November Memes 2024: Discover Hilarious Humor for Month 11


Here we are sharing November memes in disbelief we are already 11 months into the year! in just a matter of weeks, 2024 will be behind us. Until then, let’s embrace the rest of the fall season, the upcoming holidays and cooler weather with these funny memes for November!

Funny November Memes

Let’s get this party started with the best November memes. From November 1st memes to Thanksgiving (and of course, that other “merry” holiday) – we have the laughs for you to share through out the month.

november memes
funny november memes

From November holidays both serious and fun, we have funny memes about November and all the shenanigans that this month will bring. Don’t miss our early Christmas memes for those that skip the November holidays.

It's FINALLY Christmas Time! false. it's november.
christmas in november meme

We have November memes for all the things. The end of the year is right around the corner, but not quite yet (just, almost!) Check out these memes about November holidays, events and occasions.

november meme 2024 when someone reminds you that november means that 2024 is almost over
november meme 2024

Hello November

While we didn’t expect to see you this soon, here you are. Let’s do this.

hello november meme
hello november meme

Happy November Meme

When it’s November but you want it to be December. This happy November meme is for those of us who are in denial that there’s still several weeks left before Santa comes down the chimney.

happy november Let's wait until after thanksgiving to start celebrating Christmas.
happy november meme

Rotting Pumpkins

Here are some rotting pumpkins in November memes for all of us who forget that the fall porch decorations rot.

throw away your pumpkins before they rot or draw 25 november meme
rotting pumpkins in november meme

November Work Memes

Who else is ready to call it a year and be done with work. I mean – it’s practically 2024, am I right? See our funny work memes for more office humor.

this is me at work in novemeber pretending that the holidays are here and there's no work to do
november work meme

Seasonal Allergies

Ragweed blooms and pollen just love to mess with our allergies.

if allergy season could end that would be great
allergy season end meme

While seasonal allergies are awful, find the humor with these funny allergy memes.

November Christmas Memes

Because while Christmas maybe in December, good luck telling the world that.

when the clocks strikes midnight halloween will end bam christmas will be everywhere
christmas november meme

Want a jump start on those Christmas memes. We have a TON for you to share and enjoy. I mean, it is November, right? Thanksgiving, who?

it's november 1 which means we are officially aloud to talk about christmas right
november 1st meme christmas

November Weather

Nothing lasts forever, in the cold November rain meme. Remember last month how we were complaining how fall hasn’t arrived yet and it’s so hot?

nothing lasts forever in the cold november rain
november rain meme

Welp, the cool air has arrived so cold weather memes are on the docket.

It’s Not Winter, Yet!

Fall Memes – it’s still fall, y’all – the entire month of November! We will talk winter come December. Until then, no cold talk – I’m enjoying the autumn air, mkay? Thx. Enjoy

starbucks pumpkin spice latte meme
starbucks pumpkin spice latte meme

Pumpkin Spice Memes – are we still pumpkin spicing in November?

dallas cowboys fans meme
dallas cowboys fans meme

Dallas Cowboys Memes – what a year the boys are having! No seriously, the Dallas Cowboys are actually not doing so bad this season. Speaking of sports ball – you know who plays right next door to the Cowboys, right?

texas rangers world series meme
texas rangers world series meme

We are cheering on another DFW team this November in the World Series with these Texas Rangers memes.

Best Memes for November Dates to Remember

We are sharing November memes for all the special dates of the year. Here are the important dates you need to remember this month and the memes to share on those special days! You have 30 days in this month, and we have enough funny November memes to share everyday.

november calender meme 2024
november calender meme 2024

November 1 Memes

Let’s kick off these November memes with a big hello to the month and all the things we will be celebrating.

me in november vs me in december
november 1 christmas meme

Me on November 1st meme – for those of us who are excited for Christmas but trying our best to honor the season of gratitude and the Thanksgiving holiday.

me on november 1st
november 1st meme funny

Then of course, there are the all out November 1st meme people who just want Christmas to be right now.

111 at 1200 am
november 1 meme

Don’t miss our early Christmas memes.

October 31 November 1 Memes

These funny comparisons October 31 vs November 1 memes always make me LOL. How seasonally we humans are!

me on november 1 meme
me on november 1st meme

Jumping from Halloween memes to Thanksgiving like…

october 31 november 1 meme
october 31 november 1 meme

All Saints Day

Across various Christian traditions, November 1st is recognized as All Saints’ Day.

all saints day meme i tried t be a saint but my patience lasted about 5 minutes
all saints day meme

This Catholic holiday of tribute to honor all the known and unknown saints and martyrs who have lived a virtuous life and are believed to be in God’s presence in the afterlife.

November 2, 2024 – Dia de los Muertos / Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead or Dia de los Muertos (aka All Souls Day) will be celebrated on November 2, 2024.

happy day of the dead meme
happy day of the dead meme

Day of the Dead, or “Día de los Muertos” in Spanish, is a bustling Mexican holiday that takes place on November 1st and 2nd. Families come together to commemorate and pay tribute to their loved ones who have passed on, creating lively altars filled with marigolds, candles, sugar skulls, and their favorite foods.

dia de los muertos meme
dia de los muertos meme

November 3, 2024 – Sandwich Day

Sandwich Day (November 3, 2024) is a celebration of one of the most versatile and popular food items, the sandwich. Which for me – hit up those chick-fil-a memes because really, that chicken sandwich is delish!

