How to Get Rid of Rats – Redneck Trick To Eliminating Rats

Want to know how to trap a rat? Okay, first let me tell you something about me and rats. We aren’t friends. Tonight was dinner with the art group. I’m stuck in the middle of an extra long booth between 2 people I don’t know very well. Out of the corner of my eye, I see it. A rat scurrying across the restaurant floor, under a table to a booth maybe 10 feet away from me.

YUCK. PANIC. CAN’T MOVE. I totally have a ratphobia. I know that mice/rats are God’s creation – but they might as well be God’s creation to disturb me. My deathly fear of these things paralyzes me.

Another thing. I TOTALLY know there is a difference between rats and mice, but to me – both are just better off dead. I know, I KNOW – I have seen the comments on what great pets rats can be. Nope, sorry not for me – goodbye. I just can’t and won’t. I mean, I can’t even walk down the aisle at Petsmart that has mice. 

When we moved into our home several years ago, we were the only ones in the neighborhood.  A field mouse had gotten in the living room. I caught it out of the corner of my eye one day and for a WEEK I avoided the living room. I tiptoed my way around it. Of course the mouse wasn’t still there. But I just couldn’t do it.

how to get rid of rats

Our garage tends to still attract these rodents. Rodents = rats/mice in my mind people. My husband, though I’m not sure he’d admit it, loves playing the cat role and killing these things. Here is his latest rodent catching “technique”. He found this on the internet (of course, where else would such brilliance come from?).

How to Get Rid of Rats

Yes, this is like the redneck version of the board game, Mouse Trap. That’s right, redneck bucket trap. This is going to sound corny, and people thing I am totally kidding when I tell them about this – but guys – THIS TOTALLY WORKS.

Redneck Bucket Rat Trap

You have a bucket, a ramp, a can and peanut butter. The rodents run up the ramp, go to eat the peanut butter, slip and fall into the bucket which is filled with water.I also should note – make sure to put a few drops of soap into the water for good measure.

There you have it, a redneck bucket rat trap.


I wish I could say that this was a joke, but the husband swears by it. “I’ve caught a ton”.

Call me paranoid, call me a freak – just don’t call me if you see a rodent. The only downside of this trap – hearing the constant SPLASHES and knowing what exactly that means. 

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