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50+ Funny Birthday Memes

Funny birthday memes are the first thing I turn to when I see it’s someone’s birthday on Facebook.

When people sing happy birthday meme

I’ve been collecting these over the years and thought, surely I am not the only one spreading birthday meme love to friends on their special day!

memes birthday funny

Let’s face it. Here we are in this weird year and celebrating birthdays just isn’t the same as it was in years past. So brighten someone’s day with a meme for their birthday.

Happy Birthday Memes

Here is a round-up of over 50+ funny birthday memes that made me LOL and will surely make your friend’s birthday on social media a little bit more special.

Birthday cat meme

We have a birthday meme for every type of friendship.

Coronavirus Birthday Memes

2020 has brought us the Coronavirus.


Social isolation sucks, especially when you can’t celebrate your loved ones birthdays or have to spend a birthday alone.


Share these Coronavirus birthday memes with your friends and family celebrating birthdays alone.

coronavirus birthday alone meme bill murray

Or if you are celebrating a quarantine birthday.

coronavirus birthday meme with no guests

Find ways to celebrate birthdays while in quarantine.


These quarantine memes wont be funny to all, at least not this year.

When its your birthday during quarantine baby yoda meme

Funny Birthday Memes – For the Friend with a Sense of Humor

There are certain friends that well, have a better sense of humor than other friends. If you are looking for a happy birthday meme with some lewdness, we got them.

have a lit birthday meme

Here are a few funny happy birthday memes for friends who can take a little jab and laugh. 

Happy Birthday for Her

The birthday candles wouldn’t be the only ones getting lit in the kitchen. 

i am so excited its your birthday a little bit of wee came out - funny birthday meme

I’m so excited it’s your birthday a little bit of wee came out. This meme for birthday excitement pee is amazing. 

birthday meme - happy birthday to one of hte few females whose bitchiness and sarcasm make the world a better place

Happy Birthday to one of the few females whose bitchiness and sarcasm make the world a better place.

happy birthday tinsel tits

Happy Birthday Tinsel Tits!


This funny happy birthday girl – is just an old slutbag! HA. I have just the friend for this one.


Happy Birthday you old Slutbag!

No Birthday Present Meme

Two secrets on your birthday: 1. Forget the past, you can’t change it. 2. Forget the present, I didn’t get you one. 

no birthday present meme

Funny Wine Birthday Memes

For the fellow wine lover on their birthday. Here are birthday memes that only wine lovers will appreciate. 

Age Gets Better With Wine

like wine we get better with age - happy birthday meme wine

Remember, age gets better with wine. Happy Birthday!

Joy and Wine!

birthday filled with wine

Joy and wine = a birthday well spent!

birthday wine meme

Live it up on your birthday like Leo!

Getting Older Like Wine Memes for Birthdays

Just think of aging on your birthday, like wine.

aging like fine wine birthday meme

Fine wine gets better with age.

dont worry about your age wine will make it better meme

Don’t worry about your age, wine will make it better!

Parter in Wine

birthday partner in wine

The perfect birthday meme for your wine drinking partner.

More Wine Birthday Memes

Because why not – here are more birthday images with wine. 

austin powers happy birthday image wine of a person

To a wine of a person. 

funny enjoy it to the last drop birthday meme

This funny birthday wine meme gives me hope for growing old and still enjoying the finer things in life… like wine.

mexico pay for the wine trump meme

Donald Trump says – Happy Birthday, Don’t worry Mexico will pay for the wine.

mora schitts creek wine birthday meme

Schitt Creek’s Mora tells you how it is in this funny birthday meme. 

happy birthday wine fruit salad

Wine, nah – fermented grapes, technically a fruit salad. 

wine o clock birthday meme

Happy Wine O’Clock Birthday!

rhymes with happy birthday wine

Funny wine birthday meme – you know what rhymes with Happy Birthday? WINE. 

Awesome Bottle of Wine

I bought you an awesome bottle of wine for your birthday! It tasted wonderful, I thought about you the entire time, though. 

wine birthday meme

Birthday Memes for Mom

Don’t forget about mama! These birthday memes for mom will have her smiling, crying or rolling her eyes. Just don’t forget to wish your mama a happy birthday (at least wish mom a happy birthday on Facebook.) She did birth you and all.

Bad Moms Birthday

bad mom happy birthday lets drink to aging like fine wine

Happy Birthday! Let’s drink to aging like fine wine. The Bad mom birthday meme for all those moms who like to party (ps we don’t think you are bad!) 

Minion Mom Birthday Meme

birthday mom minion meme

Mom, age is just a number and jail is just a room! Happy Birthday Mother!

Elvis Birthday Meme for Mom

elvis birthday meme for mom

For the birthday mom who loves Elvis. Happy Birthday, very much.

Dog Mom Birthday Meme

happy birthday mom dog meme

This birthday meme for mom is perfect for the mother who loves dogs or the dog mom, happy birthday!

Make a Wish!

make a birthday wish mom

Make a birthday wish, mom!

