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15+ Thanksgiving Family Memes Because You Have to Laugh

Thanksgiving Family Memes y’all. It never fails – coming together maybe even for just once a year with the family for dinner can be well interesting.

Thanksgiving Family Memes

Let’s laugh at the awkward family encounters with these funny family memes about Thanksgiving.

extra gravy baby yoda meme

Baby Yoda meme – He knows what is up. Baby Yoda wants extra gravy on the turkey, mom.

dysfunctional family meme

Brace yourself, dysfunctional family stories are coming. Good news, every family has its own dysfunction. The sooner you realize this quirk the better!

Family Politics Memes

You gotta love when the topic of politics is brought up during the family Thanksgiving meal! You have Uncle Joe who is all MAGA. There is the Bernie loving nephew and then there is the Enneagram 9, the peacemaker. Who just wants EVERYONE to get along.

family arguements meme

These funny Thanksgiving family memes about politics are totally relatable.

When everyone at the dinner table starts arguing about politics and you’re just waiting for someone to pass the yams.

thanksgiving family politics meme

When someone brings up the election at Thanksgiving dinner. Yeah, beware.

Be sure to bring up politics during thanksgiving dinner. It will save you money on Christmas gifts. Follow me for more holiday tips and money saving ideas.

Be sure to bring up politics during thanksgiving dinner. It will save you money on Christmas gifts. Follow me for more holiday tips and money saving ideas.

thanksgiving kids table

23 years old and still sitting at the kids table – hey you dont have to listen to the argument about politics!

Drinking Family Politics - Funny Thanksgiving Meme

Me promising not to get into politics – and then 3 drinks later.

More Funny Thanksgiving Family Memes for Turkey Day

Here are more must Thanksgiving family memes to share with friends and the fam. Don’t miss our funny Thanksgiving memes for more turkey day humor.

wine meme familiy thanksgiving

Pro tip: avoid drinking if you argue with family on Thanksgiving.

thanksgiving grandparents technology meme

This Thanksgiving family meme just made me LOL. This is always the case for my husband!

Be prepared to do tech support at the family dinner on Thanksgiving!

thanksgiving thankful meme

Thanksgiving – Putting the fun in dysFUNctional families since 1863.

Family Fights on Thanksgiving Meme

How to annoy your OCD sister – especially if she is the one who made the pumpkin pie!

pass the mac and cheese thanksgiving meme

Dont let your cousin eat all of the Mac n Cheese. This side dish is meant to be saved for leftovers. If he really needs some, you scoop it for him. Rules are rules, especially if you are older.

thankful food thankful family meme

Be thankful for family and the food they brought over. Its 2020 and this year has not been as great as we had hope. That said, gratitude is important.

go to the bathroom thanksgiving meme

There is always the family member who escapes to the bathroom to play Among Us on their phone. That family member maybe me.


teenagers on thanksgiving meme

This funny Thanksgiving family meme sums up the face of every teenager and tween when asked to come downstairs to see family.

weird thanksgiving meal

When your family wants breakfast on Thanksgiving. Yeah, nope – wait until dinner – kid.

family hates you meme

Nothing like a reminder of all the family members that you hate.

mom buying pie thanksgiving family meme

When your mom decides to buy your favorite pie from the supermarket instead of making it from scratch. WHO DOES SHE THINK SHE IS.

college family thanksgiving meme

Thanksgiving dinner with family – you get real food!

family talking to each other

Lets have a family gathering for the remaining family members who still speak to each other.

Single on Thanksgiving Memes

When you are single on Thanksgiving, the questions are inevitable.

thanksgiving with family be like

A haunted house but instead of scary monsters, its 15 people asking you what you are doing with your life and who you are marrying. Thanksgiving with family is always a riot, especially when you are single.

thanksgiving meme family date dinner

Screening dates for Thanksgiving dinner with the family.

Family Thanksgiving Memes for 2021

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