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35 Funny Allergy Memes about Pollen and Seasonal Allergies

Can we just say that funny allergy memes are probably the only thing funny when discussing the topic of seasonal allergies.

This year ya’ll – the struggle is real when it comes to the crazy pollen, ragweed, mold and whatever else is floating in the air making us all congested, sneezing, red eye-messes!

Funny Allergy Memes for 2023

So while we might be popping allergy pills and snorting nasal spray like a crazy person, at least you have these funny allergy memes to laugh at.

funny allergy memes 2023
allergy memes 2023

We’ve updated our funny allergy memes for 2023 to include seasonal allergies, pollen, hay fever and all the other fun that comes with fall and spring allergy season. Share these with your favorite allergic friend!

allergies got me like...
got me allergies meme

Seasonal Allergies Memes

Aww the seasonal allergies. We have the Fall seasonal allergies and then again we have Spring seasonal allergies. Of course, there are some of us that suffer for year round.

me looking like i'm about to sneeze all allergy season
allergy season meme

This Spiderman seasonal allergies meme about pollen, allergens and dust mites… relatable.

seasonal allergies be like meme
seasonal allergies meme

Who else has the amazing talent of blowing large snot bubbles out of your nose during allergy season?

snot allergy season got me like meme funny
allergy meme

Calm down Karen, it’s just allergies.

its just allergies meme
karen allergies meme

Allergy season be like.

allergy meme funny = dont touch your face sneezing puffy eyes congestion
allergy meme funny

Funny Spring Allergies Memes

We just launched our Spring memes. Of course, had to include this hilarious funny Spring allergies memes.

here comes spring allergies
spring allergies meme

Spring is in the air and so is the pollen.

spring is in the air or is that just pollen? either way i'm ready for some jellyfishing.
allergy spring meme

Nature Hates You Memes

Does anyone else feel like your allergies mean that nature hates you?

nature allergies meme
funny allergy meme

This allergy quote says it – Allergies are proof that nature hates me.

allergy quote allergies are proof that nature hates me
allergy meme

Memes About Pollen

This pollen season meme makes my nose itch. Don’t miss all of our pollen memes. The pollen is alive and causing my seasonal allergies to be crazy!

seasonal allergies meme funny pollen
pollen season meme

Who else has woken up with a car covered in pollen that looks like yellow snow? In the south, it doesn’t snow – but it sure does pollen! (Okay, occasionally it does – see Texas winter memes)

funny pollen meme in the south
pollen allergy meme funny

Allergy Medicine Memes

Sometimes that pollen is just too much or maybe this is something you have to do daily on the regular, if so – these allergy medicine memes should be relatable.

diphenhydramine meme - when that diphendramine hit you like
diphenhydramine meme allergy medicine

When that Claritin D and Benadryl hits – check out these sleep memes.

allergy medicine vs. me and my allergies
allergy medicine meme

Benadryl Memes

Probably the most popular allergy medicine is Benadryl. Like other allergy medicines, this drug tends to put you to sleep. Enjoy these benadryl memes, perfect for allergy season.

benadryl meme - you cant sneeze if you are unconcious
benadryl meme

I have a friend who son has a peanut allergy and sends benadryl every time her kid comes over to play.

benedryl for all the
allergy things
benedryl meme funny

If you deal with this, this Benadryl meme might just hit home.

allergy benadryl meme im having an allergic reaction do you have any benadryl
allergy benadryl meme

When you need the allergy medicine, the medicine most of us our taking is Benadryl.

funny benadryl meme - got an more of that benadryl
funny benadryl meme

Hay Fever Memes

Oh hey, hay fever memes. That allergic reaction that causing sneezing, congestion, sore throat and an itchy nose. We see you and definitely feel you!

hay fever meme
hay fever meme

Sneeze Memes

These funny sneeze memes may just make your nose itch.

face sneeze meme
sneeze face meme

To sneeze or no sneeze – there is no try.

sneezing meme yoda funny
nose sneezing meme

This loud sneeze meme is perfect for sharing with the loudest sneezer.

