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101 Funny Happy Birthday Memes for Celebrating Another Year

Funny birthday memes are the first thing I turn to when I see it’s someone’s birthday on Facebook.

If you are like me and are awful at sending birthday cards, you are on the right page. We are sharing over 100 FREE Bday images and memes! Just download, share and makes someone’s birthday special.

Hilarious Happy Birthday Memes

It’s your loved ones birth anniversary and it’s time to find the PERFECT happy birthday meme to celebrate them. We have a funny bday meme for everyone.

birthday memes - the best way to tell someone happy birthday for free
birthday memes 2023

Share on their social profile, first thing in the morning, send text messages with a good morning and a bday meme, print of these funny images out – whatever you do, – make their day of birth even more special!

funny hilarious happy birthday meme: if you dont acknowledge your birthday you dont actually age another year
funny hilarious happy birthday meme

We have all the funny bday memes to send to your birthday friends and fam.

funny birthday meme - your face when someone sings happy birthday to you
funny monkey birthday meme

Let’s face it. Here we are in this weird year and celebrating birthdays just isn’t the same as it was in years past.

celebrate your birthday with all the things
happy birthday meme

So brighten someone’s day with some humor and a meme for their birthday.

what gives people feelings of power money status getting birthday memes
happy birthday funny

We have a birthday meme happy for every type of friendship, family member or random Facebook acquaintance.

you old af but thats none of my business
birthday funny meme

For the birthday friend with a sense of humor and understanding that with birthdays comes aging and with aging comes risk of dying. Post this birthday image to congratulate them on not dying this year.

aging birthday meme - congrats on not dying
funny birthday image – congrats on not dying

For the special someone who knows that while they are great, you are more amazing. Make sure to remind them of this fact on their birthday!

sarcastic birthday meme - may your day be as amazing as i am
sarcastic birthday meme funny

When your good looking friend or family member (or someone who thinks they are good looking) this funny happy birthday meme is perfect for the vain. Post this as a Facebook birthday greeting.

funny hilarious birthday greetings happy birthday meme
funny hilarious birthday greetings happy birthday meme

Don’t miss these belated birthday memes funny for anyone who is like me and always forgetful!

Millennial Birthday Meme

Not sure what to get the entitled millennial in your life? Celebrate their special day with the entitlement that they feel that they deserve. A millennial birthday meme, made just with them in mind.

birthday meme millenial - happy birthday may you get as much attention as you feel entitled to
funny millennial birthday meme

Memes for Birthday Month

When that birthday month hits, you know what you need. Don’t miss our entire collection of birthday month memes! We have memes for each month, including this and plenty more!

It’s my birthday month meme - Now scheduling birthday breakfast, brunches, lunches, dinners and happy hours, as well as accepting gifts to celebrate the month of my birth.
It’s my birthday month

Friend Birthday Memes

Here are a few funny happy birthday memes for friends who can take a little jab and laugh. 

happy birthday meme funny - the birthday candles aren't the only thing getting lit tonight

Best Friends Birthday

Best friend happy birthday meme – the perfect meme for your bestie!

best friend birthday memes - is it my best friends birthday yes - happy birthday bestie - step brother image
best friend birthday meme

Out of all of the people in the world – all 7 billion, send this best friend birthday meme to your BFF.

happy birthday best friend meme - out of 7 billion people im so glad i got stuck with you
bestie birthday meme

Funny Happy Birthday Friend

Happy Birthday, my friend. Even better if that friend is feeling old and loves TayTay. Here’s a Taylor Swift birthday meme perfect for the friend who wants to be feeling 22.

taylor swift birthday meme - hope you are living like you are 22
Taylor Swift Birthday Meme

See all of our Taylor Swift memes

For the dog friends celebrating a birthday!

birthday meme dog
birthday friend meme

Happy Birthday Memes for Her

Lewd and funny birthday memes for female friends (or male.) This funny happy birthday girl – is just an old sbag! HA. I have just the friend for this one.

birthday meme for her
happy birthday meme for her

There are certain friends that well, have a better sense of humor than other friends. Bonus, send this birthday meme for her and by her I mean that woman in your life whose bladder leaks more than it use to.

