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15+ Vegan Memes


Alright vegetarians, we hear you. Here are funny vegan memes!

Listen, these are totally meant in fun. If whoever you are poking doesn’t know how to laugh at being a vegetarian, don’t send it to them – unless it’s your brother or sister of course.

Vegan Memes

As much fun as these are (hey, I spent years as a vegan!) – a vegetarian diet has many perks and health benefit including slashing hot flashes during menopause. Give me a few years, and I may just revert back to veganism!

vegetarian meme dear vegetarian if you are trying to save the animals why are you eating their food
<em>vegetarian meme dear vegetarian if you are trying to save the animals why are you eating their food<em>

This vegan meme is cringy but hilarious so had to share.

vegan meme when vegetarians kiss
vegan meme vegetarians kiss

When a vegan goes hunting for dinner and brings back some mega zucchini.

funny vegetarian meme hunting for vegan dinner meme

Vegetarian memes – because they make meat eaters feel better about eating diseased riddled slave animals. I get it PETA but still not a fan.

vegetarian memes

Funny Vegan Memes for Thanksgiving

We gave love to the stereotypical star of the Thanksgiving dinner with funny turkey memes – cliche I know. But we know that maybe you don’t eat meat. Maybe you are avoiding animal products. You do you and enjoy these hilarious memes about being vegan during the Thanksgiving holiday.

vegetarian turkey pet meme

Bought by a vegetarian family for Thanksgiving and become their pet and gets to walk around without care during November.

Eating Turkey

This turkey has questions. WHY?? Turkeys have personalities too.

vegan toast meme

A toast to all my vegan friends with this Leo vegan meme.

thankful for vegetarians meme

Turkeys are thankful for you vegans and vegetarians. If only turkeys could really hold signs like this. That would be epic.

eating turkey

Not a fan of Trump?

annoyed vegan meme

A funny vegan meme to share with your friends and family this Thanksgiving season.

tofurkey meme

Not a fan of Tofurky? Don’t know tofu turkey (or Tofurky) until you try it! Available on Amazon.

Learn about tofurky, yes it’s a thing!

thanksgiving going vegan meem

When your mom sees you the day after you going vegan. Mamas just care (and for some reason want you to eat meat.)

turkey mad vegan memes

If turkeys could strike back, 2020 it could happen.

vegetarian turkey meme

A vegetarian turkey that I could get behind. This rice crispy turkey dessert filled with m&ms actually looks like something I may just have to make for Thanksgiving dinner this year!

eating vegetables meme

Share with your vegetarian aunt, or better yet – if you are the vegan aunt hosting Thanksgiving with lots of fruits and vegetables and no turkey.

vegan thanksgiving meme be kind

Be kind to turkeys, this could be a whole marketing campaign.

save the turkey meme

When you can be thankful for what you have without taking the lives of others. Animal rights activist and vegans on Thanksgiving rejoice.

zero vegan food thanksgiving

Zero vegan recipes and dishes – bring your own to Thanksgiving.

killing turkeys

Yikes – a bit of Thanksgiving history unfortunate reality about our history.
via someecards.com

eating turkey thanksgiving

If you wouldn’t eat your dog, why eat a turkey? Go VEGAN! Your family will love this hilariously funny vegan meme.

Vegetarian Memes for Vegans

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