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50 Fun Fitbit Memes About Fitness and Step Count

Fitbit memes, you say?

I’ve got your funnies right here. I’ve been yapping for the last month about how much I adore my Fitbit, so it shouldn’t surprise you that we’ve rounded up my favorite Fitbit memes.

Funny Fitbit Memes

Get ready to hit the share button. That’s what a good meme does, and I think these funny Fitbit memes are pretty hilarious and perfect for sharing with those of us who obsess a little too much about this wearable.

fitbit memes funny images about steps working out and the fitbit
best fitbit memes

From Fitbit cheaters, dying batteries, forgetting to put on your Fibit, the addictive habit of checking the Fitbit app, hitting 10,000 steps, challenging your friends, racking up steps by jamming in the car, complaining because lifting at Crossfit isn’t helping your step count – we got you.

50+ Hilarious Memes about FitBit

Here are the IRL things that we complain and can laugh at with these Fitbit memes.

 If you take a step without your Fitbit, did you even move? fitbit meme
fitbit step meme

If you take a step without your Fitbit, did you even move?

ERHMAGERD meme about fitbit

ERHMAGERD another Fitbit meme!

i don't always walk in circles but when i do it's because of fitbit memes

The Man of Mystery even walks circles for the “bit!”

never taking fitbit off wrist

By the way you look at your wrist, it appears things are getting pretty serious.

Fitbit Battery Memes

That silly Fitbit battery – once it’s dead, so are your steps for the day.

my fitbit died, not moving until its charged

My fitbit died, not moving until it’s charged!

fitbit battery is dead

Fitbit battery dead – of course after a crazy workout.

when you realize your battery died half way though your workout

When you realize your battery died!

Fitbit Competition Memes Funny Images

If you are competitive, this fitness device is one hell of a way to put that competitive nature to use for good.

Look fitbit you dont know me grumpy cat meme

Look Fitbit, you don’t know me like that. 

| 50 Fun Fitbit Memes About Fitness and Step Count
Competition Memes Funny

Life isn’t a competition, but if Fitbit is anything to go by, i’m kicking your booty.

No Fitbit Memes

When you don’t have a Fitbit, why you no sync Fitbit?

fitbit meme
fitbit funny

I don’t think you understand, if you don’t have your Fitbit on – you steps don’t count. Enjoy more diet humor.

I Don't think you understand there is no point in walking if i dont have my fitbit

Left Fitbit at Home

When you leave your bit at home….

if you leave your fitbit at home you are going to have a bad time exercising
funny fitbit meme

Don’t leave it at home!

left my fitbit at home

OH NO! This face.

When you forget your fitbit at home. fitbit meme funny

Steps no longer matter.

i forgot my fitbit today's steps don't count!

Now today’s steps don’t count!

Fitbit Battery Memes

These Fitbit battery memes might hit a little too close to home. Don’t forget to charge that Fitbit!

fitbit charging

When the bit is charging and you can’t leave the couch until its done. 

ryan gosling meme steps

Do steps count when you’re running through my dreams? Ryan Gosling, if you are there – YES.

can't go on until fitbit charged meme

I can’t go on until it’s charged.

Fitbit Steps Memes

10,000 steps is gold, unless you are in a competition than its whoever moves the MOST. 

Ryan Gossling Fitbit Meme encouragement
fitbit steps meme

Hey girl, keep reaching. 

Office Space Meme about Fitbit steps

Yeah, if you could stop taking so many steps.

| 50 Fun Fitbit Memes About Fitness and Step Count

OH NO, she didn’t reach 10,000 steps!

| 50 Fun Fitbit Memes About Fitness and Step Count

Step Challenge Memes

Are you doing the step challenge? If so, you won’t want to miss these funny step challenge meme that are perfect for teasing the competition!

Cheers to you Fitbit – I don’t even remember my life before I counted steps. 

step challenge meme cheers to you fitbit i dont even remember my life before i counted steps

Fitbit misses you. Perfect out of shape meme for that friend who you want to step challenge.

out of shape meme hey girl your fitbit misses you
out of shape meme

Step challenge meme for the person who can’t beat your fitbit step average! Sorry, not sorry!

Average steps meme
step challenge memes

One does not simply go to bed before checking their step count. And then walking around quietly until you get to the 10,000 steps mark.

Game of Thrones meme about Fitbit

While you sleep, the Fitbit syncs – so you don’t know how many steps until the end. The ultimate competition move.

Fitbit Sync Memes

Get those steps in, girl.

Get those steps in girl - fitbit meme

Okay, who has checked their wrist while having sex. You may have an issue.

Checking fitbit while having sex meme

When your bit won’t sync. 

| 50 Fun Fitbit Memes About Fitness and Step Count

Congratulations on getting your steps up by taking more smoke breaks. 

Getting steps on your smoke break
competition meme funny

That moment when you realize your only 100 steps from goal so you jog in place.

When you are only 100 steps from goal meme

According to my Fitbit, I burned 23 more calories lifting my leg while wishing you a happy birthday.;

Fitbit Birthday Meme

Who am I hoping has their Fitbit charger?

Bill Murray meme - Looking for a Fitbit charger

No walking in snow, too cold!

Its too cold to walk even for Fitbit steps!

Getting in shape with a Fitbit can be as addictive as checking Facebook and Twitter.

Fitbit addiction

More Memes about Fitbit Humor

Here are more memes about Fitbits and the obsession. 

My Fitbit is a constant reminder of how little I actually move.
fitbit humor

My Fitbit is a constant reminder of how little I actually move.

Fitbit Kid
walking meme

10,000 Fitbit Steps, YES!

Fitbit is charging, move as few steps as possible.

Fitbit is charging, move as few steps as possible to not waste precious energy.

That 10000 step Fitbit buzz
fitbit meme

When you feel that buzz at 10,000 steps! Is this relatable? Don’t miss our relatable memes.

When you top the leaderboard - Beyonce meme

When you are top of the Fitbit leaderboard.

Funny fitbit meme

You have had zero active minutes. NOO!!!!!

join the fitbit group meme

If you could just join the Fitbit group, that would be great. And then you can post one of our yay memes.

Wearing my fitbit is like wearing yoga pants. They make me feel sporty even if we both know I slept in bed all day. Funny Fitbit Meme
fitbit meme

Wearing my fitbit is like wearing yoga pants. They make me feel sporty even if we both know I slept in bed all day.

How to Cheat Fitbit

Cheaters are going to cheat, even when it comes to steps. Ever wondered how to cheat Fitbit steps? Here are a few ideas.

Fitbit Cheating Meme
fitbit cheater meme

This fitbit meme is everything. How to cheat Fitbit – put your Fitbit on your busy child or dog!

Fitbit cheater meme - that look when your fitbit says you hit your goal but all you were doing was jamming in your car.

When you hit your goal but it’s because you were jamming in your car.

fitbit cheater meme

None of my business if you are a cheater.

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For me, the sync meme cracks me up. My husband doesn’t regularly sync so when we are in a Fitbit competition I want to know where he is at, so this one hits home hard and I’ll call that my favorite (for today.)

There you have it, our favorite Fitbit memes for all of you step counting addicts.

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