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Early Christmas Memes – Funny Xmas Decorating Before Nov 1

Okay, this is a HOT topics. Early Christmas Memes – raise your hand if you are one of those people, you know who you are.

Raise those hands and raise them high. WE LOVE celebrating Christmas 25% of the year which means decorating as soon as October hits.

Funny Early Christmas Memes

For those of us who have Buddy the Elf syndrome or maybe you just love celebrating Jesus’ birthday, we have the best early Christmas memes to share.

Share these early Christmas memes and irritate those who don’t appreciate those of us who decorate too early for this glorious holiday.

early christmas memes funny
early christmas memes – for those of us who like to decorate for christmas early

Are you an early Christmas decorator? Let’s do a quick evaluation to see if you qualify. Do you celebrate Christmas in October (or September, no judgement here!) – well these memes are for you.

Has anyone said that you are part of the people who play Christmas music too early?

christmas music too early meme

Or you are someone who decorates for Christmas too soon?

christmas tree too early meme

Ignore the haters and welcome to the early Christmas club. It is quite lovely and merry here.

When poeple are putting up Christmas decor in November
early christmas decorating meme

The Christmas tree is up before Thanksgiving, lights are hung and ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS if playing on your Alexa.

star wars darth vadar elf - christmas meme i find your christmas spirit lacking
I find your lack of Christmas spirit disturbing

You are my people. I keep seeing these hilarious memes about people who decorate too early for Christmas and all I can think about is this is ME. I feel SEEN.

Premature Christmas Meme
This premature Christmas meme is totally something my son would send me!

Early Christmas memes forever, because as I tell my son who complains about putting lights up early – just think of it like we are celebrating baby Jesus early.

Christmas in November Meme

Funny Early Christmas Memes

So if you are one of us early Christmas decorators, these funny early Christmas memes are for you.

When the Temperature Drops - Early Christmas Funny

When the temperature drops, I’m ready for it. Ugly Christmas sweater and all!

Early Christmas Decorations

Too early to decorate? YOU DO NOT KNOW ME.

Never Too Early For Christmas Decorations

It’s never too early for Christmas decorations if you never take them down! We left a Christmas tree up one year in the kids’ playroom. Each holiday, we decorated the tree for the holiday. BONUS, when Christmas rolled around – it was already setup and ready for decor! And yes, Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving is okay.

No Christmas Before Thanksgiving Memes

Are you one of the early Christmas decorator haters? You know who you are! The ones that complain when you see Christmas lights up at the neighbors house or comment on your friend’s Christmas tree up before Thanksgiving post.

Christmas Lights Before Thanksgiving Meme

These No Christmas before Thanksgiving Memes are for you.

Distracted Early Christmas

Distracted boyfriend meme becomes a NO Santa before Turkey meme.

Christmas Before Thanksgiving - Santa Reindeer - Early Christmas Humor

For every Christmas light lit before Thanksgiving, an elf kills a baby reindeer. I think Santa may need to find a new animal to take him from house to house. Reindeers will be on the endangered list if this is the case.

Christmas in November

Getting into the Christmas Spirit

Ready to join in on the premature fun? Here are more early Christmas memes with a theme of getting into the Christmas spirit!

Christmas Spirit - Funny Christmas Meme

Rum, Christmas decorations, lights on the house, and Christmas music on every speaker. Let’s get into the Christmas Spirit with these hilarious memes about early Christmas!

Give me all the rum – let’s get into the Christmas spirit!

Christmas November 1 - Early Christmas Humor Meme

When the clock strikes midnight, Halloween will end then BAM Christmas carols everywhere. Because EARLY CHRISTMAS IS AWESOME.

When Christmas Music Starts Playing in November funny early christmas meme

When you hear that first Christmas song (and chances are it’s ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS YOU by Mariah Carey.) via

Watch Christmas Movies Instead of Work - Christmas Humor

When all you want to do is stay home and watch Christmas movies but you have to go to work. Good news, it’s 2020 and most of us work from home.

Christmas Vacation Meme - Early Christmas Humor

Never trust anyone who doesn’t quote Christmas Vacation at least 10 times over the next 8 weeks. Or at least post Christmas vacation memes.

2021 Early Christmas is Just Fine

You guys, we have said it before and it will be said many more times. 2020 was the WORSE YEAR EVER. And as much as this eternal optimist, Enneagram 7 would love to tell you how fabulous 2021 is, it’s failing us. Thanks Delta Variant.

If someone tells you its too early for christmas music walk away

Anyways, if you need to cope with life by decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving (or Halloween) – you do you. (don’t miss our Halloween memes!) This year has thrown us for a loop. And if anything, maybe by decorating early, Christmas will feel like it comes sooner.

Oh you've already put your Christmas tree up? That's nothing I'm already drunk for St. Patrick's Day

Anything we can do to speed up time and get past all of this crap that 2020 has brought us.

Share the Early Christmas Memes

We have a ton of Digital Mom Blog Christmas content from the past 11 years that this has been a thing.

christmas protest meme
ignore the haters – decorate for christmas whenever you want

As we always say, funny memes are for sharing! We share memes often and hope that these funny early Christmas memes bring a smile to your face. Please share away, we do appreciate a tag on social media if you do share one of our memes about decorating for Christmas early.

Early Christmas Memes is a part of Digital Mom Blog Funny Memes series