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Baby Memes – 20+ Funny Images for First Time Moms!

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Funny Baby Memes – because laughing is so much better than crying!

Mamas, I am thinking about you this morning. A friend who I had babies with recently had a new baby. Seeing her photo this morning on Facebook hit me hard in a few different ways.

funny baby memes for first time moms and parents

Babies make my ovaries explode. I loved being pregnant, the baby stage and all that motherhood has to offer. The good, bad, ugly – it all makes for an amazing adventure. 

baby meme about ovaries

Funny Baby Memes

I am a big fan of laughing thru the hard times. Oh, I cry too – but try to leave that for the shower. If you are a parent that needs a good laugh – or better yet… one of the best FREE gifts you can give a new mom (or really ANY mom!) is the gift of a giggle, smile or laugh.

fat baby thighs meme - if one more person asks if i sell tire
Fat baby thighs are the best.

These funny baby memes will do just that. Humor through relatability is gold! SO, give that mama that you know a free gift by sharing this post of funny baby memes with her.

Or hey, we are big fans of dads too – so share this post and make their day!

baby teeth meme
baby meme – why babies are born without teeth

Can we just give praise hands that babies aren’t born with a full set of teeth. Though I do have a cousin who was born with a tooth or two! Baby born with teeth? No worries, it’s normal for babies to have teeth at birth.

Okay, this totally makes me want to have another kid. Eyebrows on babies should be a requirement.

baby eyebrows meme

When you are reborn and start seeing the people that owed you money from your previous life.

past life baby meme


funny baby fart meme

Cry Baby Memes

All babies cry and so do mamas. These cry baby memes are funny enough to make you laugh cry!

This dad totally nailed it.

smart dad meme

It’s okay kid – cry it out now because when you are older society sucks and looks down on crying. BUT your generation can change this, kid!

cry baby meme

Maybe this is why babies cry. No baby making for mom and dad with a screaming infant!

cry baby funny meme

Oh the tears! Let the dog just lick him!

crying baby

First Time Parent Memes

First time parents, fear not – it gets better. Then you have another kid, then another and then YET another (don’t ask how I know!) – and you don’t even remember life without kids!

ugly baby meme

Seriously, I think the third baby is when you are like WHATEVER.

Baby Boob Memes

Baby boob memes because any mom that’s given birth knows the struggle is real. Even for those of us who didn’t breastfeed – post-baby boobs yall.

pre baby boob meme

Boobs for breakfast, lunch and dinner! 

boobs for dinner

Breastfeeding 101.

boob meme

When the kid wants a boob, the kid wants a boob.

boob meme baby

Breastfeeding Memes

Alright nursing mamas – these breastfeeding memes are just for you.  (Don’t miss our mom memes!)

Online shopping and breastfeeding go hand-in-hand, right? M

online shopping breastfeeding meme

Mama was trying to get a spray tan, but apparently the baby needed to eat before the boobs were clean!

breastfeeding spray tan meme

Teething and nursing – yikes.

teething while breastfeeding meme

Dad just doesn’t have the right feeding equipment installed.

breastfeeding baby meme

Breastfeeding a teething baby be like.

breastfeed teeth baby

Creative dads are the best, especially when it comes to breastfeeding.

creative dad

Dad, you were totally busted.

baby breastfeeding meme

Memes About Baby Sleeping

Let’s face it. Sleep after baby just isn’t the same as sleep before baby. It gets better. Yes, it may take 8 years – but eventually babies do sleep!

eye contact baby meme

Baby can sleep thru anything, except mom closing her eyes. Let the mom sleep!

baby sleeping meme

How long did you wait to move your baby from your room to their nursery? We spend so much time and money on this baby nursery and then they don’t even sleep there! Isn’t that just the funniest. Too soon? (Remember, it’s been 8 years for me!

Sharing the Bed

I cant now laugh! We bought a new house thinking the kid needed his own room. He slept with us until he was a toddler than he insisted on sharing a room.) 

baby sleeping meme

Or let mom sneak away to Target for a sanity break.

baby sleep meme

Newborn Memes

Those first few days with a newborn are so precious, challenging, scary, but oh so lovely. If you have a newborn, soak it all in – every single second. And then exhale and let someone help you!

Labor y’all. Do I really need to say more?

long labor meme

When baby wants to just go back to the womb.

put me back

I so love those first few days with a newborn when they are learning all the things – like what are these things – oh HANDS! And that baby smell, oh I love new baby smell before the world contaminates them.

newborn baby meme

More Baby Memes

The funny baby memes continues! These hilarious baby photos with captions just kill me. 

we meet again

Oh girl. Baby bath time fun.

triplet baby planned

Smart kid. 

that wasnt an airplane baby meme

Baby Playing with Poop

You guys, my kid did this – but with poop and on more than one occasion. It was not pretty and it was very smelly.  That’s right a baby playing with poop could be in your future. Welcome to parenting.

quiet baby meme

Pee all you want kid, just make sure you have a diaper on.

im gonna pee funny baby meme

Baby knows whats up with peek-a-boo.

funny baby meme peekaboo

Future gymnast! 

baby reacts to grass

Gotta love those “surprises” from babes!

baby poop

Should I wear a diaper today or a diaper?

baby diaper meme

Share the Baby Memes!

There you have it. The most hilarious and funny baby memes on the internet. Don’t miss our complete collection of funny memes.

Memes are meant for sharing. We just ask that you tag us on social @digitalmomblog or link back to this post or link back to That said, PLEASE share away!

This post will hit home with so many parents. With as much chaos there is in the world today, getting a funny meme from a friend reminds me that sometimes we just need to laugh. Now that is done, let’s get on with the memes!

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