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last day of school party for kids

Best Last Day of School Party Ideas That Kids Will Love

Check out these last day of school party ideas. From banners to run though to how to create a marshmallow popper, celebrate summer in style with these ideas!
best alarm clocks for toddlers

Best Toddler Alarm Clocks in 2024

Explore our annual list of the best toddler alarm clocks, designed to help your little one establish a healthy sleep schedule. Featuring user-friendly functionality and engaging designs.
first day of school sign pdf printable

Free First Day of School Sign 2024: Free Printable for Pre-k Thru College!

Free Printable first day of school sign for daycare, preschool, kindergarten through 12th grade, college and more! Download and print first day of school sign.
apple camp 2022

Apple Camp – Everything You Want To Know About Apple’s Free Camp For Kids

Did you know Apple offers a free camp for kids during the summer? Learn everything you could want to know about Apple Camp and kids hour.
best kids tablets

Best of 2024: Kids Tablets That Parents Love

Explore our curated list of the best kids' tablets for 2024, featuring devices that blend learning with fun to support your child's educational journey.
alarm clocks kids

Awesome Kid Alarm Clocks – Help Wake Your Kids Up

Best Kid Alarm Clocks - Help your kids establish a morning schedule with an alarm clock for kids that helps them wake up on their own and get the day started.
wobble chairs photo of 4 different balance chairs for kids and adults

Get a Wobble Chair for the Kid That Has the Wiggles

Learn about the benefits and find the best wobble chairs. The perfect chair for busy wiggly kids and active adults who can't sit still.
teens social media 2020

Social Media and Teens – 5 Teenage Trends Parents Should Know About in 2021

Social Media and Teens - We are sharing what parents need to know in 2021 about apps, technology and what their teenagers are doing on social media. Must read!
teen drivers ed online classes and courses

Aceable Drivers Ed Online – Easiest Way To Complete Drivers Education

Getting your license now a days is easier, cheaper and done online! Learn about taking drivers ed online to easily get a drivers license.
how to remove mildew smell from clothes

How to Get Mildew Smell Out of Clothes with 1 Simple Step

We are sharing how to remove mildew smell from clothes using our original technique of vinegar wash trick. Learn how to get rid of musty smells & more from wash
heart cinnamon rolls

How to Make Heart Shaped Cinnamon Rolls

Create a simple happy morning surprise with heart shaped cinnamon rolls! It’s Valentine’s Day. For our kids, rather than the typical heart shaped candy fare ... Read more
free kids weekly planner printable

Free Kids Weekly Planner PDF – Use This Printable To Get Your Kids on a Schedule

Get organized with this free kids weekly planner PDF. Helping your kids learn time management and building executive functioning skills is critical! This simple weekly ... Read more
best toddler beds

15 Best Toddler Bed Options for Moving from a Crib to Bed

Explore the finest toddler beds that guarantee a cozy and secure sleeping environment for your child's next big adventure.
tina fey mothers prayer

A Mother’s Prayer by Tina Fey

Discover the heartwarming and inspiring Mothers Prayer by Tina Fey in our latest blog post. Delve into the poignant words that beautifully capture the essence of motherhood, love, and the joys and challenges of raising a child.
autism awareness month

Autism Awareness Month – 1 in 59 Kids Are On The Spectrum

April is Autism Awareness Month. Did you know that 1 in 59 children are on the spectrum? Here is our story discovering our child's diagnosis and resources to help.
glass of wine a day study parenting

New Study Shows Parents Who Drink a Glass of Wine a Day Raise More Successful Kids

Parenting Wine Study – A new study out shows that parents that drink a glass of wine a day, raise more successful kids. The Parenting ... Read more

Lent for Kids – 5 Ways to Celebrate the Lent Season with Kids

Lent for Kids – ways to help children understand and celebrate the Lenten season. Day 6 Lent – How do you do Lent for kids? ... Read more
toys for 7 year old boys

Best Toys for 7 Year Old Boys That They Will Love

Toys for 7 year old boys – Digital Mom Gift Guide, curated by my 7 y.o. son, Zeke! Here’s the deal, I know how hard ... Read more

Best Gifts for Teen Boys

It’s Birthday season in our family – and with a teen boy, thought i’d share my favorite finds and best suggestions for gifts for teen ... Read more
terrible twos

10 Clear Signs the Terrible Twos Have Hit Your Toddler

Navigate the turbulent waters of the "terrible twos" with our expert tips and strategies, helping you not just survive but thrive during this challenging phase of toddlerhood.
best toys for 3 year old boys

Best Toys for 3 Year Old Boys: Suggestions From a Boymom

Looking for the perfect gift for a 3-year-old boy? Look no further! Explore our curated list of the best toys guaranteed to delight and entertain.
kids morning routine tips

7 Awesome Kids Morning Routine Tips and Free Morning Checklist

Teach your kids the effective habit of a morning routine. Perfect for back to school, these morning routine tips for kids will help kick start a great day!

10 Easy DIY Christmas Ornaments to Make With Your Kids

Looking for DIY Christmas Ornaments you can make with your kids? Look no further! Get ready to get glittery! Next week all 4 kids will ... Read more

Ticonderoga Pencils – Official Pencil of Public Schools Everywhere

Ticonderoga Pencils – are these on your school supply lists as well? Honest question. WHY Ticonderoga pencils? Do these hold some magical power? Seriously, would love ... Read more

5 Tips for Talking Puberty with Tween Boys

Talking puberty with tween boys. Mamas and papas, you know you can’t wait to read this one. For some reason there is a lot of ... Read more
arlo smart baby monitor review

The Baby Monitor I Wish I Had When I Had Babies

Looking for the best baby monitor? Read our Arlo Baby Monitor Review and see why we think this monitor is as good as it gets!
teens and social media

A Parent’s Guide to Teens and Social Media

Parents - let's talk teens and social media. What do you need to know, what do you need to talk to your teenagers about and real-life parent to parent talk.
limit technology tickets

Technology Tickets – A Creative Way to Limit Your Kids’ Screen Time

Limit Screen Time with Technology Tickets - Free Printable! Download this free printable and use these tickets to help manage screen time!
Teens Sexting

7 Things You Need to Know About Teen Sexting

Teen sexting is something you hear about time and time again. Photos leak of nude teens, lives and reputations are ruined. (Note: you don’t have ... Read more
fidget toys and fidget gadgets

Unlocking Focus: Explore the World of Fidget Cubes and Toys

Explore the world of fidget cubes and toys, your go-to solution for stress relief and enhanced focus.
13 reasons why parent review

Why I’m Not Letting My Teen Watch 13 Reasons Why On Netflix Alone

13 Reasons Why is a new teen drama Netflix series. It’s all the buzz in the parenting and teen space. Since Netflixing ranks right up next ... Read more
bluebonnet photos in texas

5 Tips for Taking Texas Bluebonnet Photos with Kids

Texas bluebonnet photos with the family is a nearly annual event. I force the entire family out the door, somewhat dressed to capture photos of the ... Read more

New Year in Review Free Printable

In 2011, I created a Year in Review Printable that was downloaded thousands of times. It’s 2016, let’s update this free Year in Review printable and ... Read more
no screen day no electronics kids

No Screen Day for Kids: 1 Day a Week With Zero Screen-Time

Create a No Screen Day for Kids - What would happen if one day, your kids didn't have screens? Create a day where there is no phones, tvs, ipads or computers.
fine motor skills toys

20 Best Toys to Develop Fine Motor Skills

Explore a curated selection of fine motor skills toys designed to entertain and educate children while fostering dexterity and coordination.
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