a story with your photographs. 

picture wall idea
picture wall idea

More Ways to Use Photos on Walls 

Let’s look at more ways to use your photographs on your walls. Create photo wallpaper! Yes, it’s wallpaper made out of your photo. 

Photo Wallpaper gallery wall idea

Hang wire from a colorful frame to hold your photos in an organized manner. 

Blue Frame Hanging Photos

Another great use of shelving to hold misc photos. 

Photo Frams on a Shelp

I love this, but have no idea how to waterproof photos! This outdoor photo collection is fun and unexpected. Consider me a fan!

Photo Wall Outdoors

Living Room Photo Wall Ideas

Here are examples of living room photo walls. Using a bold color and white photo frames, this living room feature wall demands attention. 

living room photo wall idea
living room photo wall idea

This random array of photos creates fun wall decor using photographs. 

Photo Wall Arrangement

Here is a great use of mixed mediums to create a living room gallery wall. 

Photo Frame Wall

Use large framed photos over the sofa. 

Oversized Photos on the Wall

Create a photo wall on a ledge, drawing the eye up.  (source: thehouseofsmiths.com)

Half Wall with Photos

Using cork, this is a fun way to decorate a living room with photos. 

Photo Wall Made of Cork

Create a uniform look using consistent frames and a matching color pattern in the photos. 

Neatly Organized Photo Wall

Family Picture Wall Ideas

Looking for a unique way to display your family pictures? Here are some family picture wall ideas to help kick start your home design creativity.

family picture wall ideas
family picture wall ideas

Pack a wall with photo frames featuring your favorite people of old and present. The maximalist in me absolutely loves this. Thrift all the frames, and you do whatever you want to your home to make it your’s.

Lots of Photos hallway frames

More Photo Wall Ideas

Create a collage of your dog. 

Dog Portrait Gallery Wall

Use photos to create a number – this photo wall for a birthday party could be used for any age!

Birthday Age with Photos

Have a collection of your photos printed and then framed. 

apartment photo wall

Using Photography as Decor

That’s why I love photography as decor.

Something that is a passion of mine, is photographing every day of our family. I am by no means a professional photographer. These days, as much as I love my Canon 70D, it’s really hard to carry around everywhere so I resort to using my iPhone.

charming photo wall

They are candid, sometimes blurry, not a great resolution – but they are capturing REAL uncensored moments of my kids.

Creating a Gallery Wall

We have this long hallway that leads to the master bedroom from the kitchen and family room that I knew would be the perfect place for a photo wall.  I’ve been gathering photos and trying to decide on a style and shape, but holy cow – can you say overload? 

picture frame wall collage
picture frame wall collage

I started Googling and Pinteresting photo wall ideas and while I am totally inspired, I just am at a loss as to which way to go. All I know is that I want a gallery of photos of the people, places, and things that represent us, but where to start??

I’ve rounded up my photo wall inspirations. Hopefully, these will give you a few ideas as you put your wall gallery together. Remember, your home is just that. Your’s and no one elses.

Don’t let the internet make you think that money is required to create a home. Hang photos crooked, paste art to the wall, make it as minimal or maximalist to your hearts content!

Laying Out Your Photo Wall With Paper Templates

Check out this genius way that Love Your Room has created to help simplify the process of laying out your photo wall.  She uses paper templates cut to the size of your photo frames.

Man using paper templates to layout a gallery wall

This handy-dandy method will not only save your wall from numerous nail holes but also give your creative freedom to see your photo wall and play with various arrangements.

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