award for loud sneeze meme
loud sneeze meme

Dad Sneeze Memes

Let’s be real, who doesn’t have a dad that sneezes extra loud and typically very snotty. Send this dad sneeze meme to your pops.

dad sneeze meme
dad sneeze meme

What it sounds like when dad sneezes. Send this dad sneeze meme to your dad (or one of these dad memes!)

dad sneeze meme funny
dad sneeze meme funny

Sneeze and Pee Memes

A younger me would shy away from posting these sneeze and pee memes, but you know what. It’s a reality of life. You are welcome.

sneeze and pee meme
sneeze and pee meme

Sneezing meme – shout out to all the sneezers (pee and sneeze!)

peezing sneeze pee meme
peezing pee sneeze meme

Allergy Antihistamines Meme

You know your allergies are bad when your hot list item for the season is antihistamines!

antihistamines meme
Antihistamines meme

Anyone else spend their Saturday night walking behind a shopping cart in the pharmacy department throwing antihistamines and nasal spray into your basket in a last stitch effort to find some allergy relief? Surely I am not alone!

More Memes about Allergies

Allergy season got me like – I CANNOT BREATHE nor see because my eyes hurt, my nose hurts, what is this drainage.

allergy season got me like meme
allergy season meme

You are not alone! Did you know that according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America – more than 50 million  Americans experience various types of allergies each year. Also, allergies are the 6th leading cause of chronic illness in the U.S. Who knew? Not me!

People Without Allergies vs People with Allergies Meme

People without allergies be like – breathing in all the fresh air, enjoying the great weather. People with allergies be like – WTH – I FEEL IT!

people without allergies vs people with allergies meme
allergy kid meme

Spring Allergy Memes

Just when you thought that you were looking forward to the spring season, the evil allergy villain reminds you not to get to optimistic.

spring allergies meme
spring allergy meme

From the American Academy of Pediatrics, they suggest that It’s helpful to use air conditioners, where possible, to reduce exposure to pollen in both your home and your car. Run that a/c, y’all!

spring allergies meme - ill have you know that i got hit by spring allergies today and only blew my nose 107 times
spring allergies meme

Nose Runs Seasonal Allergy Meme

When your nose runs more than you do – gotta love them seasonal allergies!

seasonal allergies meme - seasonal allergies when your nose runs more than you do
seasonal allergy meme

Anyone Here Have Allergies?

Nothing worse than allergy face! Oh, this funny allergy meme hit before Will Smith’s slap. (See will smith chris rock memes)

anyone here have allergies meme
allergy face meme

Allergic to Fake People and Pollen Meme

I am allergic to fake people and pollen.

funny allergy quote i am allergic to fake people and pollen
pollen meme – i am allergic to fake people and pollen

Allergic to people? Totally understand. You will love these introvert memes.

can you be allergic to people? asking for a friend
allergic to people meme

Food Allergy Memes

I hope these allergy memes brought your some comic relief between blowing your nose and taking your meds. Here are food allergy memes for those who can’t eat certain things.

food allergy meme
food allergies meme

Hidden food allergy confirmed!

hidden food allergy meme
food allergy meme

This funny food allergy meme is slightly inappropriate but extra hilarious.

cat allergy meme
cat allergy meme

That fish and shrimp allergy is NOT pretty as shown in this shrimp allergy meme. Get this girl an epipen STAT!

shrimp allergy meme
shrimp allergy meme

This peanut allergy meme maybe funny but having a kid who is allergic to peanut, not fun.

peanut allergy meme
peanut allergy meme

Immunology Memes

And for my immunology loving friends, I give you these funny immunology memes.

immunology memes
immunology meme – heres a useful diagram

Immunology everywhere…

immunology everywhere meme

Share the Allergy Memes!

As we always say, funny memes are for sharing! We share memes often and hope that these allergy memes and pollen memes bring a smile to your face.

dog allergy meme - are you allergic to dogs or are dogs allergic to you
dog allergy meme

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