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Funny Thanksgiving Memes 2023 Laughs to Celebrate Turkey Day

We all need some funny Thanksgiving memes for 2023 because if we don’t laugh, we may just cry!

From the bird, to seeing family, we are bringing the humor with these hilarious memes about Thanksgiving for you to share.

funny thanksgiving memes turkey
best thanksgiving memes

Hilarious Funny Thanksgiving Memes 2023

We are back in full swing in 2023 for a normal holiday. We are bringing the hilarious funny Thanksgiving memes 2023.

thanksgiving memes 2022
thanksgiving memes 2023

You guys, we have survived 10 months and November is here, let’s kick this month off with some laughs about all things Thanksgiving.

Funny Thanksgiving Food Everywhere
thanksgiving food meme

Jimmy Falon’s thank you turkeys, makes the slay Thanksgiving meme. Don’t miss these hilariously funny turkey memes.

thanks you turkeys for being really well fed all this week and probably thinking man november is the best
thankgiving meme 2023

I don’t know who else dreams of kayaking in mashed potatoes, but may this funny Thanksgiving meme play in your head every time anyone mentions mashed potatoes.

this is me dreaming of thanksgiving
funny thanksgiving meme

Boating thru a sea of homemade mashed potatoes and gravy sounds like a dream.

Thanks on Thanksgiving Meme

Let’s remember to give thanks on Thanksgiving. You know, since it kind of is the point on the day and all.

thanksgiving thanks meme
thanksgiving thanks meme

Rent a Girlfriend for Thanksgiving

When you are dreading your mom asking about marriage, this rent a girlfriend Thanksgiving meme nails the perfect date. It just comes at a price.

rent a girlfriend for thanksgiving special holiday date to make mom happy
rent a girlfriend thanksgiving meme

From eating the beloved bird to overeating – we are laughing at the best parts of this beloved holiday with the best hilarious Thanksgiving memes.

Thanks Giving Meme

Give out that gratitude and thankfulness like Oprah gives out cars.

giving thanks be like, you get a thank you. thankful for all of you.
thanks giving meme

Day Before Thanksgiving Memes

Try not to last minute grocery shop, or if you do – order online for delivery. This day before Thanksgiving meme is my face having to deal with the grocery store and food shopping.

me at the grocery store the day before thanksgiving
day before thanksgiving meme

Every mom the day before Thanksgiving, realizing she is the only one who will be doing the cooking and cleaning to make sure everyone has a special holiday.

realizing you are the only
one who will be cooking and cleaning for thanksgiving
thanksgiving meme funny

Pre Thanksgiving Meme

Fasting before the feast is what me and this pre Thanksgiving meme are talking about.

Eating 24 hours before Thanksgiving dinner. Eating anything & everything at Thanksgiving dinner
pre thanksgiving meme

Come to dinner hungry, it makes the meal all that much better!

Thanksgiving Dinner Memes

Let’s hear it for the main course, the Thanksgiving dinner memes!

This Thanksgiving meme is all of us who fast all day waiting to binge on a big dinner. The smell of turkey and sides baking is what foodie’s dreams are made of.

the face you make when you smell thanksgiving dinner cooking
thanksgiving dinner cooking meme

Kids eating only Macaroni and Cheese for Thanksgiving dinner, sounds about right. Enjoy these funny parenting memes for more humor about raising kids.

little me eating only the macaroni & Cheese for thanksgiving dinner
baby yoda thanksgiving meme macaroni and cheese

Just laying here thinking of all of the things that will be at dinner. Homemade mashed potato dreams.


The wait for dinner to be ready, you’d think these savages – I mean guests haven’t eaten in weeks!

the wait for thanksgiving dinner to be served is real
funny thanksgiving dinner meme

That smile on your face on Thanksgiving when the food is served.

Thanksgiving Food Meme
thanksgiving meme funny

Friends Thanksgiving Memes

For the love of the hit 90s TV show Friends. What do you get when you mix Joey, Rachel, Ross, Phoebe, Joey and Monica with the Thanksgiving holiday? Funny Friends Thanksgiving memes, of course.

happy thanksgiving friends
happy thanksgiving friends meme

When you don’t take Thanksgiving very serious.

this is how serious i take thanksgiving
friends thanksgiving meme

Thanksgiving Pants Meme

What are you wearing on Thanksgiving? Be like Joey. Where the stretchy, all-you-can-eat Thanksgiving pants.

thanksgiving pants meme

Turkey pants, you guys. How GREAT are these. Pair them with pearls. Available on Amazon – yes you can buy these and yes, laughs will be had.

Thanksgiving Outfit - Turkey Pants

Joey from Friends and his fancy turkey eating Thanksgiving pants, or maternity pants. Might as well pull out the old pregnancy pants and put them to good use!

thanksgiving pants

I never understood why we get so dressed up for Thanksgiving either. Though, those turkey pants – I would totally wear those.

Dressing Up for Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Memes

When you want to be funny, but also genuine – these happy Thanksgiving memes cover both.

happy thanksgiving
bobs burgers thanksgiving meme

Leave it to this Happy Thanksgiving yoda meme to share the truths about the true meaning of this November holiday.

a very happy thanksgiving it will be if grateful you are
happy thanksgiving yoda meme

And you can’t do the big without the small. Here’s a Happy Thanksgiving baby Yoda meme.

happy thanksgiving you're having grateful you must be
happy thanksgiving baby yoda meme

Enjoy that turkey and this funny happy Thanksgiving meme.

happy thanksgiving bon appetite
funny happy thanksgiving meme

Wash those hands after handling raw turkey, please.

happy thanksgiving meme 2022
humor happy thanksgiving meme 2023

Eating Too Much on Thanksgiving

Who else develops a small stomach pooch on Thanksgiving that may look like a baby but actually is just a Thanksgiving food baby? This Thanksgiving meme about overeating nails it.

me before thanksgiving and me after thanksgiving
humor thanksgiving meme

When your table is too small to hold all of the food!

