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10 Clear Signs the Terrible Twos Have Hit Your Toddler

Worried about the Terrible Twos and wonder if your kid is going thru this? Let’s chat.

Surviving Toddlerhood

This was originally written when I was in the midst of toddlerhood. I have 2 boys, 16 months apart. That’s right, so we had several back-to-back years with toddlers going thru the terrible twos. The good news is that I am happy to survive. Here is an old post I wrote when our baby was 22 months and our third child had just turned 3 years old. 

terrible twos

Over the last few months since Izaiah has turned 3, he’s been like a new kid.  While Izaiah has always had a bit of a crazy streak in him, 3 has totally calmed him down. Now let’s talk about our youngest child, Zeke.

Zeke is now 22 months and while the last few months have been nice and calm… Zeke has determined that he no longer wants to be known as the angel. While still a few months shy of 2, Zeke is slowly taking on the role of a terrible 2-year-old toddler.

10 Signs That the Terrible Twos Are Near

Here are 10 signs that the terrible twos have hit your toddler or will be happening soon.

First, I want you to know that you can survive this. I survived my first 2 kids and will eventually survive these 2 toddler boys. 

Second, you need to know that not every child goes thru the terrible twos and sometimes kids go thru terrible twos and terrible three. Just like to be honest. Anyways, let’s look at signs that the terrible twos are near.

Toddler Screaming

All of a sudden my toddler who doesn’t talk much can scream. He uses his voice and uses it LOUDLY. Toddler screaming can be very annoying, high pitched and well, just outrageous. You have been warned.

Testing Boundaries

Boundaries? What’s that. Tell him not to do something, guess what he will do.

Throwing Everything

The boy has a good arm, which would be great if he was a pitcher or a quarterback and didn’t aim for him mom’s head.

Toddler Tantrums

As awful as temper tantrums are, it’s quite hilarious watching Zeke fall into a toddler tantrum.  He falls to the ground and thinks about what he should do, 30 seconds later he kicks and then screams.

Know that toddler tantrums are totally normal but totally annoying and frustrating. 2 year old temper tantrums just come with dealing with toddlers. 

Sleep Regression

Toddler sleep regression is real. And if you’ve moved them to a toddler bed – chances are – you are dealing with a toddler who now runs around the house when he or she wakes up. We use a toddler alarm clock to help with this but needless to say, sleep regression is not fun.


Gotta love the “I don’t need your help, I can do it myself” attitude. If only this would rub off on our tweens.

Running Away

All of a sudden, I am the enemy. Rather than running to me – it’s always like I am chasing him. 

Toddler Hitting

He has hands and isn’t afraid to use them as weapons. Toddler hitting comes with the terrible twos. And those hits hurt!

If your toddler hits himself or if your toddler is hitting parents, know that this is normal but a behavior that you have to stop. 

Impatient and Toddler Whining

Patience, yeah about that – he now has none. The terrible twos have taken any patience that this toddler had and thrown it out the window.

Along with the impatience comes toddler whining. It’s a tragic noise that while doesn’t sound as bad as toddler screaming, it’s pretty bad. The screaming will end, unfortunately the whining will slow but will continue for many, many years (especially if you have a daughter! My tween still whines – so mommy wines!)

No More Cuddling

This boy was the epic cuddler… keyword…. WAS. BOO!!

Turning Door Knobs

Our doors have a new accessory. The toddler has learned to turn door handles which has already resulted in him running out the front door. 

door knob covers child safety

These are the door knob covers we purchased to prevent the toddler from opening the doors.

The terrible twos – well, they are just terrible. I can’t make sugarcoat it and really want to keep it real. The biggest piece of advice I have is just to keep your head up and know that this is just a phase.

Toddlers all of a sudden realize that there is more to the world than just mom and dad and want to explore their boundaries. 

You can do this! You too will survive the terrible twos!

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