Annoying Child Birthday Meme for Mom

mom birthday meme from kid

The perfect birthday meme for mom from the annoying child. Don’t worry – she still loves you.


mom mom mom birthday meme stewie

In the words of the great Stewie – MOM MOM MOM MOMMY MOM – Happy Birthday!

Best Mom in the World Birthday Meme

singing happy birthday to mom meme

To the best mom in the whole world, happy birthday.

Birthday Stripper Meme for Mom

stripper birthday mom meme

If you are going to get mom a stripper for her birthday, please make it a man clown like this one. Mom and her friends will LOVE this birthday mom meme when you post it on her Facebook wall. 

MAGA Mom Birthday Meme

trump birthday mom meme

For the MAGA mom who supports Donald, this Trump birthday meme is perfect.

Betty White Birthday Memes

Oh, Betty White memes – how I love thee. If your loved one adores Betty – these Betty White birthday memes will be everything.

Getting Older

Betty White Birthday Funny

Betty White Meme – The older you get, the better you get unless you’re a banana. 

Have a Betty White Birthday

birthday betty white meme

Party like Betty White would! 

Betty and Wine

betty white birthday meme

Drink up, blah blah blah Happy Birthday and WINE. 

Golden Girls Birthday Memes

golden girls happy birthday mom shady pines meme

Not a Betty White meme, but if you love Betty – surely you will love this Golden Girls meme! Another year closer to Shady Pines!

golden girl birthday meme betty white

As the Golden Girls would say, Happy Birthday – Stay Golden, Girl!

golden girls birthday meme gangsta sophia

Getting Old Birthday Memes

For that loved one who is aging, these getting old memes are the perfect reminder that time is passing quickly. If someone has had way too many birthdays – these are the ones to share, buts hare with caution! Some people are so sensitive, sheesh!

- Memes

Happy birthday to someone old enough to have lived through the hardships of not being able to Google something. 

age advancement day featuring ron swanson meme

Happy age advancement day. I suppose congratulations are in order. 

no energy birthday

How many birthdays did you say you’ve had?

candle birthday cake

Your face when they tell you the correct number of candles on their birthday cake.

birthday dirty old fart

Happy Birthday you dirty old fart!

funeral birthday

Got a birthday card from the funeral home, i’m not impressed. They only want me for my body. 

austin powers birthday meme

Your birthday reminds me of the old Chinese scholar: YUNG NO MO.

dwight birthday

Dwight Schrute Meme – Age is just a number. FALSE: Age is a word.

dorothy birthday meme

Funny Happy Birthday Friend Memes

For friends who you need to post more than just the words Happy Birthday to… gift them with one of these happy birthday friend memes. 

best friend birthday meme

Best friend birthday meme – here, have a banana!

smiles its your birthday friend meme

Smile! It’s your birthday!

beautiful birthday friend meme

Keep it generic but sentimental. 

adele birthday meme

Adele Birthday Meme – perfect for your friends who love Adele!

napoleon dynamite friend birthday meme

Napoleon Dynamite says – so we are pretty much best friends. Happy flippin’ birthday, gosh!

happy birthday friend meme

Happy Birthday, my friend. 

time of your life birthday meme

Have the time of your life on your birthday.

high school friend birthday

Perfect funny birthday image for your high school friends. I hope your birthday is as awesome as your hair was in high school!

meme for birthday friend

Happy Birthday Friend meme!

enjoy the cake

Slow it down, but enjoy eating that cake!

older than me birthday meme

You are always older than me. 

Richard Simmons Birthday Memes

Oh Richard. Did you listen to the Missing Richard Simmons podcast? FASCINATING. He has always been one of my favorites and come on – Richard Simmons memes are so funny because they are so what you see of his personal persona!

richard simmons

Bringing Richard Simmons out of retirement to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

OMG Richard Simmons Birthday

OMG It’s your birthday

richard simmons birthday sexy beast

Happy Birthday you SEXY BEAST.

Sloth Birthday Memes

Because Kristen Bell isn’t the only one who loves slothes! Send your sloth loving friend a sloth birthday meme! (Also slothes are often associated with Enneagram 9 type

sloth happy birthday meme

Sloth says Happy Birthday!

hope you birthday is awesome sloth meme

Hope your birthday is awesome!

bff sloth birthday meme

For your BFF, this birthday sloth image is everything. We’re so different, yet we remain loyal. 

sloth birthday wish

Sloth wishing you a Happy Birthday!

happy birthday friend sloth

Viral Birthday Memes

office space birthday meme

Yeah, about that. 

Stevie Wonder Birthday Meme

Oh Stevie.

napoleon dynamite birthday

Did you hear there is a Napoleon Dynamite sequel coming out? Yes, unrelated – but AWESOME.

