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101 People to Pray for Even If You Don’t Like Them

Lent Day 3 – We are talking prayer y’all. One of the practices this Lent I’m trying to put in place, in addition to this Lent Experiment is praying intentionally. Not just shooting the template prayer but actually being aware of the people and things in my life that need prayer.

lent day 3 101 people to pray for

I’ve never been one to ask for prayer, but last year that all changed.

prayer quote

While prayer did not make my husband not have to have his colon removed, nor did it prevent the THREE bouts of hospitalized pneumonia he went thru – it calmed my soul in ways that I could never imagine.

people to pray for

What is even more sweet is learning all of the people who were praying that I didn’t even personally know. Sean’s family has deep roots and when you say please pray, every branch on that tree prays! 

If you are looking to expand your Prayer Circle – here are some suggestions on who to pray for. I want to preface this with something that I reluctantly learned. Praying for your enemies or those people who you just don’t like or rub you the wrong way – those are the people you need to be praying for most. Rise above, God can do big things thru prayer – even if it isn’t blatantly obvious. 

101 People to Pray For

Remember, you may not like everyone on this list but here’s a good start. Here’s a gigantic list of 101 people to pray for.

Check out our prayer memes if could use a little smile.

just love everyone pray for people
  1. Spouse
  2. Mom
  3. Dad
  4. Your Kids
  5. Siblings
  6. Aunts
  7. Uncles
  8. Cousins
  9. Step Dad
  10. In-Laws (yes, the whole fam!)
  11. Step Mom
  12. Neighbors – especially the ones who don’t talk to you.
  13. The School Janitor – think how much of a mess your kids make in your house, now multiply that by 300 or so. 
  14. Your Kids’ Teachers
  15. Step Siblings
  16. Co-Workers
  17. Leadership at Work
  18. Clients
  19. Vendors
  20. School Administration
  21. Local Government
  22. Your Pastor
  23. Church Clergy
  24. Office Staff at Church
  25. State Government
  26. Federal Government – PRAY, please. 
  27. Author of the Book You Just Read
  28. Your Kid’s Friends
  29. Kid’s Friends Parents
  30. Pets – pets are people too!
  31. Local Firemen
  32. Therapist
  33. Police Department
  34. The Person Mowing Your Lawn – especially if it’s your spouse!
  35. Your Church
  36. Deceased Family and Friends
  37. Your Starbucks Barista
  38. The Person Who Cut You Off in Traffic
  39. Your Doctors
  40. That Person Who Stole Your Parking Lot Space
  41. The Line Cutter at the Store
  42. Mom with a Screaming Child
  43. Dad with a Screaming Child
  44. Siblings of the Screaming Child
  45. Facebook Friends and Acquaintances
  46. Instagram Friends
  47. The Person Who You Need to Forgive
  48. That Friend Who is Going Thru a Divorce
  49. Friend that is Ill
  50. The Person Who Hasn’t Forgiven You
  51. Mailman 
  52. Whoever Delivered Your Amazon Package
  53. The Teacher You Hated in High School
  54. That Customer Service Agent You are on the Phone With
  55. Random Person Who Smiled At You 
  56. Your Ex
  57. Waitress or Waiter
  58. Person Sitting Next to You on Public Transportation
  59. I.T. Department
  60. Dallas Cowboys – Them Boys need prayer, y’all – okay – fine, whatever Football team you like
  61. Life Group
  62. Friend’s Family
  63. Walmart Greeter
  64. The Depressed
  65. Folks at the Nursing Home You Drive By
  66. Church Prayer List
  67. The Family on the News
  68. Celebrities – yes, even they need prayer
  69. Non-profit Organizations
  70. Homeless Shelters
  71. Church You Don’t Agree With
  72. People in the Hospital
  73. Families of the People in the Hospital
  74. The Person Coughing in the Waiting Room – I didn’t say sit next to them, just pray!
  75. Neighbors Fighting on Nextdoor App – yes, even that pot stirrer who keeps trying to make people argue (maybe doing this right now)
  76. Bible Study Group
  77. Person You Unfriended on Facebook
  78. Government in Other Countries
  79. The Poor
  80. Homeless Person Asking for Money
  81. Flight Attendant
  82. Pilot
  83. Airport Staff
  84. Company You Work For
  85. News Anchors – how sucky it would be to have to deliver so much bad news!
  86. Widows
  87. Person Who Lost Their Job Today
  88. Single Mom
  89. Orphaned Kids
  90. Single Dad
  91. Inmates 
  92. Family of Inmates
  93. Stranger Who You Are Unsure About
  94. The Saved
  95. Foster Families – talk about doing God’s work
  96. The Unsaved
  97. The Religious Right – who isn’t always right!
  98. Republicans
  99. Democrats
  100. Independents
  101. You – give it to God

Any other people to pray for that I missed?  I am sure there are a million others to add to this list but I think this list of 101 people to pray for is a good start. 

Things to Remember About Praying for People

This prayer quote from Soren Kierkergaard got me good. “The function of prayer is not to influence God but rather to change the nature of the one who prays.”

The function of prayer is not to influence God but rather to change the nature of the one who prays. Soren Kierkkgard prayer quote

Here are a few helpful tips in regards to things to remember about praying for people.

  • Don’t feel like you have to tell someone you are praying for them.
  • Pray for the unknown, don’t be getting all in someone’s business in the name of prayer. 
  • Use this practice to grow spiritually. 

Books on Prayer 

If you are looking for a good book on prayer, 2 recommendations. Circle Maker and Draw the Circle. Both books are by Mark Batterson.

Draw the Circle

I went thru the 40 day prayer challenge which is the Draw the Circle book with a team at work a few years back.

draw the circle
draw the circle prayer book

available on amazon

It was a refreshing experience and was nice to hear from co-workers “I’m circling you” meaning they are praying for you. 

Lent Day 3

Here we are on Day 3 on Lent. I would love to say this whole Coke Zero addiction ain’t no thing – but you guys, I forgot the Coke Zero / Diet Coke withdraw side effects.

diet coke addition

It’s been migraine and fatigue around these parts. Thankfully my migraine medication does knock out the pain, but also knocks me out for at least an hour! 

We had Open House last night with the boys. Today is the last day before Spring Break. Looking forward to the kids being home and having zero schedule for an entire week. YAY for sleeping in and not having to worry about laundry. It’s the little things, people.

See you on day 4 of Lent, tomorrow! Don’t forget, all of my Lent posts are linked -> Lent Experiment <- if you want to read all the things.

Be blessed, give grace and be kind.

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