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Funny Allergy Memes about Pollen, Seasonal Allergies and More

Can we just say that funny allergy memes are probably the only thing funny when discussing the topic of seasonal allergies. This year ya’ll – the struggle is real when it comes to the crazy pollen, ragweed, mold and whatever else is floating in the air making us all congested, sneezing, red eye-messes!

So while we might be popping allergy pills and snorting nasal spray like a crazy person, you are not alone!

Top 10 Allergy Memes

We’ve rounded up the top 10 best allergy memes that share exactly our feels on the whole seasonal allergy season situation. Share these with your favorite allergic friend!

allergy memes
Funny Allergy Memes

#1 Current Fave Seasonal Must Have – Antihistamines

You know your allergies are bad when your hot list item for the season is antihistamines!

antihistamines meme
Antihistamines meme

Anyone else spend their Saturday night walking behind a shopping cart in the pharmacy department throwing antihistamines and nasal spray into your basket in a last stitch effort to find some allergy relief? Surely I am not alone!

#2 Allergy Season Got Me Like Meme

Allergy season got me like – I CANNOT BREATHE nor see because my eyes hurt, my nose hurts, what is this drainage.

allergy season got me like meme

You are not alone! Did you know that according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America – more than 50 million  Americans experience various types of allergies each year. Also, allergies are the 6th leading cause of chronic illness in the U.S. Who knew? Not me!

#3 Proof That Nature Hates Me

This allergy quote says it – Allergies are proof that nature hates me.

allergy quote allergies are proof that nature hates me

Maybe it’s our Climate change that is hurting not only our planet but our allergies.

Plants that produce more pollen tend to produce more seeds. That also means more pollen-spewing plants in the next season. The other mechanism is the warming induced by carbon dioxide. Since it traps heat, higher concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere are causing the planet to heat up. This is leading to warmer winters and earlier springs, giving plants a head start on pollen production. “As spring heats up, all of these life cycle events, including pollen seasons, tend to shift earlier,” Anderegg said. The combination of these two factors is leading to more pollen production and over a longer period of time.

#4 People Without Allergies vs People with Allergies Meme

People without allergies be like – breathing in all the fresh air, enjoying the great weather. People with allergies be like – WTH – I FEEL IT!

people without allergies vs people with allergies meme

#5 Finally Spring and Allergies

Just when you thought that you were looking forward to the spring season, the evil allergy villain reminds you not to get to optimistic.

spring allergies meme

#6 Funny Allergy Meme C19 or Allergies?

When you have spent the last year in a pandemic avoiding germs, people, social distancing and the dreaded virus – yet here comes allergy season.

dodged covid now allergies are going to take me out meme
Covid or Allergies Meme

Allergy symptoms can overlap with Covid-19, but there are some distinct differences. Check out this infographic from American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, & Immunology for more information. Whether you are dealing with spring allergies, summer allergies, fall allergies or winter allergies – whatever they are they ain’t fun!

#7 Awesome Weather High Pollen Count

When the weather is awesome but the pollen count is 1 million!

funny pollen meme

From the American Academy of Pediatrics, they suggest that It’s helpful to use air conditioners, where possible, to reduce exposure to pollen in both your home and your car. Run that a/c, y’all!

#8 Nose Runs

When your nose runs more than you do – gotta love them seasonal allergies!

seasonal allergies meme

#9 Anyone Here Have Allergies?

Nothing worse than allergy face!

anyone here have allergies meme
give this guy benadryl meme

#10 Allergic to Fake People and Pollen Meme

I am allergic to fake people and pollen.

funny allergy quote i am allergic to fake people and pollen
pollen meme – i am allergic to fake people and pollen

Remember, ya’ll. If we survived 2020 worse year ever, we can totally survive this allergy season. I hope these allergy memes brought your some comic relief between blowing your nose and taking your meds. Get more LOLS – check out entire funny memes collection.

Immunology Memes

And for my immunology loving friends, I give you these funny immunology memes.

immunology memes
immunology meme – heres a useful diagram

Immunology everywhere…

immunology everywhere meme

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