funny birthday meme friend: im so excited it your birthday a little bit of wee came out
funny birthday meme friend

For that special B in your life on her b-day, we give your Britney Spears meme birthday style.

britney spears birthday meme

If you don’t have a friend that you can send this funny birthday meme to, find you a friend who has a sense of humor that will appreciate this.

funny birthday image for her
funny birthday image for her

Happy Birthday Wife Meme

Here are your funny birthday memes for wife, the love of your life and the one you said until death do us part.

birthday meme for wife
When it’s your wife’s birthday and you are her biggest fan.

Don’t forget her birthday! If she loves Little Miss memes, then this is the birthday meme for your wife.

mr. didn't forget his wife's birthday
funny birthday meme for wife

I don’t always post about my wife, but when I do… it’s her birthday.

funny wife birthday meme
For the husband who doesn’t always post but won’t forget his wife’s birthday.

To the love of your life, your wife. At least, I hope so.

beautiful wife birthday meme
A bday meme for your beautiful wife.

The perfect birthday wife meme for the woman who has to spend the rest of her life with you.

happy birthday wife meme
Happy birthday wife meme for the woman who married this man.

Sorry husbands, posting one of our happy birthday wife memes will still require you to buy her a card.

wife birthday meme funny
Save money on a birthday card and send your wife a meme instead.

Happy Birthday Mom Meme

These birthday memes for mom will have her smiling, crying or rolling hr eyes.

cheers to my mother on her birthday. lord knows she deserves a drink after having me as a kid!
birthday mom meme

Just don’t forget to wish your mama a happy birthday (at least wish mom a happy birthday on Facebook.)

happy birthday mom from your favorite child
happy birthday mom meme

Kids these days be posting birthday memes instead of picking up the phone and calling. If you are kids these days, then you know what to do.

kids these days be posting memes instead of calling to say happy birthday mom
funny happy birthday mom meme

She did birth you and all. And after you share these funny happy birthday mom memes, you can share a funny mom meme with her.

Bad Moms Happy Birthday Meme

Happy Birthday bad mom! Just kidding, mom life is hard, y’all. Let’s party and drink to aging like fine wine. The bad mom birthday meme for the mom friend who like to party (ps we don’t think you are bad!) 

bad mom happy birthday lets drink to aging like fine wine
bad moms happy birthday meme funny

Dog Mom Happy Birthday Memes

This dog mom birthday meme is perfect for the mother who loves dogs, happy birthday!

happy birthday dog mom meme

Make a Birthday Wish

The perfect birthday meme for mom from the annoying child.

mom birthday meme from kid even though you get on my nerves i still wish you a happy birthday

Don’t worry – she still loves you.


How cute is it when you hear your child say “mom.” But then it doesn’t stop. In the words of the great Stewie – MOM MOM MOM MOMMY MOM – Happy Birthday!

mom mom mom mommy mom... happy birthday mom meme stewie
family guy birthday mom meme stewie

Best Mom in the World Birthday Meme

singing happy birthday mom meme

The best mom in the whole world, happy birthday.

happy birthday mom meme
Send this happy birthday mom meme to your mother when you are the favorite kid.

Funny Birthday Meme for Mom

If you are going to get mom a clown that uh looks like this for her birthday, please make it a man clown like this one. For the mama who loves humor.

funny stripper birthday wishes for mom meme
weird birthday meme

Mom and her friends will LOVE this birthday mom meme when you post it on her Facebook wall. 

