I’ve always loved the look of a photo wall galleries. Wall galleries featuring tons of hung photos in a home just shows such much love in my opinion. Sometimes it’s not just photos, I love when different elements are mixed in as well!

We started at 50, but with the collection keeps on growing! 

Photo Wall Gallery Ideas and Inspirations

Canvas Wall Gallery

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We moved into this house 6 months ago. It’s slowly becoming home.  Something I told my husband when we signed the papers was that this home, I wanted to fill with items that meant something.  I am totally guilty of shopping Target clearance. You know, buying items just to fill the space. While I still am on the hunt for a good buy – unless it represents me and the family, I’m going to pass.

Something that is a passion of mine, is photographing every day of our family. I am by no means a professional photographer. These days, as much as I love my Canon 70D – my iPhone 7 Plus (the camera is swoon-worthy!) snaps most of my photos. They are candid, sometimes blurry, not a great resolution – but they are capturing REAL uncensored moments of my kids.

We have this long hallway that leads to the master bedroom from the kitchen and family room that I knew would be the perfect place for a photo wall.  I’ve been gathering photos and trying to decide on a style and shape, but holy cow – can you say overload?  I started Googling and Pinteresting photo wall ideas and while I am totally inspired, I just am at a loss as to which way to go. All I know is that I want a gallery of photos of the people, places, and things that represent us, but where to start??

Photo Wall Ideas

I’ve rounded up my photo wall inspirations. Hopefully, these will give you a few ideas as you put your wall gallery together.

Laying Out Your Photo Wall With Paper Templates

Lay out paper template for organizing your photo wall

Check out this genius way that Love Your Room has created to help simplify the process of laying out your photo wall.  She uses paper templates cut to the size of your photo frames.

This handy-dandy method will not only save your wall from numerous nail holes but also give your creative freedom to see your photo wall and play with various arrangements.




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