Llama Birthday Memes

Llamas are all the rage. Unicorns use to be a thing, but now – it’s all about the llama. Here are several llama birthday memes for sharing: 

Sexy Llama Birthday

This llama is so emo. 

seriously llama birthday

Happy Birthday Gurrl

birthday meme llama happy birthday gurrl

I wanted your birthday fun to last so I got your card, llamanated.

llama birthday graphic - i wanted your birthday fun to las so i got your card llamanated - llama pun

Funny Birthday Memes for Guys

Looking for that perfect funny for your guy? We’ve got them. From Star Wars to Chuck Norris – here are funny birthday memes for guys.

Star Wars Birthday Memes

We are nerds at heart and of course, we love to share some Star Wars memes that bring a chuckle! (Speaking of chuckle, don’t miss the Chuck Norris quote memes below.)

Chewbacca Star wars happy birthday meme

Yoda is throwing shade in this funny star wars birthday meme!

yoda birthday greeting

Don’t forget!

luke skywalker photo birthday

Totally understand, Star Wars dude.

Star Wars old guy happy birthday

Does it get much better than a Pug in a Yoda hat wishing you a happy birthday?

pug yoda hat birthday greeting funny birthday meme for guys

Gotta love Jabba the Hut and his birthday greeting.

Jabba the Hut wishing a happy birthday cake

The empire wishes you a happy bday!

darth vadar holding a birthday cake

You day it is celebrate you must.

yoda birthday celebrate must

I mean COME ON. Luke Skywalker channeling Bob Ross. This is birthday meme for guys gold.

Bob Ross Star Wars Millennium Falcon Painting for Birthday

Hans solo arrives alone.

hans solo birthday graphic

Yoda birthday greetings – happy you will have.

yoda birthday happy graphic

Chuck Norris Birthday Memes

Do you have a friend who just won’t stop with the Chuck Norris jokes? ME TOO. Here are the perfect images to share featuring good ol’ Chuck Norris and birthday greetings featuring quotes that only Chuck Norris would say.

Chuck Norris birthday meme

Chuck Norris suffocates them with the weight of his stare.

Chuck Norris Birthday

Happy Chuck Norris.

Happy Birthday Chuck Norris Meme

He allows you to live another year, thanks Chuck!

Chuck Norris Meme

Bob Ross Birthday Memes

Put a little happy into someone’s birthday with Bob Ross and his birthday wishes. 

happy birthday bob ross

Oh come on, who doesn’t want a happy birthday Bob Ross meme?

bob ross painting meme

Party like a Ross star!

party like bob ross

Put a little happy, everywhere!

Happy Birthday Bob Ross

Can’t you just hear Bob Ross saying this?

Bob Ross Birthday Meme

We don’t really know where the party idea goes – and Bob Ross doesn’t care. 

Bob Ross Birthday

Donald Trump Birthday Memes

Because who doesn’t want a meme shared on their wall featuring the President, Donald Trump himself. Despite what you think politically, these are pretty hilarious…. 

mexico birthday trump

Trump wants to see your birth certificate.

Birth Certificate Trump

It is getting hotter in here, or is Trump ready to ruin your friend’s birthday with this meme?

Trump Meme Cake

Make your friend’s birthday great again by sharing this Birthday Trump meme!

MAGA birthday meme

I’m just hair to wish you… oh come on!

hair trump birthday

A funny Trump birthday graphic to wish your MAGA friend the best birthday ever.

best happy birthday donald trump

Nobody can wish a better bday than Trump. uhm.

donald trump meme birthday

Share these Trump smooches with your favorite birthday friend.

donald trump birthday

When It’s Your Birthday Memes

Well… when it’s your birthday memes – of course. DUH.

birthday tomorrow
maury polvich reading my birthday meme

My Birthday Memes

Apparently these are also known as My Birthday Memes. Now you know, and so do I. It’s your birthday, what do you post on Facebook? 

kevin hart birthday graphic
my birthday meme

Post this on your Facebook profile on your birthday. Who doesn’t love Zach Galifanakis (and yes, his last name is misspelled because holy hell that is a complicated last name.)

my birthday meme

Rudy from the Cosby Show – too bad that one guy ruined it!

- Memes

I mean, Queen Elizabeth saying this – can totally see this.

its your birthday meme

If you are an Obama fan, here is the perfect birthday Obama meme!

obama birthday graphic

Enjoy yourself on your birthday!

baby birthday meme

Birthday Cat Memes

We can’t forget the cat lover on their birthday. I really think cat memes are shared more than any other meme! 

funny cat birthday meme

A very happy cat birthday meme.

cat cake

Who else has a husband who never takes his shoes up the stairs? This funny birthday graphic is for you!

grumpy birthday

Well, this isn’t very happy – but if you are looking for a sad birthday meme – Grumpy cat brings it.

grumpy cat birthday

He ate the birdie.

grumpy meme

Control that excitement.

Birthday cat

Happy Birthday from me and the cat.

birthday cat meme friend

Funny Birthday Images To Share With Friends

There you go. Over 50 funny birthday graphics, images and memes to share on your friend’s timeline, email, twitter or wherever! 

Share this on your bday!

Same Birthday Meme

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