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Funny Ugly Christmas Sweaters 2023

We are sharing our favorite Funny Ugly Christmas sweaters.

You know the sweaters that I’m talking about – all glitz and glam and so awfully gaudy that they are amazing. Whether you are on Santa’s naughty list or nice, you won’t want to miss our picks for funny 2023 ugly Christmas sweaters.

Ugly Sweater Party Attire

A few years back, several of my previous co-workers decided to have an ugly Christmas sweater party for our group. We all came decked out in the ugliest thing we could find.

ugly christmas sweaters 2020
best ugly christmas sweaters

One of my co-workers may have complimented an older lady’s ugly Christmas sweater. The lady was miffed, it wasn’t ugly – it was something she’d been wearing for years.

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Funny Ugly Christmas Sweaters 2023

In previous years, finding one of these gems meant having to scour thrift stores. This year, you don’t have to do anything of the such!

If you have a holiday party or an Ugly Sweater Party to attend, here are some ugly Christmas sweater ideas that won’t fail you! 

all i want for christmas is 2021 christmas sweater
best ugly christmas sweaters for 2021

Mens Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas

Let’s hear it for the boys who will man up and wear one of these mens ugly Christmas sweaters.

mens ugly christmas sweater cute
mens ugly christmas sweater cute

Donald Trump Ugly Sweaters

Sorry Donald, your mug on a sweater just makes the ugly sweater even uglier! 

Donald Trump Ugly Christmas Sweaters
donald trump christmas sweater

If you are MAGA fan – this Make America Great Again sweater with your favorite president’s face will be the hit of the party!

MAGA Christmas sweater
maga ugly christmas sweater

Mike Tyson Christmas

Merry Chrithmith,  Mike Tyson! Here is a funny Christmas sweater that will have people reading your shirt over and over. 

Mike Tyson Ugly Christmas Sweater

Winter is Coming – Game of Thrones Sweater

For the Game of Thrones fan – here is your Christmas attire.

Winter is coming ugly christmas sweater

Christmas Suit Shirt

Get decked out in a Christmas suit without having to wear an actual suit with this Christmas suit shirt! 

christmas suit shirt

Birthday Boy Sweater

Next on our list of Ugly Christmas Sweaters – it’s a BIRTHDAY BOY sweater! Christmas is Jesus’ birthday so why not a birthday boy sweater with a photo of the birthday boy (the one and only JESUS!) 

birthday boy sweater

The birthday boy bringing his wine he made from water – party savior!

savior christmas sweater

Ugly Cat Christmas Sweaters

These ugly cat Christmas sweaters kill me. 

ugly cat christmas sweater

I mean really, cats, pizza and Christmas – does it get better than this? 

Pizza Cat Ugly Christmas Sweater

Star Wars Ugly Christmas Sweater

Know a Star Wars fan? Then this is a must! 

Star Wars Christmas Sweater

Women’s Ugly Christmas Sweater

Alright ladies, here are our picks for Ugly Christmas Sweaters women edition.

Grinch Ugly Christmas Sweater

You are a mean one, Mr. Grinch. Perfect for those who are feeling a bit green about Christmas this year. This cute Grinch ugly Christmas sweater

Filthy Animal Sweater

Merry Christmas, YOU FILTHY ANIMAL sweater – name that movie? If you guessed Home Alone – you are correct! 

filthy animal christmas sweater
filthy animal christmas sweater - Funny Ugly Christmas Sweaters 2023

Plus Size Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Looking for an plus size ugly Christmas sweater? No problem. Here are our picks for best plus size ugly sweaters.

Inappropriate Christmas Sweaters

WARNING – These funny but inappropriate Christmas sweaters may not be for everyone, but I know there are some of you out there that will TOTALLY rock these! If you are offended, please click the close tab button. These are meant to be fun!

inappropriate ugly christmas sweaters
inappropriate ugly christmas sweaters

Oh Deer Inappropriate Christmas Sweater

I think the deers have been busy getting busy on this sweater.

oh deer funny christmas sweaters

Reindeers Humping Christmas Sweater

I mean, I guess it’s only natural. What kills me more than anything is the pretty pattern and how until you really look at what the pattern is – you might not even realize that there are two reindeer humping on the sweater. 

Reindeers Humping Inappropriate Christmas Sweater

Dog Peeing Christmas Sweater

Who doesn’t want a sweater with a dog peeing on a snowman? I mean, come on. Dog lovers – this is the Christmas sweater for you!

dog peeing funny christmas sweaters

Happy Snowmen

Well looks like Frosty’s carrot was put in the wrong place. Whoops. 

snowmen carrots inappropriate christmas sweater

Dirty Santa Light Up Christmas Sweater

Yeah, this dirty Santa is not only dirty – but this is a light up Christmas sweater for extra, well for being extra! 

Dirty Santa Light Up Sweater

It’s Christmas

The perfect women’s ugly Christmas sweater for a crazy GNO. 

It's Christmas Bitches Christmas Sweater

Tacky Christmas Sweaters

And there are MORE! Yes, more ugliness in the holiday attire department. These tacky Christmas sweaters may win you a prize! 

ho ho ho christmas sweater
ho ho ho christmas sweater - Funny Ugly Christmas Sweaters 2023

Santa, his reindeer driving a car – yes, this works as a tacky sweater!

santa tacky christmas sweater

Elf Yourself in this elf costume shirt.

tacky christmas sweater with elf body

Here are a few of my favorites from Target’s collection (warning, major geekery ahead!)

Light It Up!

If only the sweater was actually lit. Womp. 


Let’s Get Cracking

Cute nutcracker sweater, though it’s a little too big – buddy!


Skull Sweater

A little emo Christmas attire with a skull sweater.


From tacky to funny to totally inappropriate Christmas sweaters, I hope you found one that will suit you best this holiday season. All the best. 

favorite ugly christmas sweaters

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ugly christmas sweaters
ugly christmas sweaters for 2023

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