November 5 is Daylight Savings Time

The clock falls back an hour on Sunday November 5, 2024 for daylight savings time. Move your clock back and share the Daylight Saving Memes to help you lol at the crazy time adjustment of shorter days.

november 5 meme time change Yoda says gain an hour you will change your clock you must
november 5 meme time change

That said, we do gain an hour which means an extra hour of sleep if your body will let you!

November 7, 2024 – Midterm Elections – Don’t forget to vote!

We have your mid-term election memes! Don’t forget to get out to vote on Tuesday, November 7, 2024. Or better yet, vote early to ensure that your voice has been heard.

november election meme 2024 November 7th is election day Remember if you don't vote you don't get to complain!
november election meme 2024

Get out to vote! Young people, this is our right – make sure that you use it (wisely.)

November 11, 2024 Veterans Day

On November 11, we celebrate Veterans Day. This is a federal holiday observed each year on November 11th to honor and express gratitude to all military veterans both living and deceased. This includes anyone who has served in the US Armed forces.

veterans day images memes

Show your appreciation with our Veterans Day memes.

November 12, 2024 – Diwali Festival of Lights

Diwali, also known as the “Festival of Lights,” is one of the most important and widely celebrated festivals in India and among Hindu communities around the world. It typically lasts for five days and will start on November 12, 2024.

November 13, 2024 World Kindness Day

World Kindness Day is observed each year on November 13th. This year, it falls on a Monday allowing you to kick off the week with kindness.

November 17, 2024 World Prematurity Day

World Prematurity Day is observed on November 17th each year and is a global observance aimed at raising awareness about premature birth, its causes, and the challenges faced by premature babies and their families. Related: baby memes

November 20, 2024 Universal Children’s Day

Universal Children’s Day, observed annually on November 20th, is a global celebration that promotes and acknowledges the rights of children worldwide. See our Happy World Children’s Day meme for November 20.

November 23, 2024 Thanksgiving Day (United States)

Thanksgiving Day is on Thursday November 23, 2024. Of course our November memes are filled to the brim with thankful goodness! Start planning now for the food and family logistics, but first Thanksgiving Memes.

my mind when someone says thanksgiving
thanksgiving november meme

Here are more November memes for the Thanksgiving season to share:

Thanksgiving Family Memes – IFKYK – gotta love family during the holidays.

when someone brings up politics at thanksgiving dinner
thanksgiving family politics meme

Best Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Memes – November is a great month, Charlie Brown.

help people on thanksgiving charlie brown meme
help people on thanksgiving charlie brown meme

Funny Turkey Memes – gobble gobble – funny memes about turkey on Thanksgiving.

i am no cook but i can follow directions which said to let the bird chill in the sink for a few hours
November Turkey Meme

Vegan Memes – perfect for sharing with your vegan friends before Thanksgiving dinner.

Speaking of friends, anyone do Friendsgiving in November?

November 24, 2024 Black Friday Shopping (Day After Thanksgiving)

Get ready to buy for the biggest shopping day of the year with Black Friday memes about discounts, shopping and the chaos!

to all of us who black friday shop online
black friday online meme

November 25, 2024 Small Business Saturday

Shop Small Business Saturday on November 25, 2024! This is an annual event to help boost sales to small businesses across the country. Do your part and shop small!

November 27, 2024 Cyber Monday

While traditionally Black Friday was in-person shopping, on November 27 we have Cyber Monday memes for online shopping!

Last Day of November Memes

Celebrate the last day of November memes. Don’t miss our November 30 meme. Who else turns into an elf come December 1st?

funny last day of november meme
last day of november be like

Goodbye November! You won’t be missed. We’re excited for

snoopy last day of november meme
goodbye november meme

Since the last day of the month always brings chaos, we are bringing the funny. Don’t miss these end of the month memes for those last day deadlines and shenanigans!

No Shave November

There are two reasons not to shave during the month of November. Let’s spread the word about cancer – yes, there is actually a reason behind these No Shave November memes.

no shave november you mean no shave ever again
no shave november meme

The goal of No-Shave November is to grow awareness by embracing our hair, which many cancer patients lose, and letting it grow wild and free. See more at

when somebody asks what month it is no shave november
no shave november meme funny

Movember Meme

Another worth while cause for awareness in November is Movember. The mission of Movember is to raise awareness on men’s health issues. Rather than not shaving your entire face, participating in Movember, just has you growing out a moustache.

welcome to no shave november
funny no shave november meme

Some of us ladies go with the no shave all winter, instead. Learn more about Movember.

no shave november or better yet no shave all winter
no shave november meme women

Memes for November Birthdays

We love celebrating you November birthdays. Enjoy these November birthday month memes.

november birthday meme queen
november birthday meme

Perfect for sharing on social to celebrate a friend’s bday, check out our birthday memes for all occasions.

november birthday meme
funny november birthday meme

If you are celebrating a November birthday, don’t miss our its my birthday memes.

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last day of november memes december is coming
Stay tuned December memes are coming

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its november meme why did it come so quick
its november meme

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