Daylight Savings Memes 2020

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Daylight Savings Memes – Time is Changing – Share these Images about Daylight Savings Time

It’s that time again. You know where either you lose an hour or gain an hour. You know, also known as the worse thing to happen to parents of little children. Yes, I am talking about daylight saving time. 

daylight saving time meme

Before jumping into the funny daylight saving time memes, here is info you need to know.

2020 Daylight Savings Time Dates FAQ

daylight saving time 2020

When is Spring 2020 Daylight Saving Time?

unday, March 8, 2019 is the Spring 2020 daylight savings time date. You will want to move clocks forward – Spring Forward – LOSE AN HOUR! (even worse for parents!)

When is Fall 2020 Daylight Saving Time?

Sunday, November 3, 2019 is the Fall 2019 daylight savings time date. Make sure you move clocks back – Fall Back – GAIN AN HOUR! (unless you are a parent, then nope!)

Is It Daylight Savings or Daylight Saving Time?

It’s technically Daylight Saving Time which I think is bologna. You do you.

What Time Does Daylight Savings Time Start?

Daylight savings time starts at 2:00 am which means technically on Sunday when you wake up – it will be either an hour ahead or an hour behind.

Daylight Savings Memes

In honor of changing the clock, we give you the BEST daylight savings memes for either spring or fall.

dear daylight savings no thanks meme

Dear Daylight Savings Time – NO THANKS.

daylight savings time meme friday

Remind me again, why aren’t we doing this on Friday at 4pm?

Spring Daylight Savings Memes

The spring daylight saving time you spring forward, which means the sunset later but also on the day of you lose an hour!


We’ve sucked one hour of your life away. Tell me, how do you feel?


The hour we lose this weekend, was the one I was planning to go to the gym. 

best daylight savings time memes

Don’t be late for church! Set your clocks forward, you must.

Fall Daylight Savings Memes

In the Fall, the clock falls forward. This means an hour less of the sun but you do gain an hour on the day of daylight saving.

move the scale back daylight savings meme

If only it worked like this. Don’t forget to set your scale back 10 pounds! source: Keto Dirty

sunset excuses

I will now be blaming all of my problems on the sun setting early.


Clocks Change at 2:00 am 

This is absolutely a brilliant way to adjust your clock after DST! By the way, just in case you need to know this – on the morning of daylight savings time – clocks change at 2:00 am.


Parent Memes for Daylight Savings

Sorry parents, daylight savings really does suck for us! I know it’s hard when the kids are babies and toddlers, but don’t worry – it doesn’t get that much better when they are older either. Make sure to share these parent memes for daylight savings time with your friends who have little kids! 

time change parent meme

Nothing, us parents get nothing but kids with messed up sleep schedules. 

May the odds be in your favor.

survive daylight savings meme

Daylight Savings Time changes the clocks at 2am. What does this mean to you as a parent? NOTHING! 

parenting memes

End the time change, parents can’t do it!


Moms be hating Daylight savings time. 

i just love DAYllight savings time said no mom ever

Maxine Memes

Maxine knows…

We lost an hour last night but look on the bright side. We're that much closer to happy hour - maxine

Tonight we turn our clocks back an hour. That means the microwave will start blinking at 11:00 pm.


More Memes About Daylight Savings

Daylight savings time on Sunday should always be followed by a national holiday on Monday!

changing to daylight savings time on sunday should always be followed by a national holiday on monday

Spring forward – the only faster way to lose an hour of your life on Pinterest. (true story.)


I refuse to observe daylight savings time – feed me now, or suffer consequences.


This guy, always about the aliens! 


I don’t know what daylight savings time is, and at this point i’m too afraid to ask. 


Not sure if I’m getting an extra hour of sleep or an extra hour to stay up. 

daylight savings in arizona

Hawaii and most of Arizona does NOT participate in DST! Also to note,  In different parts of the world, Daylight Savings Time dates vary. 

Cher Turn Back Time Memes

Oh CHER! Because of her turn back time song, Cher turn back time memes and Daylight savings memes will forever reign. 

Fall Cher Daylight Savings Memes

turn back time cher meme

Here is a FALL Daylight Savings meme of share – fall, Cher turn back time! 


Don’t forget to CHER with your friends!


Spring Cher Daylight Savings Memes


Share this Cher memes before Spring daylight savings – spring forward to make your day more sonny.


You’re not turning back time this weekend, you are springing forward

Spring Forward Fall Back

Since it’s SPRING (despite the frigid temperatures) – in Spring we spring forward – which means we LOSE an hour. In Fall we fall back – meaning we gain an hour. Yes, I like you enjoy fall much better. But on the positive – we will be able to enjoy the sun for an extra hour each day. 


We hope you enjoyed these Daylight Savings memes and that your kids don’t turn into crazies! Cheers to SPRING!

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