MAGA Mom Birthday Meme

For the MAGA mom who supports Donald, this Trump birthday meme is perfect.

trump birthday mom meme

Wine Birthday Memes

For the fellow wine lover on their birthday. Here are wine birthday memes that those who love the vino, jesus juice, adult grape juice, sauce, sake, spirits, night cap, or whatever else you want to call this alcohol…  

Age Gets Better With Wine

Remember, age gets better with wine – a little sarcastic, a lot of sass. Happy Birthday!

funny wine birthday image for her
funny wine birthday image for her

Joy and Wine Birthday

Joy and wine = a birthday well spent!

wine birthday image
Happy Birthday Wine Meme – be filled with joy

Live it up on your birthday like Leo. May your birthday be filled with joy and wine

birthday wine meme leo dicaprio
wine birthday meme

Getting Older Like Wine Birthday

Getting older like wine birthday memes.

birthday meme wine
Just think of aging on your birthday, like wine birthday meme

Fine wine gets better with age.

birthday meme aging wine
wine birthday meme funny

Don’t worry about your age, wine will make it better! One of my favorite bday quotes – like wine, you get better with age. The perfect birthday meme for your wine drinking partner.

birthday meme partner in wine

Wine Person Happy Birthday Memes

Because why not – here are more wine birthday images because we all have that friend of family member who loves their vino!

birthday wine meme Austin Powers
happy birthday happy austin powers

Happy birthday to a wine of a person. 

mexico pay for the wine trump meme

Donald Trump says – Happy Birthday, Don’t worry Mexico will pay for the wine.

moira schitts creek wine birthday meme
What would Moira Rose do? Wine birthday meme

Schitt Creek’s Mora tells you how it is in this funny birthday meme. Don’t miss our Schitts Creek memes.

birthday meme wine fruit salad
birthday meme wine fruit salad

Wine, nah – fermented grapes, technically a fruit salad. 

funny wine birthday meme
Happy Wine O’Clock Birthday!

You know what rhymes with Happy Birthday? WINE. 

funny birthday wishes for wine drinker
Funny wine birthday meme

Aging like fine wine, not cheese.

wine cheese birthday meme
May you age like fine wine and not cheese!

Happy Birthday Dad Meme

Wish the old man a great day with this happy birthday dad meme.

happy birthday old man love you dad
dad birthday meme

A birthday with for your favorite dad and SpongeBob memes, too!

birthday dad meme
happy birthday to my favorite dad meme

To the father from the O.G. daddy-o.

happy birthday father
happy birthday father meme

Happy Birthday Baby Daddy Meme

When it’s the baby daddy’s bday, here’s the meme you send him.

birthday baby daddy meme
Send a happy birthday baby daddy meme to your sperm donor.

Happy Birthday Brother

For your brother’s birthday – we have an entire collection of happy birthday brother memes just for him!

hulk hogan happy birthday brother meme
Send a hulk hogan happy birthday brother meme to your favorite WWF bro.

Happy Birthday Sister Memes

If you love your sister like I love my sister, you won’t pass up the opportunity to harass her online either with a sister meme or her bday one of these happy birthday sister memes.

happy birthday most fabulous lady i know meme
fabulous lady

Share an old picture of your sister as a baby on social media. She will just love this (or not, which is even more reason to share this bday meme!)

sister birthday meme baby picture
Found a baby picture of my sister

Happy Birthday Big Sister! She gets to hit every decade before the younger siblings. Don’t miss our funny sibling memes.

happy birthday older sister meme
Happy birthday to my older sister meme.

Happy birthday to my sister, here is a recent photo of her.

funny sister birthday meme
Here’s a funny sister birthday meme for your sissy.

I don’t often wish old women Happy Birthday but since you are my sister, I will make an exception.

old women sister birthday
old woman

Hey little sister, it’s your special day!

hey little sister birthday meme
Hey little sister, happy birthday!

Lord Jesus it’s my sister’s birthday.

lord jesus, it's sister's birthday happy birthday sister meme
happy birthday sister meme

More Memes for Birthday

Here is a round-up of over 50+ funny happy birthday memes that made me LOL and will surely make your friend’s birthday on social media a little bit more special.

