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Sparklers Safety Tip – Use a Plastic Cup When Using Sparklers!

Learn how to make sparklers safe! Are you worried about letting your kids safely use sparklers? My husband is a big fan of DIY fireworks. Okay, so he doesn’t necessarily make the fireworks himself – but he does love to put on his own firework show.   Problem…. we live in the suburbs, in TEXAS and we are always in a state of drought. There is a ban on fireworks in our area, so the only fireworks show that will be happening in our back yard consists of sparklers.

sparklers safety

I do not care for fireworks, but do love sparklers. I stock up on them each fourth of July to have them for special occasions through out the year.  Growing up, I have a memory stuck in my head of freaking out as a child playing sparklers. I never let me kids touch the things, until last year when I found a safe way for kids to use sparklers.

How to Safely Use Sparklers

I wouldn’t recommend letting any child under the age of 3 use sparklers.  Our 3-year-old will have us holding his hand if we let him use them this year (strongly thing no, we will see how the night goes).

What you will need is a plastic solo cup (or any plastic cup, but the typical solo cup size is what you will need.)

  • 1 16 oz plastic cup
  • Scissors

Let’s learn how how to make the Sparkler Safety Cup


Use a standard 16 oz cup to make the safety sparklers holder

Cut a small hole in the bottom of the cup. I found it easiest to puncture a small hole using the tip of the scissors. Be careful!

Puncture cup with scissors

Slide the sparklers thru the hole with the part you light at the bottom of the cup.

Slide the sparklers into the cup.

Have your child place his hand in the cup to hold the sparkler.  The plastic cup will shield your child’s hand and part of his arm from the sparks.

The cup protects hands from sparkler sparks

Again, use with precaution. I am safety fanatic when it comes to fireworks, but I feel totally comfortable with my kids using the cup with sparklers. Make sure there is enough room at the end of the sparkler stick to not melt the end of the cup. Enjoy and be safe when using sparklers or any other type of fireworks!

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