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The Baby Monitor I Wish I Had When I Had Babies

We have a Arlo baby monitor review for you! First, let me say – sad panda here, my babies are all grown. Netgear sent over an Arlo smart baby monitor for us to test out and now I am faced with the fact that I once stared mindlessly into a screen watching my babies every move.

Now, I can’t keep track of all of my kids (okay, I totally can – hello FIND MY IPHONE.) All that to say, THIS – the ARLO smart baby monitor – is the baby monitor that I WISH I had when my littles were littles.

Arlo Baby Montior Review

If you have a chance, read my Baby Registry Must Haves post. The ARLO Baby is featured in it and well, it’s a great overview for all new parents on what you need to have for baby.

arlo baby monitor review
arlo baby monitor review

Enough, I know – you just want to know about this awesome baby monitor. I get it.

Modern Baby Monitor with Video

SO my last baby was born in 2011. Sure we had video baby monitors, but compared to this monitor? This is the Baby Monitor of 2017 – this is NOT a 2011 monitor.

The picture is clear, the audio is awesome, the features are legit. Here, let me just tell you everything you want to know in our Arlo Baby Smart Monitor review:

1080p HD Quality 

HD Video on the Arlo Baby

1080p HD for all you non-geeks means this has AMAZING quality video. No longer will your baby look like an alien thru the video monitor – this quality is legit!

You can view live or recorded videos in awesome detail and color. I actually downsized this screen shot as for web, best practice is not to have massive images.

For real y’all – check out this quality. My kid looks like my kid and not some blurry monster like in the old school video monitors! 

Air Sensor – Air Quality Checker

Air quality checker? Well, didn’t know what better way to say – this device checks your air quality!

The built-in air sensor will show you the temperature wherever your camera is located, as well as humidity and condition of the air.

2-Way Talk

HELLO CHILD, can you please go back to sleep?  Yes, those are the words that my kids constantly heard but you know, you do you.  You can talk to your baby from anywhere and hear them, too – all thru the Arlo app. 

Advanced Night Vision

Because newborns require 24 hour surveillance, the Arlo Baby Smart Monitor gives you near-invisible infrared LEDs, that let you see your baby clearly, even in the dark. That’s right, night vision!

Make sure to read our review of the Netgear Arlo Surveillance Camera System.

Instant Smart Alerts

Set alerts when ever there is motion or sound – even set air quality notifications! The smart alert notifications are sent to your smartphone. Smart, eh? I love this feature, again – things that I didn’t have back in the day (5 whole years ago, what a difference 5 years make!)

Play White Noise and Music Thru the Baby Monitor

Arlo smart baby monitor app

This feature is something that I adore, why? I had 2 colic kids that had to have white noise to sleep! The Arlo monitor comes with a playlist of options for your baby to listen to, including white noise!

You can also record your voice and play it back to them.

Free 7-Day Cloud Storage

You can be review, download and share recorded moments for an entire week

Control Remotely

The multi-colored night light, music player, temperature, humidity & VOCs air sensors are all controlled from the Arlo app. Again, all thru your app. Nope, didn’t have that 5 years ago. 

arlo smart baby monitor
arlo smart baby monitor

Built-in Rechargeable Battery

Go wireless with your baby monitor for up to 6 hours (or up to 3 hours with night vision.) This allows you to monitor your baby, wherever you go! This also allows your camera still work, in the event of a power outage. 

Arlo App

The Arlo baby monitor works thru your Arlo app! If you have an Arlo video surveillance system, it’s the same app as you will use to monitor your child.

Arlo Baby Accessories

Dress your video baby monitor up with these fun Arlo baby accessories.

arlo baby monitor accessories
arlo baby monitor accessories

The Arlo baby camera comes dressed in an adorable bunny outfit. If green bunny isn’t your thing, no worries – the camera has costumes! You can dress your camera up as a cat or dog.

arlo baby monitor camera
arlo baby monitor camera

Other Arlo accessories include a display monitor – which would be super helpful if you had a sitter and didn’t want to give them phone access. Also there is a monitor stand available which comes in handy when positioning the camera.

Useful After Your Baby is Grown

After your babies are all grown, this baby monitor still has a purpose! We use our’s as an indoor camera. It’s great as we can talk to the kids and hear what they are doing when we aren’t around.

mad baby meme when your sweet baby gets mad and starts to resembles a monster
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I can be outside in the pasture, pull up the app – see what my kid is doing! I can move the camera around to wherever my kids and know that they are okay. This is an advantage of the kids growing up, I don’t have to be TOTALLY eagle eye on them.

Setting Up The Baby Monitor

Setting up the Arlo baby monitor took 15 minutes. 5 of that is retrieving, setting up a new password and telling my husband the new password. Setup is super easy. If you are a non-techy – no worries, Netgear made the setup process super simple.

Stay tuned for our Arlo Baby Monitor Review video!

Peace of Mind

As a working mom who traveled when her babies were little, I so would value all of these features. Moms and dads just want peace of mind, knowing that their child is okay. This baby product offers just that.

Where to Buy Arlo Baby Monitor

The Arlo Baby monitor retails for $249.99 and is available on Amazon.

Thanks for reading our Arlo Baby Monitor Review. Have you tried the Arlo Baby Monitor? Let us know in the comments!

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