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5 Tips for Talking Puberty with Tween Boys

Talking puberty with tween boys. Mamas and papas, you know you can’t wait to read this one. For some reason there is a lot of information about talking to puberty in girls but not puberty in boys.

Let’s change that. Moms and dads, we need to be talking puberty to both our daughters and sons about this life change.

That’s not it, they need to know the definition of puberty, have the signs of puberty explained. We need to discuss when puberty ends and any other puberty topics that our kids may have.

Our friends at Old Spice invited us to join them in Los Angeles to talk puberty in boys and introduce us to the School of Swagger.

If you have a tween or teen, you know how much fun this subject is. We were happy to learn some tips and tricks to discussing all the things puberty!

talking about puberty in boysTalking Puberty in Boys – 5 Tips!

Old Spice provided us with a plethora of legit resources to help aid our discussion with tween boys. We had a lively discussion and Q&A with Dr. Deborah Gilboa from

We also learned the in’s and out’s of body odor, what causes it and how to prevent it with Old Spice Sweat Scientist, Jaime Stahl.

Here are 5 tips that we learned that will hopefully help you as you discuss puberty with your boy.

  1. When to Start Talking Puberty to Boys
  2. Speak Their Language
  3. Use Humor
  4. Explain Why
  5. Use Videos

This wasn’t a tip given by Old Spice, but from Digital Mom Blog – drink a glass of wine before starting these discussions. You are welcome.

When to Start Talking Puberty to Boys

While each parent needs to find the best time to talk to their sons about puberty depending on their stage of puberty, it is recommended that you begin discussions around the age of 10.

If you can help educate on good hygiene during the early years, you will help your sons develop healthy hygiene habits!

Speak Their Language

When talking to your son about puberty, make sure to speak their language. Use words that they will understand and examples that are relatable to them.

Puberty may be an uncomfortable subject, but a study by Old Spice confirms that these conversations are needed.

81% of moms believe most boys ages 10-13 years old DON’T understand the different stages of puberty and more than 2/3 of teen boys feel the same.

Moms and boys rank the car as the #1 place to “talk,” followed by #2, standing in his bedroom doorway.

Welcome to PubertyUse Humor When Boys Hit Puberty and Before! 

As boys hit puberty, and even before changes start to happen – explain what is going on. Do so in a manner that is informative but that makes them laugh. Boys respond well to humor. Include a fart joke if you must. I mean, for real – what boy doesn’t love a good fart joke.

Explain Why

A fascinating suggestion was to explain to your son WHY they need to do a certain thing. Here is an interesting fact.

Did you know by shampooing, you are reducing the risk of acne? I DIDN’T. This TOTALLY makes sense and explaining this to your son gives them a WHY they need to shower. No kid likes acne. Give them a WHY!

Introduce Them to Swagger School – Puberty Videos That Make Them LOL!

So last week, Old Spice launched The School of Swagger. This is brilliant. They have taken Isaiah Mustafa – the Old Spice guy and developed a series of videos that speak BOY.

They go thru the basics of puberty in a way that boys will totally relate to.

There are 4 videos that are hilarious. They are snack size, so your kid won’t be bored and again – THEY SPEAK BOY!

Parents, download the THE STRUGGLE IS REAL, a Wild Guide to Growing Up for Moms and Sons.

School of Swagger Puberty Talk

Tips from Dr. G

There were all types of fascinating tips given about this lovely stage in boyhood. Here are a few more boy puberty tips for moms and dads who are in the midst of this from Dr. G.

How to Address Difficult Topics with Boys and Puberty

Dr. G Says: Tell him you know it’s awkward, aaaannndd …. we’re doing it anyway.

You are the parent, it’s best if they hear this stuff from YOU!

  • Ask before you tell (10-13 years old). Tweens are sensitive to being treated like a little kid. Instead of assuming they are clueless about a topic, ask if they’ve heard about it before.
  • Explain what puberty is and the stages of puberty.
  • Respect their boundaries (14-17 years old). If not you, ask him what adult he’d like to talk to [that you agree with]. This may help him open up.

stages of puberty and boy smellsTackling the Puberty Talk

Dr. G Says: Barter that talk for fun time. So, spend 10 minutes on a tough topic … then twice as much time to do something he picks.

What to Do When Your Son Starts to Smell

Dr. G Says: It may sound strange, but CONGRATULATE him on his new smell and that he’s on his way to manhood!

 boys puberty smells

All solid advice. 

Do you have any tips or tricks in regards to talking to tween boys and puberty? Leave them in the comments!

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