Free Printable Easy DIY Teacher Appreciation Gift

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I don’t know about you, but every year I am looking for an easy DIY teacher appreciation gift. Each year, when Teacher Appreciation Week rolls around – I am like a deer in headlights. This year, I went into it with a plan – and amazingly it worked. 

Easy DIY Teacher Appreciation Gift

Our room moms passed out a Teacher’s Favorite Things list of various items, places, hobbies, etc that the teacher enjoys. One of the items was sweets – so I purchased from the Dollar Tree, the candies that the teacher likes. 

Cheap Teacher Appreciation Gift

Next, I used curly ribbon to dress-up the candy boxes and then created a cute printable (it’s a free printable below!) to add to the boxes of candy. The boys love delivering gifts to the teachers and hoping this little snack will put a smile on the teachers’ faces. 

I mentioned that this was a CHEAP teacher appreciation gift, right? It set me back a whopping $4 for 4 gifts. We have older kids and we are also gifting, so all of this can really add up. At the end, the whole gift idea is not the actual gift, but the thought and intention with the present. Remember that – this applies not just to teacher appreciation gifts, but to any type of gift you give!

Free Printable – Have a Sweet Day! (Personalize It!)

Here is the free printable, have a sweet day – bonus, I am going to show you how to personalize this. This is a great gift idea for anyone, anytime you need a thoughtful, but affordable gift idea!

How to Personalize Printable in Picmonkey

Again, this is a quick, easy diy teacher appreciation gift – so don’t sweat it. Let’s personalize in PicMonkey!

Step One: Download the Free Printable

Let’s start here. You will need to download the free have a sweet day printable. Click the button below to download. A new window will open, right click and save image as. Remember where you save the file! 

Step Two: Go to and click edit

Next, let’s look at how to personalize a printable in PicMonkey. I’ll show you what colors and fonts that I used, but feel free to personalize and make this your own. Click edit on the homepage, then computer – next select the teacher appreciation printable file.


Step Two: Add text

On the left hand corner, the Tt – that is for adding text. Click this, add text and place the text tool where you want to edit to on the graphic. 

Step Three: Revising Fonts and Colors in Picmonkey

To change the text, select the text and then click on a font choice from a selection from the left. To edit the colorin PicMonkey – or the size, alignment, etc – there is a TEXT box on the right hand side (see red arrow.) You can click the HEX color (the 6 letter-number combo above the colors) to change the color to a specific color. 


Fonts and Color Combinations Used

Here is are the fonts and colors I used on this printable:

Next Rust font – for Have a Sweet Day
Luckiest Guy font – for my kids’ names
Colors – white and the yellow is #F2FF00 (update in the text box!)

Easy DIY Teacher Appreciation Gift, COMPLETE!

And there you have it. A quick and easy DIY teacher gift that won’t take you anytime but will bring a smile to your teacher’s face.