Elon Musk Birthday Meme

It Musk be your birthday. Hope it’s electric. See all of our Elon Musk memes.

it musk be your birthday hope its electric
elon musk birthday meme

Kanye Birthday Meme

Ye, its yo birthday. If you really must, here you go. Yes, here are the Kanye memes.

ye its yo birthday
kanye birthday meme

Squid Game Birthday Meme

Hope you have a better day than this guy. Yeah, that didn’t end well. The perfect Squid Game birthday meme for whoever loved this Netflix series. More squid game memes – done.

happy birthday! hope you have a better day than this guy
squid game birthday meme

Dirty Dancing

Have the time of your life on your birthday!

time of your life birthday meme
dirty dancing birthday meme


Adele Birthday Meme – perfect for your friends who love Adele!

adele happy birthday meme
adele birthday meme – hello its me

Did you see she is dropping a new album? Don’t miss our Adele memes for more goodness from this goddess.

adele birthday meme - hello its me just wondering if you are having a fabulous birthday

Dallas Cowboys Birthday Memes

Dallas Cowboys birthday meme for that hardcore fan of them boys! If Dallas is your NFL team, you will love these Dallas Cowboy memes.

happy birthday to the dallas cowboys #1 fan

Hulk Hogan Birthday

For those wrestle mania fans, here’s a Happy Birthday Hulk Hogan meme.

happy birthday you got this!
hulk hogan happy birthday meme

Elvis Birthday Meme

Send that special someone the ultimate Elvis happy birthday meme! The King might be gone, but his legacy will never die.

happy birthday elvis funny
happy birthday elvis funny

Elvis Presley’s birthday is January 8, 1935.

elvis birthday meme
elvis birthday meme

For your favorite birthday king. Elvis was called the king of Rock n’ Roll because he drew the largest crowds and sold more records than any of the other 1950s rock stars.

elvis birthday meme king
elvis birthday meme king

A little less conversation. A little more celebration, please.

elvis bday meme
elvis bday meme

If it’s mom who love Elvis Presley, send this to her on her bday.

elvis birthday meme for mom
Happy Birthday Mom Meme – Elvis

Leslie Jordan Birthday

Rest in peace. For the Will and Grace fan or LJ obsessed – here are more Leslie Jordan memes.

happy birthday doll face
leslie jordan birthday meme

Slow it down, but enjoy eating that cake happy birthday style. Calories don’t count when its your bday!

enjoy the birthday cake meme
cute birthday meme

Harry Styles

Let’s not miss out on these Harry Styles Birthday Memes. Hello, sweet creature!

sweet birthday meme happy birthday you sweet creature
sweet birthday meme

Betty White Birthday Memes

Oh, Betty White memes – how I love thee. RIP Betty White, we will always love you and honor you thru these Betty White birthday memes!

betty white birthday meme older you get the better you get
Betty White birthday meme – The older you get, the better you get unless you’re a banana. 

If your loved one adores Betty – these Betty White birthday memes will be everything.

Have a Betty White Birthday

Party like Betty White would! 

birthday oarty betty white meme
cute birthday meme of betty white

Betty and Wine

Drink up, blah blah blah Happy Birthday and WINE. 

betty white birthday meme wine glass
betty white birthday meme

Golden Girls Birthday Memes

Not a Betty White meme, but if you love Betty – surely you will love this Golden Girls memes!

meme golden girls birthday
Stay golden.

As the Golden Girls would say, Happy Birthday – Stay Golden, Girl!

Getting Old Birthday Memes

For that loved one who is aging, these getting old memes are the perfect reminder that time is passing quickly. If someone has had way too many birthdays – these are the ones to share, buts hare with caution! Some people are so sensitive, sheesh!

birthdays be like you are old
getting older birthday meme

I mean, does Paul Rudd even age? Check out all of our Paul Rudd memes (did you know he was named Sexiest man alive?) The man is 54 years old and he does not age. Perfect for the friend who is getting older and doesn’t want to admit it.

paul rudd birthday meme
paul rudd birthday meme

We all know that one person.

happy birthday you dirty old fa rt

Time for life alert.

happy birthday old man
old man birthday meme

Got a birthday card from the funeral home. I’m not impressed. They only want me for my body. To the coolest old lady I know, happy b-day! You got 99 problems and getting old is one of them. *mic drop*

you got 99 problems and apparently getting old is one of them
old meme

Yeah, sorry I don’t think you are 29 anymore Dorothy.

its your birthday? I dont think your 29 anymore
not 29 birthday meme

Birthday Cake Memes

When you have no idea how old someone is turning, but you know they’ve aged. How about a birthday cake or bday cookies that keeps it simple and says You’ve Aged. Hey it’s honest!