Too much Thanksgiving Food meme s
thanksgiving food meme

The Thanksgiving and chill is real, especially after eating too much.

Thanksgiving and Chill Meme
thanksgiving cat meme

Day After Thanksgiving Memes

These day after Thanksgiving memes share all of our sentiments and feels.

how i feel the day after thanksgiving
day after thanksgiving meme

How much weight can one gain on turkey day? I’m really not sure, but I do know this is an accurate portrayal of how most of us feel.

day after thanksgiving be like
day after thanksgiving meme funny

This Thanksgiving cat meme is the perfect picture of how I feel after eating a huge turkey dinner.

how i feel after thanksgiving meme
how I feel after thanksgiving meme

Thanksgiving Leftover Memes

Who else can relate to this Thanksgiving leftover meme. The day after Thanksgiving, our kids are making turkey cranberry sandwiches with any food that wasn’t eaten from dinner.

Thanksgiving Leftovers Meme

thanksgiving leftovers meme

We make extra servings of our favorites and eat Thanksgiving leftovers for the week following Turkey day. TRUE STORY: We get so sick of turkey that we typically do tamales and Mexican food on Christmas!

Giving Away Thanksgiving Leftovers - Funny Meme about Thanksgiving

When your mom gives away Thanksgiving leftovers – OH NO YOU DON’T!

Funny Thanksgiving Meme about Leftovers

Thanksgiving leftovers for weeks. The best part of the holiday if you ask me!

Washing Dishes Memes

After a huge meal, before you leave or should I say roll to the car – offer to help out with dishes!

dishes. dirty dishes everywhere
dirty dishes meme funny

Hey moms, text this washing dishes meme to your kids.

mom's favorite kid is the one who washes the dishes
washing dishes meme

Who ends up doing the Thanksgiving dishes? If it is you, this washing dishes meme is sending you all the thoughts and prayers.

thoughts and prayers to
everyone who
as to wash the dishes this thanksgiving.
funny washing dishes meme

Hosting Thanksgiving, perhaps consider buying disposable Thanksgiving tableware. No judgement here.

More Funny Thanksgiving Memes for Sharing

The Thanksgiving meme fun continues.

Hey Girl, if only Ryan Gosslin would show up and do the dishes – that would make a great fundraiser.

Thanksgiving Meme about Washing Dishes with Ryan Gossling

We’ve seen the photos, we are all eating the same things for Thanksgiving y’all. But yes, I will still take Thanksgiving photos!

Taking Photos on Thanksgiving Meme

Current mood – turkey. Yes, maybe this could be a pun. Don’t miss our Kanye memes. Original kanye turkey meme is from @aranjevi.

thanksgiving meme funny

My kid is always eating seconds before anyone else has gotten their food for Thanksgiving dinner! Every single year – and the rolls, he eats all of the rolls. Thankfully I like me.

Seconds on Thanksgiving - Funny Thanksgiving Meme
seconds on thanksgiving meme - Funny Thanksgiving Memes 2023 Laughs to Celebrate Turkey Day

A Star Wars Thanksgiving meme is a must. What would Dark Vadar serve? Dark meat, of course.

Star Wars Thanksgiving meme
star wars thanksgiving meme - Funny Thanksgiving Memes 2023 Laughs to Celebrate Turkey Day

Thanksgiving Pie Memes

For the love of pie. After a very filling dinner, these Thanksgiving pie memes are speaking to those who can’t say no to this delicious dessert.

i cant eat another bite oh look pie
Thanksgiving Pie Meme

Yes, one more piece of pie. Preferably pecan pie.

Star Wars Meme about Thanksgiving
star wars thanksgiving meme

Let’s eat enough this Thanksgiving to crash our calorie counting app.

lets eat enough this thanksgiving to crash our calorie counting app
thanksgiving calories meme

For the family that watches Charle Brown Thanksgiving movie together.

charlie brown  happy thanksgiving friends and family
happy thanksgiving friends and family meme

Don’t miss our Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Memes!

Spam turkey for Thanksgiving – yeah, this is a hard pass. Apparently now, there is Spam Turkey – like spam flavored like turkey.

Spam Turkey Thanksgiving Dinner Recipe Meme

It’s really a thing and I am not sure I am okay with this. Don’t miss these spam memes!

Thanksgiving Political Memes

Let’s get political (but not.). Don’t miss our Thanksgiving Family memes for more humor Thanksgiving dinner with the family.

Joe Biden Thanksgiving Meme

Our current president, meme’d.

happy thanksgiving dont forget the ice cream
biden thanksgiving meme 2023

The Joe Biden Thanksgiving meme you didn’t know you needed.

happy thanksgiving make thanksgiving dinner fun just say my name
joe biden thanksgiving meme

Donald Trump Thanksgiving Meme

For the love of MAGA and Thanksgiving, these hilarious Donald Trump Thanksgiving memes are sure to ruffle some feathers.

one of these is eligible for a pardon happy thanksgiving
trump thanksgiving meme

Gobble, gobble Donald.

gobble gobble
donald trump thanksgiving meme

Thanksgiving 2020 Meme

Throw back to the hell known as Thanksgiving 2020.

2021 THANKSGIVING MEME about limits

Thanksgiving 2023

I hope these Hilarious Funny Thanksgiving memes 2023 brought you some laughs. Please share and enjoy. We just asked that you link back to this page and tag us on social!

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