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Best Election Memes – Vote And Use Your Voice 2023

Election memes and voting memes because while politics are ugly, they are also funny!

While our presidential election only happens every 4 years, at least twice a year – other political positions give us the opportunity to use our voice by voting. Let’s take a break from the back and forth – Republican vs Democrat rhetoric and laugh.

vote pancakes
VOTE meme – election memes for 2022

Funny Election Memes 2022

From Donald Trump memes to Joe Biden memes, there are plenty of outlets for that. Here are election memes and voting memes that are relatable to any campaign year.

Let the Memes Begin - Political Memes Donald TRump
funny election memes

This year is another big election year as many states are electing governors, senate, congress and other electable positions in the government. If we have learned anything about the last 2 years – we need to choose wisely our elected officials both local, state and national.

Adults voting be like – voter sticker is the adult participation trophy.

Adult Participation Trophy 2022
i voted sticker meme

How the country is feeling with 2 days between Daylight Savings Time and Election day. via @themotheroctopus

election - Best Election Memes - Vote And Use Your Voice 2023

Don’t miss our Daylight saving memes.

Left – democrat, right – republican, forward – Yang? Sorry Andrew Yang, the gang didn’t show up but please keep voicing your ideas because we need more innovation in government.

Andrew Yang - Election Meme 2020 Politics
election 2020 meme yang gang - Best Election Memes - Vote And Use Your Voice 2023

Cowboys suck? Is this a hot topic that is bipartisan that we can all vote yes on? Says the Dallas resident. But if you are going to the Cowboys game

Dallas Cowboys Suck
cowboys suck meme vote - Best Election Memes - Vote And Use Your Voice 2023

Election Day Memes

This Amy Schumer meme about Election Day is way too relatable.


Yes, Amy Schumer – this is how all of us are feeling on Election day 2020.

Election Results Memes

When the results start rolling in, the United States of America be like all of these election results memes!

Election night watching pose.

election results meme

My face watching election results unravel.

Election results meme
funny election meme

Waiting for election results…

Waiting on election results bears be like

How we all look at the beginning of election night as the voting results start to roll in.

Voting Results Meme

How we all look as more states count their votes on election night.

Scared Election Results Kermit Meme

And as the election result totals show, this is how half of the country’s face will look.

Michael Jordan Meme about Election

But yes, one does simply stay awake to watch the election results on TV – even though it is not final – we still do it!

Election Results Meme

Watching the election results – oh please, do not listen to what Steve Harvey has to say about the final results!

Steve Harvey Election Meme 2020

Me trying to stay calm on election night, keyword TRYING.

Stay Calm Election Meme

This is so me the night of an important election, waiting for the official results to come in.

Chris Farley Meme Watching Election



World Watching American Politics

A friend from high school is living abroad with her family. She shared that the world is watching American politics and these funny political memes pretty much sum what she said up!

Season finale of America – election results 2020.


The world watching America be like “It’s horrible but you can’t take your eyes away. It’s like watching a monkey swallow a hand grenade.”

world watching election results meme

The world watching the American elections like.

Elections in America Humor
election meme

How it feels as a Canadian watching US politics. Canada seems nice.

Canada vs US Politics meme

Christian Politics

More so than ever religion and politics are a thing. For that I give you this holy spirit meme.

Christian Politics Meme
religious election meme - Best Election Memes - Vote And Use Your Voice 2023

The Holy Spirit restraining me from posting on someone’s political posts. (raises hand – thank you Holy Spirit for watching what I post!)

Voter Fraud

When we originally posted these election memes in 2020, we had NO idea what voter fraud would happen. YIKES!

Voter fraud is real.

voter fraud meme

Election fraud and voter fraud, let’s hope that doesn’t return in 2022.


Love you some politics? Don’t miss our Presidents day memes.

Voting Memes

Your vote is your voice. If you don’t vote, don’t complain. Just sayin.

Vote or else take your hand and slap yourself. Use your voice and make a difference so we can change the nation and the crazy politics
voting meme

If you aren’t going to vote, raise your hand and now slap yourself with it.

Every vote must count. We’ve never had final results on election day. Not in 2016, 2012, 2008, 2004, 2000, 1996, 1992, 1988, 1984, 1980, 1976, 1972, or 1968.

Every vote must be counted, no matter how long it takes.

Every Vote Counts Meme
vote meme

Vote for fridge! This voting meme nails the humor of how many texts and calls political campaigns dialed and texted this election season.

Vote Meme

Politician Memes

Are there any politicians that we can trust? No idea the answer to that, but I do have these politician memes for you to enjoy.

Politician Meme

But do politicians have a brain?

This is as biased as I will get because the above is what my heart must vote for.

Love your neighbor who doesn’t look like you, think like you, love like you, speak like you, pray like you, vote like you. Love your neighbor. No exceptions.

Vote for Love
love your neighbor meme

Positive Election Images

I feel compelled to post these in hopes that they will be shared. The song that goes “what the world needs now, love sweet love” keeps playing in my head. Share these positive words because no matter the outcome we wish for from this year’s election – the world will go on.

Post Election Image - Positive Vote
positive election image - Best Election Memes - Vote And Use Your Voice 2023

After the election… If you win, don’t gloat. If you lose, don’t despair. This has been hard on all of us. Treat others the way you want to be treated. We all need it.

in god i trust image
in god i trust

This simple voting 2020 image / election 2020 image says it all. In God, I trust. At the end of the day – if you believe this is what we have to believe.

election outcome meme

Get those memes ready. Memes if Biden wins. Memes if Trump wins.

Democracy – Mayor Dog

Yes, there really was a dog that was a mayor. This is democracy at it’s best. No adult was good enough, so they voted for a dog.


There was a little town in Minnesota that had a dog as a mayor. Yes, for real. Unfortunately the dog mayor died in 2019. Read about it on HuffPo.

Well there you have it. Election memes with an unbiased twist.

Whoever wins tonight’s election has a lot to deal with. I am hoping for civility regardless. There is so much on the line, please make sure that you vote and stay sane.

Let’s keep the United States – UNITED.

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