birthday cake meme aged
birthday meme birthday cake

How many birthdays did you say you’ve had? Let’s celebrate with these birthday cake memes.

your face when they tell you the correct number of candles birthday cake meme
birthday cake meme

Eat all the cake, its your day and you deserve it.

eat all the birthday cake meme
birthday cake meme funny

Yoda birthday greetings – happy you will have. Don’t miss our entire collection of Star Wars memes!

my face after counting all the candles on your birthday cake
funny yoda birthday meme

1980s Kid

Perfect funny birthday image for your high school friends. I hope your birthday is as awesome as your hair was in high school!

high school friend birthday meme
1980s child birthday meme

Richard Simmons Memes

Oh Richard Simmons, he has always been one of my favorites! Bringing Richard Simmons out of retirement to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

omg its your birthday
birthday richard simmons meme

Richard Simmons birthday memes are so funny because they are so what you see of his personal persona! Happy Birthday you SEXY BEAST – Richard Simmons for the win!

happy birthday you sexy beast from richard simmons meme
richard simmons birthday meme

Sloth Birthday Memes

Because Kristen Bell isn’t the only one who loves slothes! Send your sloth loving friend a sloth birthday meme! (Also slothes are often associated with Enneagram 9 type

hope you birthday is awesome sloth meme
sloth birthday meme

Hope your birthday is awesome!

bff sloth birthday meme

For your BFF, this birthday sloth image is everything. We’re so different, yet we remain loyal. 

Sloth wishing you a Happy Birthday!

Viral Birthday Memes

Our most popular viral birthday memes – shared by thousands! This Stevie Wonder birthday meme is a classic. I know I won’t see you, but Happy Birthday.

i know i wont see you by happy birthday stevie wonder funny birthday memes
stevie wonder birthday meme

Did you hear there is possibly a Napoleon Dynamite sequel coming out? Yes, unrelated – but yes, AWESOME.

So we are pretty much best friends happy flippin birthday - napoleon dynamite meme birthday
Napoleon Dynamite birthday meme

DUDE! It’s your birthday.

happy birthday dude duder, el-duderino,
your dudeness!
happy birthday dude meme

Llama Birthday Memes

Llamas are all the rage. Unicorns use to be a thing, but now – it’s all about the llama. Here are several llama birthday memes for sharing: This llama is so emo. No seriously, happy birthday!

no, seriously happy birthday!
llama birthday meme

Happy Birthday Gurrl! I can just hear this llama saying this.

birthday meme llama happy birthday gurrl

Funny Birthday Memes for Guys

Looking for that perfect funny for your guy? We’ve got them. From Star Wars to Chuck Norris – here are funny birthday memes for guys.

birthday memes for guys
birthday memes for guys

For the birthday guy that is a LEGEND.

Happy Birthday Sexy Beast meme for guys
funny birthday memes – austin powers

Star Wars

We are nerds at heart and of course, for the die hard Star Wars fans – we got you covered for those bday memes. Enjoy our entire collection of Star Wars birthday memes.

Chewbacca Star wars birthday meme
chewbacca meme

Better be invited to the birthday party!

Dont Forget to Invite Me - Birthday star wars meme

Happy Birthday, that’s the thing I have no wished. An aging birthday meme for your friend who isn’t getting any younger. Bonus points if they love Star Wars.

Star Wars old guy happy birthday

Chuck Norris Birthday Memes

Do you have a friend who just won’t stop with the Chuck Norris jokes? ME TOO.

chuck norris meme birthday means one more year that chuck norris has decided to let you keep breathing
funny chuck norris birthday memes

Here are the perfect images to share featuring good ol’ Chuck Norris and birthday greetings featuring quotes that only Chuck Norris would say.Chuck Norris doesn’t blow out the candles on his birthday cake he suffocates them with the weight of his stare.

chuck norris birthday meme
A. Chuck Norris birthday meme for those who know his powers.

