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20+ Funny Thanksgiving Memes 2021 – Gobbles of Laughs

We all need some funny Thanksgiving memes for 2021 because if we don’t laugh, we may just cry!

You guys, we have survived 10 months and November is here, let’s kick this month off with some laughs about all things Thanksgiving. From the bird, to seeing family, here are the memes about Thanksgiving for you to share.

funny thanksgiving memes turkey
best thanksgiving memes

Thanksgiving Memes 2021

While Thanksgiving dinner at your house may look a little different this year, turkey is turkey. From eating the beloved bird to overeating – we are laughing at the best parts of this beloved holiday.

Funny Thanksgiving Food Everywhere

Be safe. However you celebrate, even if it includes a funeral for your turkey – remember that 2020 has not been fun but the rona is real! (Don’t miss our Coronavirus memes.)

Thinking About Thanksgiving Memes

Thanksgiving day isn’t even here, but thinking about all the food has us all like:

Funny Thanksgiving Meme about Thanksgiving Dinner Gravy and Mashed Potatoes

Me thinking about Thanksgiving – boating thru a sea of homemade mashed potatoes and gravy.

when you smell thanksgiving dinner meme

The smell of Thanksgiving dinner is what foodie’s dreams are made of.


Who’s ready for some turkey?


Homemade mashed potato dreams.

Thanksgiving Food Meme
thanksgiving meme funny

That smile on your face on Thanksgiving when the food is served.

Thanksgiving Pants

What are you wearing on Thanksgiving?


Joey from Friends and his fancy turkey eating Thanksgiving pants.

Thanksgiving Outfit - Turkey Pants

Turkey pants, you guys. How GREAT are these. Pair them with pearls. Available on Amazon – yes you can buy these and yes, laughs will be had.


Maternity pants, brilliant for eating a lot of food.

Dressing Up for Thanksgiving

I never understood why we get so dressed up for Thanksgiving either. Though, those turkey pants – I would totally wear those.

Eating Too Much on Thanksgiving

When you eat too much on Thanksgiving. Been there, done that.

Thanksgiving Food Baby meme
Food baby! Who else develops a small stomach pooch on Thanksgiving that may look like a baby but actually is just a Thanksgiving food baby? This meme about overeating nails it.

When your table is too small to hold all of the food!

Too much Thanksgiving Food meme s

These funny memes about Thanksgiving and eating too much are relatable.

When your table is too small for all of the food!

Eating too much on Thanksgiving - Funny Meme

How I feel about overeating after Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving and Chill Meme

The Thanksgiving and chill is real.

how i feel after thanksgiving meme
how I feel after thanksgiving meme

Thanksgiving Leftover Memes

Personally, I don’t think enough praise is done for the Thanksgiving leftovers. We make extras of our favorites and eat Thanksgiving leftovers for the week following Turkey day.

Thanksgiving Leftovers Meme

TRUE STORY: We get so sick of turkey that we typically do tamales and Mexican food on Christmas!ving and chill is real.

Giving Away Thanksgiving Leftovers - Funny Meme about Thanksgiving

When your mom gives away Thanksgiving leftovers – OH NO YOU DON’T!

Funny Thanksgiving Meme about Leftovers

Thanksgiving leftovers for weeks. The best part of the holiday if you ask me!

Funny Thanksgiving Memes about Washing Dishes

Who ends up doing the Thanksgiving dishes? If it is you, you will find these memes about washing dishes relatable. Also, perhaps come prepared by buying disposable Thanksgiving tableware. No judgement here.

Dirty Dishes Meme

Dirty dishes EVERYWHERE. That’s right, Buzz. And guess who gets to do all of that dish washing?

Thanksgiving Meme about Washing Dishes

Thoughts and prayers to everyone who has to do the dishes on Thanksgiving night.

Thanksgiving Meme about Washing Dishes with Ryan Gossling

Hey Girl, if only Ryan Gossling would show up and do the dishes – that would make a great fundraiser.

More Funny Thanksgiving Memes for Sharing

Spam Turkey Thanksgiving Dinner Recipe Meme

Spam turkey for Thanksgiving – yeah, this is a hard pass. Apparently now, there is Spam Turkey – like spam flavored like turkey. It’s really a thing and I am not sure I am okay with this, though it does feel VERY 2020.

Taking Photos on Thanksgiving Meme

We’ve seen the photos, we are all eating the same things for Thanksgiving y’all. But yes, I will still take Thanksgiving photos!

Seconds on Thanksgiving - Funny Thanksgiving Meme

My kid is always eating seconds before anyone else has gotten their food for Thanksgiving dinner! Every single year – and the rolls, he eats all of the rolls. Thankfully I like me.

Star Wars Thanksgiving meme

A Star Wars Thanksgiving meme is a must. What would Dark Vadar serve? Dark meat, of course.

Thanksgiving Pie Meme

There is always room for pie.

Calories on Thanksgiving - Funny Meme

Calories don’t count on Thanksgiving day. But if you are eating keto, here are some tips.

Star Wars Meme about Thanksgiving

Yes, one more piece of pie. Preferably pecan pie.

Thanksgiving Rules

Yes, there are certain states and countries that are limiting Thanksgiving get togethers. This meme about Thanksgiving 2020 is something I am hoping that we will look back on and laugh at. This as a Thanksgiving meme 2021, maybe too soon!

2021 THANKSGIVING MEME about limits

Thanksgiving 2021

I hope these 2021 Thanksgiving memes brought you some laughs. Please share and enjoy our entire collection of funny memes. We just asked that you link back to this page and tag us on social!

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