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30 Beach Memes That Make Me Want My Toes in Sand Right Now

Summer wouldn’t be complete without our funny beach memes. From Sand to ocean, sharks and sunburns – we are meme’ing all the best parts of beach life.

Maybe it’s because here in Texas, access to sand means buying a sandbox. There’s just something about relaxation, the ocean air, the sound of waves, sun, and sand that has people yearning for a beach vacation.

man holding sign near ocean that says beach memes
beach memes

Sandy Toes to Sunburn Woes: The Funniest Beach Memes

As part of our summer memes series, we knew that beach memes were a must. Enjoy and share with whoever you want laying on a towel next to you under a sun umbrella laughing and not caring about the crazy in this world.

girl im at the beach
at the beach meme

Whether you are planning a big beach vacation or perhaps you are one of the lucky ones that live close to the ocean, these funny beach memes are for you.

bikini wax meme that awkward beach moment when you realize that you forgot to wax
bikini wax meme

Beach Humor

Who doesn’t love some silly beach humor? Here are fun beach pranks and jokes to pull summarized in these funny beach memes. How about a fake shark bite? Sorry, the spirit of Shark Week and shark memes had me cracking up about this shark bite beach joke!

funny beach joke meme
funny beach joke meme

This sand shadow beach meme was included in our vacation memes and is another fun thing to try while in the sand.

next time you visit the beach dont forget to take a picture like this sand shadow
funny beach photo meme

Boys on the beach vs girls on the beach. Need we say more?

funny beach meme girls at the beach vs boys at the beach
funny beach meme

You might need a ride home if whoever you send this to doesn’t share your wild and crazy sense of humor. These sand shadow photos are just too funny.

heres a sand shadow idea to try on the beach meme
sand shadow beach meme

Fake a yacht! Who knew a iron looked like a yacht. Send this to anyone under the age of 25, chances are they have never seen an iron. I don’t mean that as a diss!

yacht meme how to fake a yacht for the gram
yacht meme

I know our 4 kids have never seen an iron! Don’t miss our cruise memes.

Hot Dog Legs Meme

Have you ever noticed how the beach photos featuring a girl sitting on the beach with legs also might not be legs? This hot dog legs meme asks the question, hot dogs or legs?

hot dog legs meme beach
hot dog legs meme beach

Best Beach Toy

Looking for the perfect beach toy? It does exist! How about a bag o’ beach bones for your kid to mold the sand with. If only these came in white rather than blue these would be super fun to bury in the sand.

the perfect beach toy does exist
beach toy meme

Of course, our friends at Amazon came in for the win. Order this beach toy on Amazon, Grandma will love it!

Sunburn Memes

As a naturally pale person, me and the sun aren’t friends. These sunburn memes are way to relatable. With beach memes comes the sun and for us pale people, 2 minutes means sunburn!

sun meme bring on summer me being in the sun for more than 2 minutes and burning
sun meme

Have you ever been in the sun so long that your skin stays red for days? KEEP your skin hydrated! Also, as the sunburn meme asks, is this is sun burn or a fruit roll up? Don’t miss our hot weather memes.

sun burn or fruit rollup
sun burn meme

When your bad sunburn starts peeling. It’s like baby feet foot mask that peels all the nasty off.

sunburn meme when your bad sunburn starts peeling... so it begins
sunburn meme

If you have a sunburn that hurts beyond belief, we had a son deal with this last week. Here is what we used. This has 4% lidocaine which helps with burn relief.

Best Beach Memes about Stress Relief

While these beach memes are meant for fun, there is actually science behind stress relief and the beach.

the best skin exfoliant that also reduces stress
skin exfoliant sand meme

“The color blue has been found by an overwhelming amount of people to be associated with feelings of calm and peace,” says Shuster. “Staring at the ocean actually changes our brain waves’ frequency and puts us into a mild meditative state.” A study published in the American Association for the Advancement of Science’s journal even found that blue is associated with a boost of creativity.
beach therapy should be covered by insurance
beach therapy meme

The article goes on to talk about the ebbing and flowing of the waves that you hear de-stimulating your brain. The noise and visuals activate your parasympathetic nervous system which is responsible for us feeling more engaged, slowing us down and allowing us to relax.

the beach is where salt reduces your blood pressure beach meme
blood pressure beach meme

Beach stands for best escape anyone can have.

beach quote
beach quote

Stressed at work? Maybe you just need some vitamin sea (and these funny work memes.)

turns out i just needed some vitamin sea meme
vitamin sea meme

This is your sign to book a beach vacation.

sea you soon
sea meme

More Beach Memes

The beach meme fun continues with more humor about the ocean, sand and what have you. While these gorgeous photos of beaches and laying in the sand sound great, there is this thing I like to ignore called reality. See our inflation memes.

i could be here on vacation but im broke af
broke beach vacation meme

Feeling a little self-conscious about going to the beach in a bathing suit? Just stop! The beach is gonna get whatever body you give it. Don’t miss our summer body memes for some more body positivity!

the beach is gonna get whatever body i give it. summer body quote meme funny

As soon as I heard these called beach chickens, I immediately stopped calling them seagulls.

seagull beach chicken meme
seagull beach chicken meme

If you need to reach me, don’t – just don’t. But sure, go ahead and try calling me on the shell. Let me know how that works for you.

sea shell meme  if you need to reach me try calling me on the shell
sea shell meme

Adult time out, just add a cold drink (see margarita memes) and an air conditioner.

adult time out chair on beach meme
beach chair meme

Eat, beach, sleep, repeat – now if I only had someone to pay me to do this. Also, please add sunscreen to the list. I am hoping those funny sunburn memes scared you from ever going into the sun without sunscreen.

eat beach sleep repeat
eat beach meme

Googled my symptoms and I just need to be on the beach drinking something cold.

beach meme  googled and it turns out i just need to be on the beach with a cold drink
beach meme

Because beach memes comes hurricane memes, don’t miss these doozies!

Fear of the Ocean

A drop of honesty never hurt, so when making this beach memes post – surely someone could relate to this fear of ocean thing.

ocean meme i just feel like a lot of you are not as afraid of the ocean as you should be. like what is even in there?
ocean meme

Personally, I am a get a nice hotel room next to the ocean. Order room service and drink while listening to the ocean’s waves and smelling the crisp sea air while enjoying the breeze. Because y’all, what is even in the ocean?

And @DanielleWeisber nailed my concerns and fear of the ocean in this tweet.


Have a dog named Shark? Don’t take him to the beach, just don’t. You might think you are funny but no – just no.

dog shark beach meme  just a tip dont take your dog named shark to the beach
dog shark beach meme

Speaking of fear of whats in the ocean, one thing I do know that lives there is the beach.

shark ocean meme who wants to go for a swim in the ocean
shark ocean meme

I’m not saying don’t go to the beach because of sharks – I’m just saying for me – ain’t no way I care to swim with sharks. Fret not, we have a huge collection of shark memes!

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miss the family beach vacation or draw 25 me
family beach vacation meme

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