Bob Ross Birthday Memes

Put a little happy into someone’s birthday with Bob Ross and his birthday wishes. 

birthday bob ross meme
Bob Ross Birthday Meme

Oh come on, who doesn’t want a happy birthday Bob Ross meme?

bob ross meme birthday: let's pain a happy birthday over here - dab dab dab
bob ross meme birthday

Let’s paint a happy birthday over here, dab dab dab.

party like bob ross meme birthday

Party like a Ross star! We don’t really know where the party idea goes – and Bob Ross doesn’t care.

We don't really know where this birthday party idea goes and im not sure I really care - bob ross birthday meme


Birthday Memes About Donald Trump

Because who doesn’t want a meme shared on their wall featuring the ex-president, Donald Trump himself. Don’t miss our huge collection of Donald Trump birthday memes.

mexico pay for the wine trump meme

When It’s Your Birthday Memes

Well… when it’s your birthday memes – of course. DUH. Post these on your friend’s Facebook wall when it’s their birthday

its your birthday meme pug
hey shorty its your birthday meme pug

Crazy Birthday Memes

When a normal meme just isn’t enough, you resort to crazy birthday memes for that special person who just can’t stay in the box.

funny birthday meme for men unicorn
funny birthday meme for men unicorn

Happy Birthday Cat Meme

We celebrated the dog people – now happy birthday cat memes for the feline type. Yes, the cat people. They too deserve a cat birthday meme on their special day celebrating a trip around the sun.

funny birthdya meme cat wine
happy birthday cat meme

I have a lot of questions in regards to cat happy birthday meme.

Happy birthday wishes from me and this cat meme
cat birthday cake meme

It’s your birthday – enjoy this in bread cat – let’s toast.

cute birthday meme cat i like to propose a toast
cat cute birthday meme

A very happy cat birthday meme.

Happy birthday have a mice day best fishes - funny cat birthday meme
Funny cat birthday memes

When you want someone to know how much you love cake. Is this cat sitting? Is this normal?

birthday cat meme - i want to wish you a very happy birthday just so you know i love cake
cake happy birthday cat meme

Who else has a husband who never takes his shoes up the stairs? This funny birthday graphic is for you! Or if you have a grump cat person that needs a little happy birthday – this meme is for you.

grumpy cat birthday memes

He ate the birdie. Grumpy cat birthday greeting for the grump in your life.

birthday cat meme

Happy Birthday Dog Meme

When celebrating someone who love doggos, send them one of our fabulous happy birthday dog memes.

happy birthday let's pawty
happy birthday dog lover meme

Dog birthday memes are a fun way to send birthday wishes digitally to those people who love their dogs.

happy birthday meme dog lover

When age becomes an issue, this I smell an old person birthday dog meme is perfect.

i smell an old person
happy birthday dog meme

Go shorty, it’s your birthday. Send this happy birthday dog meme to a Corgi friend.

go shorty it's your birthday
corgi birthday meme go shorty

Our little puppy is a pug and this is so much him. Feed me cake (you can make it dog friendly!)

birthday pug meme
birthday pug meme

Another year older? That’s ruff.

another year older? that's ruff
happy birthday meme dog

Yes, even those who swore they would never be dog people and now appreciate these funny birthday dog memes!

funny dog meme birthday
have a pawsome birthday

Some may even appreciate a birthday meme sent to their dog. Yes, there are people like that.

dog happy birthday meme
birthday dog meme

Sick Birthday Memes

In the time of quarantines, a pandemic and just the day-to-day sicknesses that come and go, being sick on your birthday is lame.

celebrating on lockdown birthday meme

Find ways to celebrate birthdays while in quarantine. Here is how we thru a social distance birthday.

Alone on Your Happy Birthday Memes

Share these Coronavirus birthday memes with your friends and family celebrating birthdays alone. At least now we may not eat birthday cake that has been blown on.

Social Isolated Birthday Memes

Or if you are celebrating a quarantine birthday.

spending birthday alone meme
spending birthday alone meme

Social isolation sucks, especially when you can’t celebrate your loved ones birthdays or have to spend a birthday alone.

coronavirus birthday party meme with no guests
birthday party meme

Happy Birthday on Minecraft

These birthday quarantine memes wont be funny to all, at least not this year. Anyone else have kids that had an online Minecraft birthday party?

