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November Memes 2022 – Funny For The Entire Month

Its time for November memes! You guys, how did we get here.

We are nearly in the 11th month of the year, and in just a matter of weeks left in 2022. The Fall season is in full swing, let’s kick this month off with these funny memes for November.

Funny November Memes

Let’s get this party started with the best November memes.

funny november memes
november memes 2022

From November 1st memes to Thanksgiving (and of course, that other “merry” holiday) – we have the laughs for you to share through out the month.

november memes
funny november memes

Brace yourself, we have the funnies. You have 30 days in this month, and we have enough funny November memes to share everyday.

november 2022 calendary
november calendar meme 2022

From November holidays both serious and fun, we have funny memes about November and all the shenanigans that this month will bring.

It's FINALLY Christmas Time! false. it's november.
christmas in november meme

November 1st Memes

Start the first of November off right, with memes of course.

me in november vs. me in december
november 1 christmas meme

Me on November 1st meme – for those of us who are excited for Christmas but trying our best to honor the season of gratitude and the Thanksgiving holiday.

me on november 1st
november 1st meme funny

Then of course, there are the all out November 1st meme people who just want Christmas to be right now.

11/1 at 12:00 am
november 1 meme

Don’t miss our early Christmas memes.

October 31 November 1 Memes

These funny comparisons October 31 vs November 1 memes always make me LOL. How seasonally we humans are!

me on november 1 meme
me on november 1st meme

Jumping from Halloween memes to Thanksgiving like…

october 31 november 1 meme
october 31 november 1 meme

Cats can enjoy the holiday switch as well in this October 31 vs November 1 meme.

october 31 november 1 meme
me on october 31 vs me on november 1 (source @b_danielecki)

November 6 is Daylight Savings Time

Mark your calendar – November 6, 2022 is daylight savings time.

gain an hour you will change your clock you must
november 6 meme

Move your clock back and we have the Daylight Saving Memes to help you lol at the crazy time adjustment as we fall back to shorter amounts of sunshine.

November 8 is the Mid-Term Election

Share our November 8, 2022 election memes for the mid-terms.

november 8th is election day! remember if you don't vote you don't get to complain
november 8 midterm election meme

Get out to vote! Young people, this is our right – make sure that you use it (wisely.)

No Shave November

Let’s spread the word about cancer – yes, there is actually a reason behind these No Shave November memes.

no shave november you mean no shave ever again.
no shave november meme

The goal of No-Shave November is to grow awareness by embracing our hair, which many cancer patients lose, and letting it grow wild and free.

when somebody asks what month it is no shave november
no shave november meme funny

No-Shave November and the National Foundation for Cancer Research aim to educate more individuals about cancer prevention and provide more support to patients, survivors, and families affected by this disease than ever before.

welcome to no shave november
funny no shave november meme

Some of us ladies go with the no shave all winter, instead.

no shave november or better yet... no shave all winter.
no shave november meme women

More Memes for November

We have November memes for all the things, no literally – check out these memes about November holidays, events and occasions.

when someone reminds  me that november means 2022 is almost over
november meme


Who else is ready to call it a year and be done with work. I mean – it’s practically 2023, am I right? See our funny work memes for more office humor.

this is me at work in novemeber. pretending that the holidays are here and there's no work to do
november work meme

Hello November

While we didn’t expect to see you this soon, here you are. Let’s do this.

hello november meme
hello november meme

Happy November!

When it’s November but you want it to be December. This happy November meme is for those of us who are in denial that there’s still several weeks left before Santa comes down the chimney.

happy november Let's wait until after thanksgiving to start celebrating Christmas.
happy november meme

Seasonal Allergies

Ragweed blooms and pollen just love to mess with our allergies.

if allergy season could end that would be great
allergy season end meme

While seasonal allergies are awful, find the humor with these funny allergy memes.

Rotting Pumpkins

Here are some rotting pumpkins in November memes for all of us who forget that the fall porch decorations rot.

throw away your pumpkins before they rot or draw 25 november meme
rotting pumpkins in november meme


November 24, 2022 is Thanksgiving Day. Start planning now for the food and family logistics, but first Thanksgiving Memes.

my mind when someone says thanksgiving
thanksgiving november meme

More November Christmas Memes

Because while Christmas maybe in December, good luck telling the world that.

when the clocks strikes midnight halloween will end bam christmas will be everywhere
christmas november meme

Want a jump start on those Christmas memes. We have a TON for you to share and enjoy.

it's november 1 which means we are officially aloud to talk about christmas right
november 1st meme christmas

November Rain

Nothing lasts forever, in the cold November rain meme.

nothing lasts forever in the cold november rain
november rain meme

I mean, who else remembers all of the lyrics and Axl in the rain?

Memes for November Birthdays

We love celebrating you November birthdays. Enjoy these November birthday month memes.

november birthday meme queen
november birthday meme

Perfect for sharing on social to celebrate a friend’s bday, check out our birthday memes for all occasions.

november birthday meme
funny november birthday meme

More November Humor

While it’s gratitude month, something I am thankful for is laughter. Here is more November humor to get you through the month.

Thanksgiving Family Memes – IFKYK – gotta love family during the holidays.

when someone brings up politics at thanksgiving dinner
thanksgiving family politics meme

Best Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Memes – November is a great month, Charlie Brown.

help people on thanksgiving charlie brown meme
help people on thanksgiving charlie brown meme

Funny Turkey Memes – gobble gobble – funny memes about turkey on Thanksgiving.

i am no cook but i can follow directions. which said to let the bird chill in the sink for a few hours
funny turkey meme

Vegan Memes – perfect for sharing with your vegan friends before Thanksgiving dinner

funny fall memes 2022
funny fall memes 2022

Fall Memes – it’s still fall, y’all – the entire month of November! We will talk winter come December. Until then, no cold talk – I’m enjoying the autumn air, mkay? Thx.

you and pumpkin memes
pumpkin memes

Pumpkin Spice Memes – are we still pumpkin spicing in November?

dallas cowboys fans meme
dallas cowboys fans meme

Dallas Cowboys Memes – what a year the boys are having!

Last Day of November Memes

Celebrate the last day of November memes. Don’t miss our November 30 meme. Who else turns into an elf come December 1st?

funny last day of november meme
last day of november be like

Goodbye November! You won’t be missed.

snoopy last day of november meme
goodbye november meme

Share the November Memes

Well there you have it. Our collection of funny November memes. Please either tag us on social @digitalmomblog or link back to

last day of november memes december is coming
Stay tuned, December memes are coming…

Share away and make someone’s day, tag us on social!

its november why did it come so quick?
its november meme 2022

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