Minecraft Birthday Quarantine meme
We celebrated her birthday on Minecraft because of the quarantine.

Quarantine Happy Bday

When you have to spend your birthday alone, someone better send you this happy birthday meme!

When its your birthday during quarantine baby yoda meme
Baby yoda meme birthday you happy

(And quarantine memes for social isolation funnies.)

More Memes for Birthdays

Can’t stop, won’t stop – here are even more memes for birthdays and celebrating the exit womb day. Send a meme Happy Birthday style to celebrate.

happy birthday meme exit womb day
funny meme happy birthday – exit the womb day

Memes for Your Birthday

When its your birthday – you won’t want to miss our entire collection of its my birthday memes.

it's my birthday give me cake bday meme

Here’s a taste of what you will find because you know you want to post on Facebook or Insta to announce the day of your birth.

Rudy from the Cosby Show – too bad that one guy ruined the show. Yes, I am talking about you Jello.

its my birthday where day liquor - rudy birthday meme

No Birthday Present Meme

Sorry, this meme birthday gift is all you are getting, but yay another year of you! Let’s be honest, who needs gifts that will go unused.

no birthday present meme

These bday memes can last on your Facebook wall forever. Memes > GIFTS or gadgets that the person might not even want. (But if you need a gift, shop our gift ideas.)

Born on the Same Day Meme

When you and your friend are born on the same day – this same birthday meme is a must share.

born on the same day meme birthday
born on the same day meme birthday

The perfect birthday twin meme.

birthday twin meme
birthday twin meme

Happy 50th Birthday Meme

50 is the new 40, right? Nothing says you are getting old like turning a half century.

say happy 50th birthday meme pulp fiction
say happy 50th birthday one more time

Celebrate with these happy 50th birthday memes.

50th birthday meme
one does not simply reach 50th birthday without a meme

Birthday Images for Men

Looking for a happy birthday meme for him – gotta love man humor. These happy birthday memes for men are just want you are looking for!

Happy age advancement day. I suppose congratulations are in order. 

age advancement birthday meme

Happy birthday to someone old enough to have lived through the hardships of not being able to Google something. 

Happy Birthday Husband Meme

For the man you vowed to do life with, let’s give it up for these funny birthday memes for husbands.

happy birthday to my husband
funny birthday meme for husband

Happy birthday from your wife. See all of our funny monkey memes for more humor for chimps.

happy birthday from your wife
funny husband birthday meme

To my husband. I Love you more than you annoy me, which is a whole lot. When marriage is a committment.

happy birthday husband funny meme
A funny birthday meme for the husband who annoys his wife.

A wife doesn’t simply not post a happy birthday meme for her husband. To the best husband ever.

happy birthday to the best husband ever jason bateman
husband birthday meme funny

Husband birthday it is. Celebrate we must. (For anytime of the year, send him a Star Wars meme.)

husband birthday it is, celebrate it we must.
birthday husband meme

Birthday Ex Husband Meme

Who says you can’t wish your ex a happy birthday? Say it with sarcasm.

sarcastic birthday meme ex husband
A sarcastic birthday meme for the ex-husband in your life.

Funny Birthday Images To Share With Friends

As we always say, funny memes are for sharing! We share memes often and hope that these happy birthday memes bring a smile to your face.

I hope your birthday is as awesome as your hair in high school funny happy birthday meme
Share this funny happy birthday meme for high school friend

More Memes about Birthdays

And continuing on with the bday fun, here are more memes about birthdays to share with your special bday friend or family member.

When it’s a bones day and your friend’s birthday share this!

happy birthday meme bones day
pug birthday meme

For the friend who loves Yellowstone and RIP. Don’t miss all of our Yellowstone memes including several for birthdays including a Beth Dutton feature!

yellowstone birthday meme rip
yellowstone birthday meme rip wheeler

Wish your friend a bday as perfect as Barbie. See all the barbie memes for more fun!

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funny birthday meme barbie

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happy birthday images funny ways to wish someone a wonderful bday

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